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Shades and Blinds

Window Shades for Doors: Make a Beautiful First Impression

Window Shades for Doors: Make a Beautiful First Impression wjfigw4q3

The entryway to your home is full of potential. Are you looking for ways to spruce it up to make a gorgeous first impression? Do you want to walk through your door every day feeling refreshed with the ambiance it brings? Are you already thinking about the holidays–hosting guests that have never been to your home? Window shades for doors will bring a beautiful appearance to your entryway. And what about function? Do you find yourself wishing you had solutions to some of the most common door problems? Privacy, light control, energy efficiency–these are all affected when you don’t have the right window shades for doors. Some of these openings can represent the largest ‘windows’ in your home, with french doors and sliding glass doors. You need amazing style and incredible function. Take a look at the best ways to make a first impression.


A Stylish Welcome

energy efficient window shades for doorsThe first seven seconds…do you know that’s how quickly a first impression is established? Research shows that the ‘feeling’ someone gets during the first seven seconds make a huge impact on their feelings way into the future. Set the perfect scene right at the entryway to your home with the right window shades for doors. Gorgeous fabrics, exclusive textures and eye-catching colors will make the first impression of your home a positive one for years to come.


An Invitation of Light

sidelight shades window shades for doorsYou want the atmosphere of your home to be style-savvy, but also one of comfort. The right amount of light–and light control–will lead to the right atmosphere. To invite the right atmosphere, you might need window shades for doors that pull light into your entryway–just the right amount. Or maybe you have too much light? In that case, window shades for doors should diffuse the incoming light for a gentle glow. Customize the experience of your entryway, and enjoy the ambiance.


A Custom Experience

vertical shades window shades for doorsNot all entryways are made equal. Some need to maximize the light entering your home. Others might feature sidelights and small windows that need light control, energy efficiency and privacy. Some entryway doors lead to your outdoor space–vital to enjoying fresh air, but also bringing their host of issues. The answer? Custom window shades for doors can bring the right amount of light control, privacy, energy efficiency and function. How about vertical or horizontal orientation? It’s all part of the custom experience. Your window shades for doors should match your lifestyle.


Powerful Control

entryway light control window shades for doorsWhat do you do when it’s your entryway, and not necessarily your doors that are leading to the same common problems? Those large windows, high up in your foyer, that you can’t reach–what options do you have? Window shades for doors can also coordinate the look of your entire entryway, including hard-to-reach windows. And operation? That’s easy with the powerful control you get with motorized blinds and shades. PowerView motorization is putting control of every window issue into the palm of your hand. Your entryway can boast perfect light control and privacy, along with style and comfort no matter the time of day.


Window Shades for Doors: The Perfect Impression, Every Time.

Want to make a gorgeous statement in your entryway that everyone sees–including you? With the right window shades for doors, you’ll create that beautiful style while solving those common issues. Want to take a look? All of the locations of Metropolitan Window Fashions are exclusive Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealers. You’ll see displays and try out some of the advanced features on the market. Interested in shopping at home? We’ll come to you with ideas and inspiration. Our free, in-home consultation will help you decide which window shades for doors are right for you. Contact our team today.


Floor To Ceiling Windows: Embrace Beauty, Solve Problems

Floor To Ceiling Windows: Embrace Beauty, Solve Problems wjfigw4q3

Do you have breathtaking views and gorgeous light coming into your home through floor to ceiling windows? Was it one of the traits that made you fall in love at first sight with your home? And what about now? Now that you’ve lived with them…do you still love your large windows? It can be hard to accept the frustrations that come with reality. The reality of floor to ceiling windows is that no matter how much you love that gorgeous light, those breathtaking views–there are issues. But, the real world struggle of floor to ceiling windows can be solved. You’ll be happier with the amazing benefits that come from adding custom window treatments, and your home will feature a stunning backdrop of your view and designer fabrics. Need solutions? Take a look…


Enhance the View–Add Upscale Style.

scenery with floor to ceiling windowsWe know you’re feeling conflicted. You fell in love with your home because the floor to ceiling windows give you a dynamic view–why would you want to cover it up? Well, we’re on the same page with you! We don’t want to cover up that view–we want to enhance it. Enhance it with fabrics that give you a gorgeous backdrop for your home, but still let you enjoy your view–even with shades in the lowered position.

