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Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery

Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery wjfigw4q3

Have you been dreaming of making your house a home? A space highlighted with sophisticated design elements, yet comfortable at the same time? If you’ve been considering it, there’s no better time than right now. Your dreams of having that put-together look is one phone call away. With a free, in-home consultation, one of our expert designers will be your personal stylist for ideas, inspiration and guidance. Custom curtains, upholstery and more–we would love to design the room of your dreams. Looking to breathe new life into your home with contemporary appeal? During the month of October, save money while creating a designer look with Robert Allen fabrics.

Custom Curtains with Robert Allen Fabrics


Coordinated Living.

There’s something that happens when custom curtains are added to a space–striking sophistication combined with smooth elegance. Bringing together the entire space, custom curtains coordinate style while adding valuable function and amazing benefits. The fabrics offer color, pattern and texture for a well-defined look. The atmosphere is influenced easily with custom curtains–created to provide just what you need for your home’s unique space. Window dressing is truly an art form. With beautiful fabrics, like the exquisite look of Robert Allen fabrics, you can count on your personal stylist from Metropolitan Window Fashions to deliver your dream space.


Statement Pieces.

Well-loved and full of character, furniture earns its place in our homes, and in our hearts. The comfort of a favorite arm chair, the softness of a cherished sofa–these pieces make your house a home. But what about style? Your treasured furniture has been made to last–and it has. But now that it feels like it’s time for a change? Embrace it, and have fun. Your beloved furniture is still full of life. Custom upholstery lets you savor the features you love about your furniture with a refreshment of the style. The contemporary statement you can make with Robert Allen fabrics will give your home and belongings the makeover you’ve been waiting for!


Zero Risk.

Chances are, you’ve seen upholstery pieces you love and found inspiration for custom curtains on sites like Houzz and Pinterest. But what about actually making it happen? If you’re like most people, you might not have the confidence or vision to create your dream space. That’s where we come in. Our design experts are here for you, listening to your ideas, considering the function and lifestyle needs of your space and guiding you with the latest style and information. We want to help you turn your design dreams into reality.

During the month of October, we have exclusive savings on custom projects, including 20% off Robert Allen fabrics and 20% off custom labor on upholstery for your next design makeover. Whether you want the flowing look of custom curtains, the sharp appearance of custom upholstery or an entire space designed for the perfect look, our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions is here for you. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation today!



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Blackout Drapes Or Blackout Shades. Which Is Better?

Blackout Drapes Or Blackout Shades. Which Is Better? wjfigw4q3

Sleep. You can’t really function well in life without it. This time of year can be tricky, as the longer days offer the illusion that it’s your normal timeframe, even though your body is convinced it’s wind-down time. And sleeping in on the weekends is a distant memory as the sun’s rays are shining minutes earlier each day. Does the increase in daylight hours have you searching for room darkening window coverings? While there are a lot of options, the biggest question you might be asking yourself is: Blackout Drapes or Blackout Shades, which is better for me? Much of it will depend on the ‘look’ you want to achieve in the particular room you are darkening. The soft flow of fabrics might entice you, bringing patterns and prints you love into the space. With blackout shades, the designer look is easily attained in textures and colors that will complement your decor. The fabrics and materials are available in a range of soft, flowing layers, to sleek low-profile design. The best way to know which window treatments are right for you? Talk to one of our design consultants for advice, inspiration and our incredible selection of possibilities!

Blackout Drapes

Southbank Penthouse

Many of our clients ask for the custom drapery look and feel that they’ve experienced when staying in their favorite hotels. They want the soft look of custom drapes that add beauty and style to their bedroom as well as the superior blackout qualities that have allowed them to get a relaxing night’s sleep. Blackout drapes are constructed not only with your beautiful fabric selection, they have an additional blackout liner to keep as much light out as possible. However, not all blackout liners are created equal. When you’re considering blackout curtains for your home, you need a trusted source. Plenty of our clients have come to us with one story or another of blackout drapes that didn’t do their job. And what about energy efficiency? You want to keep your bedroom at a comfortable room temperature–and with summer coming, the thermal insulation on your blackout curtains will be important. You need a good night of sleep–in other words, a bedroom that is dark and comfortable.

