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Blackout Drapes Or Blackout Shades. Which Is Better?

Blackout Drapes Or Blackout Shades. Which Is Better? wjfigw4q3

Sleep. You can’t really function well in life without it. This time of year can be tricky, as the longer days offer the illusion that it’s your normal timeframe, even though your body is convinced it’s wind-down time. And sleeping in on the weekends is a distant memory as the sun’s rays are shining minutes earlier each day. Does the increase in daylight hours have you searching for room darkening window coverings? While there are a lot of options, the biggest question you might be asking yourself is: Blackout Drapes or Blackout Shades, which is better for me? Much of it will depend on the ‘look’ you want to achieve in the particular room you are darkening. The soft flow of fabrics might entice you, bringing patterns and prints you love into the space. With blackout shades, the designer look is easily attained in textures and colors that will complement your decor. The fabrics and materials are available in a range of soft, flowing layers, to sleek low-profile design. The best way to know which window treatments are right for you? Talk to one of our design consultants for advice, inspiration and our incredible selection of possibilities!

Blackout Drapes

Southbank Penthouse

Many of our clients ask for the custom drapery look and feel that they’ve experienced when staying in their favorite hotels. They want the soft look of custom drapes that add beauty and style to their bedroom as well as the superior blackout qualities that have allowed them to get a relaxing night’s sleep. Blackout drapes are constructed not only with your beautiful fabric selection, they have an additional blackout liner to keep as much light out as possible. However, not all blackout liners are created equal. When you’re considering blackout curtains for your home, you need a trusted source. Plenty of our clients have come to us with one story or another of blackout drapes that didn’t do their job. And what about energy efficiency? You want to keep your bedroom at a comfortable room temperature–and with summer coming, the thermal insulation on your blackout curtains will be important. You need a good night of sleep–in other words, a bedroom that is dark and comfortable.

Blackout Shades.

blackout curtains blackout shades roman shades

The beauty of window shades offers you a vast range of decor and style possibilities for your home. And depending on your home’s unique characteristics, you’ll be able to outfit your bedrooms with blackout shades that offer every convenience and comfort of modern innovations. Blackout shades–like blackout drapes–are not all created equal. Quality matters. Energy efficiency matters. Light gaps–or the lack of them–matter. Blackout shades are often chosen because the fit of custom shades is made for your windows–and they should be. Reducing the light gaps to the smallest increments, as well as choosing the best blackout fabrics, is what you deserve. And there’s a shade for every style. Choose from the sleek, low-profile design of blackout roller shades, the waterfalling layers of roman shades, the organized efficiency of honeycomb shades–even blackout options for sheer shadings. We’ve got the solutions you need for a good night’s sleep.

It’s All About Layers

blackout curtains blackout shades silhouette

Do you love the look of layers at the window? We do, too! Not only for decor, but layers offer a range of light control options for your family. Love the look of draperies, but don’t need blackout curtains? Drapery side panels can help keep the smallest amount of light blocked along the edge of the window. Top treatments added to blackout shades can bring in your favorite fabric prints and patterns. How about blackout shades with sheer window treatments? Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? One of the latest innovations adds a second shade–a blackout shade–that operates in place behind your sheer window treatments. This gives you layers for levels of light control, privacy and energy efficiency–meant to fit your lifestyle.

Blackout Drapes or Blackout Shades: Which One Do You Love?

We know you need a good night’s sleep. When you’re trying to decide whether you want blackout drapes or blackout shades, we can help. The design consultants at Metropolitan Window Fashions will listen to you, helping you create the atmosphere that will fit your family and your lifestyle so everyone is getting a better night of sleep. Contact us to visit you for a free, in-home consultation.

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Custom Window Blinds: Vertical or Horizontal?

Custom Window Blinds: Vertical or Horizontal? wjfigw4q3

When it comes to choosing custom window blinds, you want to make sure you choose the style and functional benefits that fit your home and your lifestyle. What about operation? The system you choose can be one of most important choices, and there’s one more. Orientation. The way your custom window blinds open and close can be both a personal style preference–as well as meeting the needs of your home. Custom window blinds come in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Previously, you may have thought horizontal window blinds were meant for smaller windows, while large windows, or sliding glass doors, were fitted with vertical window blinds. Now? It’s really up to you. Take a look at the custom window blinds we have–along with the style details and benefits–and decide which look is best for your home and style!

