Top Down Bottom Up Shades: The Ultimate Atmosphere!

top down bottom up shades

Top Down Bottom Up Shades: The Ultimate Atmosphere!

Are you loving the burst of springtime sunshine we get this time of year? Full of much-needed Vitamin D, the rays of sunshine are therapeutic after the gloom of gray skies we experience throughout the winter. Now that the sunlight is filling your home again, besides improving your mood, are you unpleasantly frustrated with too much light during specific times of day? Do you avoid certain rooms due to uncomfortable glare and rising temperatures? It might be time for new window shades–but not just any window treatments. The innovation of top down bottom up shades can transform the atmosphere of your home and your life.


Transform Your Living Room & Entranceway

top down bottom up shades living roomLarge windows let in gorgeous amounts of sunlight. They brighten our lives and set a breathtaking scene in your living room and entranceway. But when that beautiful sunshine is flooding into your home, you can experience uncomfortable temperatures, harmful UV rays and relentless glare. Top down bottom up shades solve these problems and create the ideal atmosphere. Bringing down the top of your window shades allows you to let in an abundance of natural light for incredible daylighting while you protect the inside of your home. Simply raise the lower part of your top down bottom up shades just enough at the bottom for a custom experience with this innovative feature for your expanse of windows.


Transform Your Kitchen & Dining Areas

top down bottom up shades kitchenYou want your kitchen and dining areas to feature the right amount of light based on circumstance. Breakfast might welcome sunshine and healthy, ample morning light, but by lunch, the temperature starts to rise. And dinner time? Cooking in the kitchen requires quality lighting, while enjoying dinner can use a range of atmospheres, from entertaining to intimate. Being able to customize your atmosphere across the day is a feat easily accomplished with top down bottom up shades. Depending on the location of your kitchen windows, top down bottom up shades can transform the way you use and function within the space. Being such an important room throughout your day, creating the ideal atmosphere is vital.


Transform Your Bed & Bath

top down bottom up shades bedroomIf there is any area in your home that needs the perfect combination of controlled light and privacy, it would be the bed and bath. Waking from a restful sleep, top down bottom up shades can let in morning light when you decide, while concealing your privacy as you get your day started. And that continues into your bathroom, as natural light plays an important role to start your day off on the right foot. Shaving, makeup…even choosing your outfit–ample natural light and comfortable privacy combine for a successful beginning every day.

As much as we all love the sunshine of springtime, once we get used to this new light, we are easily reminded of the frustrations it can bring. Don’t block the light so you feel like you’re in a cave, missing out on rays of sunlight. And don’t flood your home. With top down bottom up shades, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your home to transform your life. Our design experts, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, know what you’re facing. And we’d love to help. Contact our team for a free, shop-at-home consultation today!