Blackout Shades.

blackout curtains blackout shades roman shades

The beauty of window shades offers you a vast range of decor and style possibilities for your home. And depending on your home’s unique characteristics, you’ll be able to outfit your bedrooms with blackout shades that offer every convenience and comfort of modern innovations. Blackout shades–like blackout drapes–are not all created equal. Quality matters. Energy efficiency matters. Light gaps–or the lack of them–matter. Blackout shades are often chosen because the fit of custom shades is made for your windows–and they should be. Reducing the light gaps to the smallest increments, as well as choosing the best blackout fabrics, is what you deserve. And there’s a shade for every style. Choose from the sleek, low-profile design of blackout roller shades, the waterfalling layers of roman shades, the organized efficiency of honeycomb shades–even blackout options for sheer shadings. We’ve got the solutions you need for a good night’s sleep.

It’s All About Layers

blackout curtains blackout shades silhouette

Do you love the look of layers at the window? We do, too! Not only for decor, but layers offer a range of light control options for your family. Love the look of draperies, but don’t need blackout curtains? Drapery side panels can help keep the smallest amount of light blocked along the edge of the window. Top treatments added to blackout shades can bring in your favorite fabric prints and patterns. How about blackout shades with sheer window treatments? Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? One of the latest innovations adds a second shade–a blackout shade–that operates in place behind your sheer window treatments. This gives you layers for levels of light control, privacy and energy efficiency–meant to fit your lifestyle.

Blackout Drapes or Blackout Shades: Which One Do You Love?

We know you need a good night’s sleep. When you’re trying to decide whether you want blackout drapes or blackout shades, we can help. The design consultants at Metropolitan Window Fashions will listen to you, helping you create the atmosphere that will fit your family and your lifestyle so everyone is getting a better night of sleep. Contact us to visit you for a free, in-home consultation.

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The Ultimate UPgrade for Your Custom Window Treatments: Top Down, Bottom Up

The Ultimate UPgrade for Your Custom Window Treatments: Top Down, Bottom Up wjfigw4q3

Summer’s sunshine continues even with the arrival of fall–amazing! Have your days been a little brighter with those gorgeous rays streaming in through your windows, or is the blinding glare and intense heat taking a toll on your mood? How about the view? Are you able to enjoy it, or do you have to cover it up to stay comfortable? Especially with autumn’s arrival, you’ll want as much cheery sunshine flowing into your rooms as possible. Custom window treatments give you unmatched versatility and control. Top-down, bottom-up window coverings are an outstanding custom choice. With them, you’ll always have the right amount of light and privacy while maintaining the perfect temperature inside your home. See how top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments can bring the ultimate atmosphere into your home and your life–and be sure to check out the tremendous savings available with our Season of Style.

Ideas for Custom Window Treatments

The Right Light and View

custom window treatments NYC

Believe it or not, it’s possible to enjoy natural light and natural views. With your current window shades, you might find yourself covering up both and turning on inside lights or constantly squinting. Glare is a frustratingly real problem–especially if you have floor-to-ceiling windows. It can be impossible to see the beauty that lives just outside your windows and even the screens of your favorite devices inside your home. Get rid of glare and frustration with custom window treatments. Fit just for your home and style, top-down, bottom-up window coverings give you the flexibility to open a section at the top or bottom and leave the rest of your window covered, or combine the two and cover only a part in the middle. Open them all the way, or close them tight. The positioning possibilities are endless–which makes them perfect for your specific lighting needs. It’s easy to soften or block direct or glaring rays while still letting in natural ambient light–and the landscape–when you want. Upgrade your life with mood-boosting daylighting, easy-to-see screens, and beautiful outdoor views made possible by top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments.

The Right Temperature

custom window treatments NYC
Natural light also influences the temperature inside your home. With cool temperatures fast approaching, you’ll be glad to know that sunlight is a valuable resource for heating your home. Yet, you might have found this summer that 80° and sunny outside can easily mean 110° and scorching inside. So, how do you reap the benefits of sunlight in the winter while tempering its harmful effects in the summer? With custom window treatments, of course! When the summer sun’s out, you can position top-down, bottom-up shades to keep sizzling rays at bay. Then, in the winter, you can let those warming beams in. Plus, cell-within-cell technology creates pockets of air to provide insulation at the window. This blocks the waves of heat and cold that seem to flow through your window panes, which helps to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout your home. Top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments will provide sweet relief for you, your air conditioner, your furnace, and your wallet.