Custom Window Blinds: Horizontal

living room horizontal custom window blinds

Blinds have come a long way. No longer used to simply block light, they add heightened styling to your home. You can choose from real wood blinds or faux wood blinds in a wide selection of paints and stains to coordinate your home. Aluminum window blinds are increasingly popular, as the metallic sheen of a range of colors add contemporary appeal–with a specialized ‘bounce back’ feature for homes with children and pets. Most of the custom window blinds are offered with de Light™ which reduces light coming through cord holes. And child safety has improved dramatically, as you can choose cordless operation for your blinds. What about size? Horizontal blinds no longer are meant for only smaller windows. Most blinds can handle widths up to eight feet long and 10 feet high. Our metal blinds can even fit windows that are 12 feet wide. That’s a big window! Let’s talk about what’s new in operation. The SimpleLift operating system features touch of a button control on the bottom rail. The PowerView motorization operating system puts control of your motorized blinds into the palm of your hand with the Pebble remote or by using the PowerView App on your favorite device. With 180º tilt adjustment, your motorized blinds will adjust for light control, privacy and a range of view-through settings.

Custom Window Blinds: Vertical

kitchen vertical custom window blinds

Vertical blinds used to only feature hanging slats that could be opened, closed and adjusted to one side or the other. Now, you can get the traditional look of vertical blinds in a variety of materials, with contemporary influence, in colors and textures to coordinate the look and feel of your home. The operation of your vertical blinds can now adjust from one side to the other, sometimes even stacking in the middle. Our collections of vertical custom window blinds can handle the largest openings for your windows and doors–some widths up to 24’ and heights up to 16’. The safety features of vertical blinds offer you a variety of operating system, with options for cord control, wand systems and motorization. What other details do you need to consider?

Custom Window Blinds That Aren’t Really Blinds

luminette sheers custom window blinds and shades

Sometimes, what you’re really looking for are window treatments that offer your home beauty, a gorgeous view and functional features–easy to access with the latest innovations. Many choices for custom window blinds are not even ‘officially’ blinds, but window shades. If you love vertical options, our Luminette Privacy Sheers bring the beauty and function of sheer shadings into your home with even more levels of control. Our Skyline Gliding Window Panels share the look of classic vertical blinds, with much wider panels for a sleek look, in thin materials for the overall appearance of shades. If it’s horizontal window options appeal to you, we have an amazing selection of shades that offer the colors, fabrics and textures that will add a beautiful backdrop to your home. They have the latest innovations in design features to add to your lifestyle. Levels of light control, energy efficiency, dynamic view-through, privacy…the list goes on and on.

Looking for a Great Variety of Custom Window Blinds?

Metropolitan Window Fashions is a third generation family business that has been serving customers of the Metropolitan area for 83 years.  We live and work in this community and support other small local businesses. Although our children are in school, they have all worked part-time with us, making them the fourth generation to join the company. We’ve served customers from areas such as Manhattan, Green Brook, Scotch Plains, Watchung, Glen Rock, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, Edison, Chatham, Mahwah, Bridgewater, & many more. Call our NYC & New Jersey custom window treatments experts today and ask about our Roman shades and the other great services we offer!

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Pet Safe Blinds: Make Safety a Priority

Pet Safe Blinds: Make Safety a Priority wjfigw4q3

Naturally full of adventure, pets keep us on our toes. Do you ever wonder what they are up to while you’re away? Wandering around, relaxing in the sun, taking inventory of who’s just outside the door–they stay busy. And when they get bored? They make their own fun. Do you have pet safe blinds and shades? Dangling cords become the ideal toy for a kitten. Your puppy simply must see that squirrel just beyond the windowsill–it’s too exciting to miss. Frustrating tangles and even fatal injuries can occur. It’s time to make safety a priority. From sunning themselves in their favorite spot, to positioning their body for a perfect view of morning joggers, your home is their domain. Bring excitement to their day with personal adjustments of pet safe blinds that deliver an environment suited just for them.