The Right Amount of Privacy

custom window treatments NYC
Your windows are elegant features in your home. Large expanses of glass can be a stunning centerpiece in any room, but do they leave you feeling a little exposed? Having privacy in your home is important, and, while you might love the view out of your windows, there are times you want to limit the view in. Top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments let you create the perfect amount of privacy for every room and every occasion. So, whether you’re enjoying the skyline or beautiful landscaping around your home–at a dinner party or snuggling up on the couch in your PJs–you can count on feeling comfortable. With custom window treatments, you can relish in the rewards of privacy control!

The Right Time

Now’s the time to enjoy the versatility and control that custom window treatments can offer you. And it’s the best time of the year with our Season of Style event. Top-down, bottom-up window coverings are the ultimate custom option. Tailored to fit the various shapes and sizes of your windows and with colors and textures that complement your decor, they’ll turn your home into the stylish, beautifully lit, energy-efficient, and private haven you’ve always wanted. We’d love to help you upgrade your home and life with custom window treatments.

Custom Window Treatments by Metropolitan Window Fashions

Metropolitan Window Fashions is a third generation family business that has been serving customers of the Metropolitan area for 83 years.  We live and work in this community and support other small local businesses. Although our children are in school, they have all worked part-time with us, making them the fourth generation to join the company. We’ve served customers from areas such as Manhattan, Green Brook, Scotch Plains, Watchung, Glen Rock, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, Edison, Chatham, Mahwah, Bridgewater, & many more. Call our NYC & New Jersey custom window treatments experts today and ask about our Roman shades and the other great services we offer!

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A Room Without Fabric?

A Room Without Fabric? wjfigw4q3

Fabric may be used extensively to enhance interior decoration. Today’s home designs include hardwood floors instead of carpet, granite counter tops replacing old style Formica and appliances that are stainless steel instead of enameled finishes in white or black. Now look at the windows. You will find materials like woven natural shades or solar shades, shadings, shutters and wood blinds. What do floors, appliances and window fashions all have in common …they are all hard surfaces. While colors abound in these categories the predominant choices by today’s consumers remain neutral colors.

The missing elements:


Look through Window Fashion Vision magazine, or search drapery and roman shades on Pinterest. (you can search for drapery and shade styles on Pinterest at Metropolitan Window Fashions.) You will see hundreds of images that combine hard window fashions (Hunter Douglas shades and blinds) with fabric or windows with just fabric alone. Look for opportunities to bring out color and enhance the room’s appearance. If the room is loaded with hard surfaces look around the house for color in other elements of the home, art, area rugs, furniture even tableware and wall colors. Picking up on color themes can be your guide to adding a splash of color in pillows, valances and panels. We offer over 40,000 fabric choices from great sources like Duralee, Robert Allen and more.


The strongest senses in design are touch and sight – in many ways they are linked together. Just by looking at a surface you instantly know if it is a soft or a hard material. Notice when you look at fabric it is an instinct to touch it. Comparatively we all know what a wood blind feels like and we ignore it. When we talk about 2 different fabrics we often use the term “HAND” to describe how the fabric feels and how it will drape for the particular application. Fabric also adds texture; most modern elements in today’s home have a smooth texture. Fabric helps break that up by offering a different tactile experience.

Soft material also evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. A great side benefit of using fabric is its acoustic properties it will absorb sound making conversation, listening to music or watching a movie a better experience.


Most of the elements in our home have little pattern. Fabric gives you the opportunity to add an interesting visual element into the space. Rooms with lower ceilings can be enhanced with vertical patterns and stripes to make the room look larger. Adding a pattern, whether geometric or a natural pattern like a botanical, is like adding art to the window. The blinds may be great looking but it is the pattern that is visually interesting to our eyes and can become a topic of conversation.

When we see a room without fabric, we want to help. The most attractive shade will never outshine the visual appeal of a fabric panel, a great splash of color from pillows or that crowning finish of a cornice or valance. Contact us today to have one of our talented designers come to your home or office for a free decorating consultation.
Metropolitan Window Fashions would like to thank Jennifer Rose from America’s Window Covering Buying Network (AWCBN) for the content of this article. AWCBN is a network of the largest independent Window Fashions retailers in the United States.

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Room Transformation: Experience the Benefits

Room Transformation: Experience the Benefits wjfigw4q3

Take a look around your home. Do you experience beauty, function, and amazing features? If not, it’s time for a room transformation. Your home design should benefit your everyday lifestyle. Are you ready for the next step? Focus on the light. Light control is important to creating a comfortable atmosphere. Lack of light control can ruin a room’s ambiance and your mood. Take a look at this before and after, and get ready for a room transformation of your own.

Before: Too Frustrating To Enjoy

room transformation bare windows

At first glance, this space looks perfect. Why would it need a room transformation? The large windows show off the outdoor view, natural light can illuminate the room, and the design is impeccable. The only issue? Bare windows. Sure, the view is great, but bare windows offer few benefits. In fact, they can make your room’s environment uncomfortable. During the day, the sun is bright and shines through the windows. Imagine this room in the summer…it’s probably hotter than the outdoor temperature! The same light that’s heating up your room is also spreading harsh UV rays across your space. Your valuable furniture and decor is at risk of fading and damage. Do you have a TV by bare windows? The glare will make it impossible to enjoy your favorite show. Your safety and comfort feel compromised because there is little to no privacy. You deserve a comfortable space. Are you ready to see this room transformation?

After: Comfort, Control, and Beauty

room transformation duette shadesDoesn’t this space look inviting now? This room transformation shows a completely new ambiance. The only difference? Window treatments. Not only do they add gorgeous style, they take away the heat, protect your decor from UV rays, get rid of glare, and give you the privacy you deserve. The shadings add designer style, enhancing the overall look. The dual function of the Duette Duolite shades give you the light control you need to create the perfect atmosphere. You can create a unique look for each window, or make your shades uniform. It all depends on your preference on light and privacy.

Do You Need a Room Transformation?

If you could use a room transformation of your own, we’re here to help. Our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions will guide you to the solutions you need for your home. If you have bare windows, you know the issues they bring: too much light, warm temperatures, and little privacy. Your home should be comfortable, inviting, and secure. Let’s start on your room transformation. Come visit us at one of our showrooms, or contact our team for a free, in-home consultation. We can’t wait to get started!

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The Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection: Exquisite Design

The Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection: Exquisite Design wjfigw4q3

Do you love the art of interior design? High end finishings and gorgeous details only begin to describe the absolute beauty of the Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection.

Have you seen it?

The top of the line styling of Hunter Douglas Alustra was created for the utmost in customized design. Specialty fabrics highlight this line, in an array of choices, colors and details to bring a refined look to your home. From metallic accents, to dramatic levels of light control, this distinct collection will create artfully dressed windows–while still giving you the innovative function you want in window shadings. Do you want to set an awe-inspiring scene in your home? Take a look at Hunter Douglas Alustra…


High End Finishings

details Hunter Douglas AlustraThe beauty is in the details. The fabrics are unique. Full of on-trend styling, you’ll see textures and colors that invite elegance and sophistication into your home. In addition to fabrics that are hand-selected from around the world, the Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection brings finishing details that you won’t find anywhere else. Hunter Douglas Alustra is all about taking the beauty of gorgeous fabrics just one step further. Sheers in coordinated colors, vanes with metallic accent, artistic textures that finish for the perfect complement to your home’s design…that’s the beauty of Hunter Douglas Alustra.


Innovative Function

top down shades Hunter Douglas AlustraDo you love the control of top down bottom up? The Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection offers all of the latest innovations in window shadings. Beautiful details add distinct style to the room, while the function of the shades bring tremendous solutions for your life. The lifestyle solutions you’ll achieve from these innovative features will transform the atmosphere of your home. Energy efficiency, room-darkening, privacy control, light filtering ambiance–and more–all come together with the stunning scene set by Hunter Douglas Alustra. Your home can feature this tremendous beauty while the lifestyle function adds upscale function for your home’s changing needs throughout the day.