Power to the Rescue!

pet safe blinds motorizedIf I had to guess, I’d say your pet moves from one sunny spot to another. Does your pet like to take advantage of the morning rays of sun in one part of your home? And when the afternoon rolls around–are they likely to be found soaking up daylight in another space? Being away from them all day is hard enough. All of those little habits can continue when safety comes into play with cordless, motorized blinds and shades.  You create an atmosphere they enjoy by scheduling adjustments with PowerView motorization. Customized to fit your pet’s day-to-day lifestyle, their special sun spots and views are available at just the right time. While sunshine streams into one window mid-morning, the rest of your home is comfortable, controlled and covered up. As the daylight transitions, so will your pet. You’ll know they’re being taken care of–and then you don’t have to worry. It’s the peace of mind you need when your furry friends are home alone.


A Custom Environment

pet safe blinds shades shuttersSpeaking of moving around your home, there are certainly times of day when your pet is more active than others. Does the increase in foot traffic outside your home heavily influence your pet’s day? Some pets love having a perfect view to the outdoor activities. And others? That excitement is simply too much. With pet safe blinds, shades and shutters, you can rest easy knowing your cordless window coverings are meeting your pet’s need throughout the day. Louvers and slats can be opened for tremendous view-through so your pet can see what’s happening. No cords, no problem. What if you want to invite daylight in while blocking the intense heat and outdoor views? Top down shades will bring in the natural light across the ceiling, offering a blissful sanctuary to keep Fido calm while you’re gone.


Safety + Convenience + Function

cordless pet safe blindsIt’s no secret that this is a great time of year to get outside and spend time in the outdoors. Enjoy the experience with your pet, while still receiving all the benefits that pet safe blinds, shades and shutters bring to your home. Do you feel like they’re constantly playing a game called “In/Out” where you’ve barely sat down from letting them in, and they just want to go out again? Tending to their needs can feel like a full-time job. You need ease and convenience, not a jumble of cords. In addition, make sure the maintenance of outside time isn’t adding to your stress. If you’re worried about dusty paws and the gathering of hair, you can select fabrics and finishes specifically created to help maintain your home’s cleanliness.

Pet Safe Blinds; Protect Your Fur Babies!

From a Teacup Yorkie, to a Giant Schnauzer, every dog is a guard dog–and full of excitement at what’s taking place just beyond the windowsill. Letting them enjoy the views of that activity outside their own front door, or protecting them from it–you know best.  That’s why we’d love to help you find the perfect operating system and features in pet safe blinds, shades and shutters. Come visit us at any one of our three, exclusive Hunter Douglas showrooms. Or, contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today. Make safety a priority. You’ll be glad you did.

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The benefits of Roman shades

The benefits of Roman shades wjfigw4q3

When searching for the right type of window coverings for your home, you may have come across Roman shades. These uniquely styled dressings are the perfect match for homeowners who want to bring a certain style to their interior that stands apart from most decor ideas. Here at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we strive to offer our clients the kind of diversity they need to make the right choice, which is why our Hunter Douglas Roman shades are a great idea to consider.

What makes Roman shades advantageous? In today’s article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons you might want to think about including this innovative window dressing in your home. Below are some of the benefits.

Benefits of Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

Ease of use – Like many other kinds of shades we offer in our showroom, Roman shades are perfect for homeowners who want to attain great lighting control with minimal effort. The control cord on this type of blind is simple to maneuver so that just about anyone can let a little bit of sun in when they need to.

Quick privacy control – When you’re at home, it’s more than likely that you don’t want to be bothered by what’s happening outside. With Roman shades, you can simply drop the layer of fabric and you’re in the clear. Whether you’re spending a relaxing evening with your spouse or having fun with your family, having a sense of comfort in the home is important to maintain.

Style enhancement – Looking for a great conversation starter for your living room? Roman shades are ideal, because not many households have caught onto this new design trend. Be the first among your neighbors to buy Roman shades!

Looking for Hunter Douglas Roman Shades Near NYC?