Hunter Douglas Alustra…See For Yourself.

fabrics Hunter Douglas AlustraReady to “Ooh” and “Ahhh” over specialty fabrics and exquisite design choices? You just have to see this collection for yourself! We have exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries in Manhattan, Paramus and North Plainfield where you can visit and explore styles and features that catch your eye. Interested in having us come to you? We’d be happy to! Our design team comes right to your home, on your schedule, for a free, fun-filled shop-at-home experience. We’ll bring sample books and inspiration to help guide you to the right window shadings for your home. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions today!


Simple Automation…Made Simple

Simple Automation…Made Simple wjfigw4q3

When it comes to your daily schedule, we understand. You’re busy. Have you ever wondered how to simplify your life? We have the solution: Simple Automation. It’s as easy as it sounds–even if you aren’t as tech-savvy as others–there’s no need to worry. We’ll show you how to use the newest innovations in home automation to make your everyday routine a breeze. You can personalize your simple automation to ensure it fits every part of your schedule. If you’re looking for ways to simplify your life, we’ve got some ideas. These easy changes will rejuvenate your everyday routine. Take a look.


Change the Start of Your Day

simple automation bedroom pirouette shades

If you’re like most people, you probably wake up to the sound of your alarm. But, with simple automation, your mornings can be comfortable and personalized. How great would it be to wake up to natural light? Perhaps you love watching the morning sunrise. With the PowerView app, you can create a schedule of your favorite settings. Program your blinds to open at the time of sunrise, and watch as your room fills with a natural glow. Do you want to keep your space as dark as possible, giving you a chance to enjoy those last few minutes in bed? Set your schedule so it keeps your room-darkening shades down and the sun out. Do you try to get an early start to your Saturday morning, but every once in awhile decide to stay cozy in bed for a bit? No problem. Reach over to your pebble remote, smartphone or Apple Watch to close your blinds with a simple touch. Or, use voice activated control, like with the Amazon Echo. It’s the start of your day; let simple automation make it comfortable.


Have Peace of Mind Away From Home

simple automation foyer silhouette shades

Sometimes is seems like half the struggle of starting your day is getting out of the house. Whether you’re getting the kids up and leaving for school, heading to the gym, or on your way out the door to the office (maybe all three), simple automation can make this hectic process of your day a bit easier. It’s easy to forget the little details, like locking all the doors and grabbing your keys. Technology isn’t at the point where it can do everything for you, but simple automation can certainly help. Did you forget where you left your phone? Use your Apple Watch to “ping” your iPhone. Are you worried about the sun heating up your house while you’re gone for the day, but don’t have time to manually adjust all of your window coverings? PowerView can fix that! Create a scene for “Sunny Days” and watch as your blinds automatically adjust. Worried about the privacy of your home while you’re at work? Make a “Weekday” scene–your blinds will close, leaving your home secure, private, and comfortable. Simple automation can do a lot for your busy life.


Prepare to Relax

simple automation living room screen shades

By the end of the day, you’re exhausted. All you want to do is relax in a comfortable space. Well, simple automation can create that relaxing environment before you even walk in the door. Do you have an incredible view? Set your dining room shades to open around dinner time and enjoy the sunset. Is it the perfect night for a movie, popcorn, and curling up on the couch? Create a “Movie Night” scene with PowerView so you can adjust your shades within seconds. Do you like to head straight to bed after a long day at work? Your blinds will be shut by the time you get home. Simple automation can improve your everyday lifestyle by helping to create the environment you want. It’s your home; you deserve comfort and control.


Get the Space You Deserve with Simple Automation

You have a busy schedule, and it’s hard to find ways to relax. Let simple automation help you. Create and save settings that work with your lifestyle. Choose your favorite way to control your environment. Do you like voice control? Consider Amazon’s Echo or Google Home. Do you like to see your scene options? Use the app on your phone, or an Apple Watch. Our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions is ready to help you get started. Contact us today…let’s rejuvenate your life.

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Which Roman Shade Style Fits Your Look?

Which Roman Shade Style Fits Your Look? wjfigw4q3

Your wardrobe. Doesn’t it say a lot about who you are? We feel the same way about interior design. The way you decorate your home speaks volumes of your personality–and, you should surround yourself with what you love. That’s why you need to define your roman shade style for dressing your windows with an incredible look. Want some inspiration? Take a look at the most popular roman shade style statements, and then let us help you create the perfect look in your home. The design will match the way you want to *dress* your home. From the fabrics to the fit, your home should be simply gorgeous. Like a personal shopper for your wardrobe, our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions want to get to know you, listen to what’s important for the style and function of your life, and then deliver pure beauty.

Classically Tailored

Shady Grove Kitchen

It’s a classic. This look in roman shade style is timeless. It’s one of the most popular ways that most people think of when talking about roman shades. Flat fabric dresses the window with tremendous coordination with the interior design of the space. When raised, the bottom fabrics neatly fold together. Perfect for both patterned fabrics and a coordinated top treatment, this roman shade is full of classic elegance.

Modern Sophistication

vignette roman shade style

Adding folds of fabric, similar to teardrop or hobbled shades, the roman shade style of these Vignette shades brings the time-honored tradition of roman shades into contemporary decor. The fabric waterfalls in layers when the shade is lowered. Adding dimension and style to the window, you can now enjoy so many other benefits, as well. As a modern day roman shade, Vignettes use the most innovative features of shades for convenient control and energy efficiency.

Professionally Chic

Gold Coast Condo

Exuding a designer statement, what you’ll notice first about both knife pleat or ribbed pleat shades is the pronounced horizontal seams. That structure is important to the overall contemporary appeal of roman shade style. These shades give off an organized impression for the final polish of your decor. What’s alluring about this type of roman shade is the way it can help you define the style of your space depending on fabric or material selection.

Sculpted Luxury.

solera roman shade style

Love the volume you can achieve with roman shade style? Dimension and texture bring character to your home, as the sculpted fabrics of Solera Soft roman shades are full of flowing contour. What we love about the styling of these romans is the selection of luxurious fabrics available. The stable contour of the layered fabrics allow your space to always feel put together. And the benefits? Amazing. These roman shades act with the simplicity of continual adjustment–like you would with any other shades or blinds–but maintain the exact look you started with. The features you can enjoy, such as energy efficiency, room darkening and top down bottom up, allow you to create the perfect environment in your home.

Roman Shade Style: What Speaks to You?

Have you decided on a favorite? Do you know which roman shade style will fit the design of your home? We have more inspiration for you, whether you’re ready to get started or need more help finding the perfect roman shades for your home. Come visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to see a wide selection of styles, fabrics and displays. And, we can come to you! Our design experts will visit you for a free, shop-at-home appointment to meet your needs. Contact our team to schedule with us today!

Bright, Bare Windows to a Glowing Atmosphere

Bright, Bare Windows to a Glowing Atmosphere wjfigw4q3

Covering up your bare windows might seem like a dramatic change. How will you be able to see your beautiful view? Where will the natural light come from? Large windows give you both, and they seem difficult to cover. We understand bare windows seem beneficial to lighting your home, but they’re actually harmful. Did you know there are ways to bring in natural light AND still keep your view? Check out this before and after to see the magical transformation of window coverings!


Before: Too Much Sun!

bare windows dining room

When you first glance at this photo, the bare windows make this room look open. Imagine having this spectacular view of the outdoors while dining at this gorgeous table! It certainly looks nice. But, imagine you’re sitting in this room. There would be so much glare! The sunlight entering would be unfiltered, leaving the room uncomfortably bright. The chairs and wood floors are in danger–the harsh UV rays can fade and damage furniture. And, don’t get us started on the temperature! There’s no way to control the temperature with sun pouring into the room. What if you want to sit in this room at night? The outside world has a perfect view into the privacy of your home. How uncomfortable! We can fix all of these issues…


After: Comfortable and Complete

bare windows roller shades

Say “goodbye” to glare, uncomfortable temperatures, harmful UV rays, and “hello” to comfort and privacy! What’s the solution, you ask? Sheer designer roller shades by Hunter Douglas. They’re gorgeous. Classy. Stylish. The list could go on. If you want filtered light, and want to keep the beautiful view that your bare windows give you, look no further. This room is completely transformed. Doesn’t it look more inviting? Our designer roller shades preserve your view while offering the privacy you need. Without the blinding glare, you can enjoy yourself in this room. Roller shades can give your space a complete feel; with different colors to choose from, you can match your decor and create a designer look. You can even add motorization, set your own schedule, and have control at the touch of a button. Do you have bare windows? It’s time to consider roller shades.