Metropolitan Window Fashions is a third generation family business that has been serving customers of the Metropolitan area for 83 years.  We live and work in this community and support other small local businesses. Although our children are in school, they have all worked part-time with us, making them the fourth generation to join the company. We’ve served customers from areas such as Manhattan, Green Brook, Scotch Plains, Watchung, Glen Rock, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, Edison, Chatham, Mahwah, Bridgewater, & many more. Call our NYC & New Jersey custom window treatments experts today and ask about our Roman shades and the other great services we offer!

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The Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection: Exquisite Design

The Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection: Exquisite Design wjfigw4q3

Do you love the art of interior design? High end finishings and gorgeous details only begin to describe the absolute beauty of the Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection.

Have you seen it?

The top of the line styling of Hunter Douglas Alustra was created for the utmost in customized design. Specialty fabrics highlight this line, in an array of choices, colors and details to bring a refined look to your home. From metallic accents, to dramatic levels of light control, this distinct collection will create artfully dressed windows–while still giving you the innovative function you want in window shadings. Do you want to set an awe-inspiring scene in your home? Take a look at Hunter Douglas Alustra…


High End Finishings

details Hunter Douglas AlustraThe beauty is in the details. The fabrics are unique. Full of on-trend styling, you’ll see textures and colors that invite elegance and sophistication into your home. In addition to fabrics that are hand-selected from around the world, the Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection brings finishing details that you won’t find anywhere else. Hunter Douglas Alustra is all about taking the beauty of gorgeous fabrics just one step further. Sheers in coordinated colors, vanes with metallic accent, artistic textures that finish for the perfect complement to your home’s design…that’s the beauty of Hunter Douglas Alustra.


Innovative Function

top down shades Hunter Douglas AlustraDo you love the control of top down bottom up? The Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection offers all of the latest innovations in window shadings. Beautiful details add distinct style to the room, while the function of the shades bring tremendous solutions for your life. The lifestyle solutions you’ll achieve from these innovative features will transform the atmosphere of your home. Energy efficiency, room-darkening, privacy control, light filtering ambiance–and more–all come together with the stunning scene set by Hunter Douglas Alustra. Your home can feature this tremendous beauty while the lifestyle function adds upscale function for your home’s changing needs throughout the day.


Hunter Douglas Alustra…See For Yourself.

fabrics Hunter Douglas AlustraReady to “Ooh” and “Ahhh” over specialty fabrics and exquisite design choices? You just have to see this collection for yourself! We have exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries in Manhattan, Paramus and North Plainfield where you can visit and explore styles and features that catch your eye. Interested in having us come to you? We’d be happy to! Our design team comes right to your home, on your schedule, for a free, fun-filled shop-at-home experience. We’ll bring sample books and inspiration to help guide you to the right window shadings for your home. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions today!


Which Roman Shade Style Fits Your Look?

Which Roman Shade Style Fits Your Look? wjfigw4q3

Your wardrobe. Doesn’t it say a lot about who you are? We feel the same way about interior design. The way you decorate your home speaks volumes of your personality–and, you should surround yourself with what you love. That’s why you need to define your roman shade style for dressing your windows with an incredible look. Want some inspiration? Take a look at the most popular roman shade style statements, and then let us help you create the perfect look in your home. The design will match the way you want to *dress* your home. From the fabrics to the fit, your home should be simply gorgeous. Like a personal shopper for your wardrobe, our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions want to get to know you, listen to what’s important for the style and function of your life, and then deliver pure beauty.

Classically Tailored

Shady Grove Kitchen

It’s a classic. This look in roman shade style is timeless. It’s one of the most popular ways that most people think of when talking about roman shades. Flat fabric dresses the window with tremendous coordination with the interior design of the space. When raised, the bottom fabrics neatly fold together. Perfect for both patterned fabrics and a coordinated top treatment, this roman shade is full of classic elegance.

Modern Sophistication

vignette roman shade style

Adding folds of fabric, similar to teardrop or hobbled shades, the roman shade style of these Vignette shades brings the time-honored tradition of roman shades into contemporary decor. The fabric waterfalls in layers when the shade is lowered. Adding dimension and style to the window, you can now enjoy so many other benefits, as well. As a modern day roman shade, Vignettes use the most innovative features of shades for convenient control and energy efficiency.

Professionally Chic

Gold Coast Condo

Exuding a designer statement, what you’ll notice first about both knife pleat or ribbed pleat shades is the pronounced horizontal seams. That structure is important to the overall contemporary appeal of roman shade style. These shades give off an organized impression for the final polish of your decor. What’s alluring about this type of roman shade is the way it can help you define the style of your space depending on fabric or material selection.

Sculpted Luxury.

solera roman shade style

Love the volume you can achieve with roman shade style? Dimension and texture bring character to your home, as the sculpted fabrics of Solera Soft roman shades are full of flowing contour. What we love about the styling of these romans is the selection of luxurious fabrics available. The stable contour of the layered fabrics allow your space to always feel put together. And the benefits? Amazing. These roman shades act with the simplicity of continual adjustment–like you would with any other shades or blinds–but maintain the exact look you started with. The features you can enjoy, such as energy efficiency, room darkening and top down bottom up, allow you to create the perfect environment in your home.

Roman Shade Style: What Speaks to You?

Have you decided on a favorite? Do you know which roman shade style will fit the design of your home? We have more inspiration for you, whether you’re ready to get started or need more help finding the perfect roman shades for your home. Come visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to see a wide selection of styles, fabrics and displays. And, we can come to you! Our design experts will visit you for a free, shop-at-home appointment to meet your needs. Contact our team to schedule with us today!

Window Solutions: 4 Life Changing Features

Window Solutions: 4 Life Changing Features wjfigw4q3

With the change in seasons, do you feel like your home is ready for a change, as well? While the autumn light this time of year seems to glow, there’s just not enough of it anymore. The daylight is fading into earlier twilight each evening. And the weather? Well, the range in temperatures can be vast from day to night, and even day to day. Seasonal changes often make us feel like we need to shift things around. Are you wondering what real life window solutions are out there to meet seasonal needs? We have four features in window solutions that will help you transform your home and help you create the perfect atmosphere this autumn–and year round!

#1 Need Energy Savings?

energy efficient window solutionsOne thing is for sure. Autumn is a brisk reminder that winter is on its way. There’s a chill in the air, and it’s bound to get colder. Nip those temperature changes in the bud with energy efficiency! We have window solutions that will help you maintain the comfort of your home, no matter what’s taking place outside. Do you know you could be facing up to 50% energy loss out your windows? It’s time to say, “Enough is enough.” The best part? Our energy saving window solutions work year round. Next summer, when it’s hot outside, you’ll still be reaping the benefits of a comfortable home.

#2 Need Better Sleep?

blackout window solutionsThis time of year, natural light is welcomed…right? That depends. Like any time of year, light is convenient when we need it, but when we don’t? It can be the biggest frustration. With the impending time change, it may feel like your evenings are limited on light, but the mornings? You’re going to want to embrace that extra hour and try to sleep in–especially on the weekend. And if you have children? Let’s just say that blackout window solutions are going to be your only hope of sleeping past 5am.

#3 Need Convenience?

motorized window solutionsWho doesn’t? Fall is probably one of the busiest times of year. You need window solutions that will give you the convenience of one less thing to worry about. Or five less. Motorized window solutions let you…

  • Adjust with a simple tap on your remote or favorite device.
  • Save favorite settings. You know your home best. One touch of a button and you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Schedule adjustments to light your home when you’re there, automatically using less electricity.
  • Program shades to close when you’re not home, making sure the inside of your home is private and protected.
  • Control them from anywhere. The comfort of your bed? Yes. Your hotel room halfway around the world? Absolutely.

#4 Need Privacy AND Light?

privacy window solutionsSometimes, you want it all. And, you should have it. Energy savings? Sleep solutions? Convenience? Yes, all of it and even more. You want to feel comfortable in your own private space, but you can’t live with the world blocked out. You need to enjoy natural light coming into your home–but not too much. Top down bottom up is one of our favorite features because it gives you everything you want! Let in light across the ceiling, adjusting the top down just enough for your liking. You can harness that gorgeous autumn light that we like to call Daylighting. At the same time, you can maintain comfort and privacy by keeping your shades far enough up that no one can see in. And, with the majority of the window covered, you can protect the temperature and atmosphere of your home as well.