Before and After: Don’t Suffer from Bare Windows

We understand that bare windows might seem like the best option. They give you a light source and a great view. Unfortunately, they also cause damage and an uncomfortable environment. The good news is, you can have all the benefits of bare windows without the harm! Do you love the look of roller shades? Are you interested in a different type of window covering? We have samples and displays set up for inspiration in our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries. Our design team is here to help you decide on the perfect treatments for your bare windows. Come visit us, or you can do it all from the comfort of your home. We offer a free, in-home consultation. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions to get started.

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5 Resolutions You Should Be Making This New Year

5 Resolutions You Should Be Making This New Year wjfigw4q3

With the start of a new year, there’s always big talk around making resolutions. Why? When the New Year comes around, it feels like a chance to start again. It’s a blank slate–one that feels wasted if changes aren’t made. Have you made resolutions that were met with success or failure? We’ve got a secret for you…if you’re like most people when you make resolutions, you’re probably doing it wrong. We’ve got your list of 5 resolutions you SHOULD be making this year. And, if you follow our resolutions, you’ll most likely find more success in the long run…


#1 Don’t Be Afraid to Fail.

Yes, we realize it’s the start of a list, and we’re already talking about failure. But, it has to be said! If you’re afraid of failing, you’ll either set goals for yourself and feel terrible when they go awry, or you won’t set any at all. Your absolute, number one, for sure resolution to set this year is…don’t be afraid to fail. And then, acknowledge the failure, pick yourself up, and try again.

resolutions to write down

#2 Write It Down.

One of the reasons most resolutions fail is that people set vague goals. “I want to lose weight.” Sound familiar? It’s a great way to start the New Year, especially after such a gluttonous holiday season, but it’s not very realistic. Make this the year you create attainable daily habits for yourself. The best way to do that? Write it down. Making a plan for what you want to achieve is the best way to accomplish ANYTHING. Small steps. Tasks that can be added in. You’ll be less likely to feel like you’re failing, and less likely to give up. It will be easier to adopt some–if not all–of the objective tasks you write down, and you’ll be in a better place because of it.

resolutions for safety

#3 Make Safety a Priority.

Making resolutions can add a short-lived sense of accomplishment. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, if you really want to make a difference in your life–and your family’s lives–choose to make changes to things that matter. Safety in the home is often one thing that gets overlooked and put off. Is your furniture bolted to the wall? Do you have cordless–or cord safe–blinds and shades? Are household chemicals up out of harm’s way? We’ve all read the articles throughout the year about unfortunate accidents that happen–no one ever thinks it can happen to them. Use your energy right now to make changes in your life that will benefit you and your family for years to come.

resolutions for lighting

#4 Evaluate Your Home Lighting.

We talk about this all the time. The light–or lack thereof–in your home is incredibly important. You can have too much, and you can have too little. What’s important is that you recognize it, and you should take steps to change it. Do you know that the small distraction of headlights passing your window in the middle of the night can disrupt your sleep? Are you aware that squinting at your computer screen from the glare throughout the day causes you to feel tired? The light in your home can play a huge role in the energy, mood and overall productivity of your life. It’s time to evaluate what you’re having issues with, and then take steps to resolve them. We can help you accomplish the light control, adjustments and comfort you need in your home.  

resolutions for success

#5 Create an Environment of Success for Your Resolutions.

There’s no way to achieve anything if you aren’t prepared. (See resolution #2.) Take a look around you. Are you surrounded by what you love? Do you feel productive? How does the energy of the space make you feel? Make this the year you create an environment of success. The place you call home, and what’s inside, is a huge influence in your life. Many people put this off because they’re too busy–or the amount of decisions is overwhelming. It’s probably time to call in the professionals. Stop putting it off. We can offer helpful advice, beautiful designs and incredible lifestyle function to transform your home. You can get started by visiting one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries. And then, we’ll come to you for a free, in-home consultation. Contact our team to get started today!

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