Need Real Life Window Solutions?

Do these window solutions sound like they could be the answer to your needs? The struggle is real–but it doesn’t have to continue! At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we have a range of window solutions to bring you life-changing results! Visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to see what we can do. And then, we’ll be glad to visit you for a shop-at-home appointment where we can help you find just what you’re looking for! Contact our team today!

Light Filtering, Room Darkening…Or Both?

Light Filtering, Room Darkening…Or Both? wjfigw4q3

Is light filtering important to you? What about room darkening? What if we told you that you could have both? When it comes to your home–and your windows, you want to get the most features possible to add extreme function and smart design. In today’s busy world, in the rooms of your home where your family spends the most amount of time, you need upgraded features that let you have it all. The latest innovations in window treatments let you have both of these sought-after features, and more. Take a look at the incredible function of what we’re going to call Dual Function Shades. Versatility is key to perfecting the atmosphere of your home. Take a look at how Dual Function Shades can upgrade your home and your life!


The Perfect Balance

duolite room darkening We’re all searching for balance. When you achieve it in home design, like in other areas of your life, things just go better, don’t they? With Dual Function Shades, you can create the perfect balance in your home. Duolite is a unique features that pairs two shades, seamlessly connected, for a range of function. The top shade offers levels of light filtering to meet the personal preferences of your home. The bottom shade of this dual system can feature room darkening, allowing you to adjust your window shades all the way up, or all the way down–and anywhere in between. You decide the ideal room settings for your home, based on the way you use the space.


A Stunning Backdrop

pirouette room darkening In rooms within your home where you spend a majority of your time, you’re going to want to change the atmosphere throughout the day. Most of the time, sheer fabrics that offer light filtering and a dynamic view-through may be your preferred setting. But when you really need it, room darkening is priceless. Pirouette window shades offer this extreme range of function, from the soft sheers that bring light filtering qualities, to the closed fabric vanes for room darkening. Simply stunning in design, these shades will take your breath away in the value they add to your lifestyle, as well.


Two Shades in One

silhouette sheer room darkening If you love the room darkening of Designer roller shades, but also wish you had options for filtering direct sunlight and harsh glare, A Deux is here. This two-in-one shade system gives you both. Two shades provide the entire range of window treatment needs from light filtering to room darkening. The soft, filtered light of Silhouette shades and Nantuckets offer glowing light and maximum view throughout the day. As soon as you want to block out the outside world? The secondary blackout shade rolls into place. These shades operate independently of each other, which means you have complete control at your fingertips.


Room Darkening or Light Filtering. How About Both?

Some window shades give you one option. You have to choose what’s most important. And you know what? In some of the rooms of your home, that’s exactly what you need. But in rooms where the circumstances may change, you need choices. That’s where Dual Function Shades come in to give you a range of features, from light filtering to room darkening. Want to know more? Visit any one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries, where you can check out displays of these upgraded features. Or, relax in the comfort of your home with a free, in-home consultation with one of our designers. You’ll be glad you did! Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions today to get started!

Child Safe Blinds: Solutions for Safety

Child Safe Blinds: Solutions for Safety wjfigw4q3

“Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what’s on the other side?” ~George R.R. Martin

This has never been more true than if you’re talking about children. They’re naturally curious, to a fault, aren’t they? Do you have children living in, or visiting, your home? They get into everything, especially our hearts. That’s why there’s constant worry about their safety. Childproofing can be a tedious task, and many people don’t consider child safe blinds when getting prepared. But, they can be a terrible safety hazard–dangling cords are both tempting and dangerous for small children. Because October is child safety awareness month, Metropolitan Window Fashions is making it a priority to help our clients understand the features of child safe blinds and shades. There are multiple options for making your home safer with child safe blinds. Let us help you find the best choice for your home.

Add Power, Subtract Concerns

Window coverings become unsafe for children when they have dangling cords. Kids are curious, and they can make a toy out of almost anything–including window coverings! Child safe blinds will remove this worry from your life and keep your child away from harm. Since children are adventurous and find a way to reach high places, it’s not enough to hide the cord, which is why PowerView motorization is an excellent option for child safe blinds and shades. Cordless and chic, they allow complete control. You can even create, save and schedule your favorite settings. PowerView motorization will leave you worry-free while your child plays safely in your home.

motorized child safe blinds and shades

No Cords, No Problems

A lasso for the cat, a climbing rope for an action figure, something to grab when jumping off the couch…you probably don’t realize how unsafe window coverings can be unless you’ve witnessed it. Children should be able to explore in a safe environment, which is why cordless is the way to go. Hunter Douglas cares immensely about safety in the home, which is why they have created multiple options for child safe blinds and shades. The LiteRise operating system is a simple solution. Adjusted up, down and anywhere in between, using the bottom rail, there’s no dangling cords. Your child can easily open and close them–safely. Without cords to get tangled in, or tempt with creative play, you increase safety and peace of mind.

control cords child safe blinds and shades

Control Cords Safely

These options may sound great to you, but you know that they might not work for all of your windows. We understand that every home is different, and sometimes the layout of your windows just won’t allow for cordless blinds. This doesn’t mean that child safe blinds and shades are not an option! As we stated before, the cord is a huge danger to your child, which is why we offer blinds that prevent the cord from being harmful. The UltraGlide system offers a retractable cord, which is short and automatically retracts after adjustment, leaving the cord short and out of your child’s reach. Another option is to stabilize the cord with a cord wand, no dangles or tangles. We also offer the continuous cord loop that can be secured tightly against the window frame, allowing you to activate your window coverings without danger to the smallest members of your household. If it’s safety you want, we can help!  

Safety in Your Home: Child Safe Blinds

Your home is a place of comfort and safety, and when it comes to your children, you want the safest environment. Metropolitan Window Fashions wants to help you create a safe place for your child to explore and grow. Child safe blinds and shades will give you peace of mind. Visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries for more information. Or, one of our team members at Metropolitan Window Fashions can come to you for a free in-home consultation. We’ll take a look and help you figure out the best options for your home. Contact us today to find a system that works best for your home and the safety of your children.


Sheer Shades: The Before & After You Need Now

Sheer Shades: The Before & After You Need Now wjfigw4q3

Have you seen how sheer shades can transform your home? Are you looking for blinds or shades that can give you a balanced atmosphere–perfect lighting and levels of privacy? Sheer shades offer a unique experience for your home. It’s the versatility you’ve been searching for. You can harness the natural light for a warm glow without the glare. Simple adjustments provide the levels of privacy you need. And ample style adds an upscale look to your home with clean lines and gorgeous fabrics. It’s the stunning backdrop you need with the perfect balance of control.

Bare Windows? Or the Wrong Window Coverings?

fix bare windows with sheer shades

If you’re living with bare windows or the wrong window coverings, it’s time to make a change. You’ve got to see what sheer shades can do. There are many reasons you’ve been sacrificing your comfort and style. Did you move into your home to find bare windows or window coverings that you dislike? You’re not alone. This is a huge complaint, especially when you’re dealing with floor to ceiling windows. Don’t feel overwhelmed–we can help. Our designers make it easy to schedule an appointment that fits your busy life. And, you’ll have fun shopping at home with us. If you like the idea of sheer shades, just wait till you see what they can do in your home!


Sheer Shades Transform

perfect lighting sheer shades

Do you want this scene to be the one in your home? Isn’t it gorgeous? Sheer shades bring perfect lighting to the space with a sheer backing that invites natural light while diffusing the glare. That means you can add valuable daylighting to your home even while your shades are lowered. The invisible vanes of sheer shades allow you to experience maximum view-through, which can be breathtaking! When adjusted partially or all the way closed, those vanes turn into the gorgeous backdrop of stylish fabrics. Coordinate your home as they close, and enjoy the view fully when opened all the way. Sheer shades can adjust for your privacy, but the sheer backing reflects the light outside offering you view out without a view in.


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