Choose Your Beauty. Our collections of Sheer Shadings, Designer Screen Shades and Roller Shades all offer your home an opportunity to show off that breathtaking view while providing amazing benefits and upscale style. Fall in love with your floor to ceiling windows all over again!


Enjoy the Light–Stop Hiding.

light control floor to ceiling windowsOne of the biggest struggles with floor to ceiling windows is also one of the things you love about them. There’s so much light. Natural light fills your home for beautiful daylighting and amazing atmosphere. Why is that a problem? Because without control, there’s no telling where, when and how much light will be flooding your home. Of course you want your home to have gorgeous sunshine. On your terms. With floor to ceiling windows, they key is controlling the light. And the right window treatments make it possible.

The Decision is Yours: Opacity, Direction, Features. It’s all up to you. With amazing fabrics and features that give you custom window treatments to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, you won’t have to deal with relentless light, UV rays or annoying glare. And we even have dual shade systems that give you a range of light control from room darkening to light filtering.  


Find Comfort–No More Sacrifices.

energy efficient floor to ceiling windowsNo matter the season of the year, but definitely during the summer months, if you have floor to ceiling windows, the heat they bring into your home causes discomfort. It’s almost as if you have to escape from your own home. Bare windows can also make you feel uncomfortable from the lack of privacy. It may be difficult to see in during the day, but in the evening? Does it feel like your neighbors can see you eating dinner? Nope–it’s time for a change. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort because you have floor to ceiling windows.

Make Smart Choices. You might be surprised to find out that only specific times of the day add to the frustrations of your large windows. We have energy efficient window shades that will bring comfort to your home, exactly when you need it. PowerView motorization puts the activation of your shades into the palm of your hands. And with features like top down bottom up, you’ll get amazing light, even during the ‘problem’ times of day, by saving your favorite scenes and settings on the PowerView app.


Floor to Ceiling Windows–Get Solutions You Deserve.

Your floor to ceiling windows are one of your favorite parts of your home. And they should be. With glorious amounts of light and the best views around, they make your home beautiful. But you deserve solutions to stay in love with them, no matter the issues. Our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions can come to you and show you what’s possible! With inspiration and ideas, we’ll help you select solutions to not only help you find comfort, but increase the enjoyment and style of your home! Let’s get started today!

The World of Home Automation…Is It for You?

The World of Home Automation…Is It for You? wjfigw4q3

Back in 2012, Billy Crystal (and a host of other well-loved celebrities) starred in Parental Guidance. This movie depicted three generations of a family that were facing a world of technology at their fingertips–the hilarious contrasts between them is what made this movie completely relatable to the audience. What wasn’t relatable was the home automation, ahem…the ‘smart’ lifestyle these people were living. In 2012, so many of us were embracing smartphones, apps and just what was starting to trend on a new site called Pinterest. Whole home automation? A life dictated by technology? It seemed way too Jetson-like for normal life. Fast forward to 2016. Do you know what is growing faster than ever? Home automation. That’s right…exactly what we thought was way too ‘movie-like’ for real life is happening in homes all around us. Do you have this life-changing technology? Do you have components of a smart lifestyle? Do you have any idea what is possible? Take a look at the future of today!

tablet home automation

Home Automation…What Do You Mean?

If you’re like most of us, ‘smart’ devices are part of your life…you have an iPhone or tablet, you know what an ‘app’ is, and you have some favorites. But what about for your home? Have you updated your thermostat to wireless control? Can you control the music playing in your home with a bluetooth speaker? How about controlling the lighting from the palm of your hand? These are all aspects of the home automation lifestyle, but like most of these, they can add to the ease and convenience of your life even without home automation. If you love the way these products have enhanced your life, read on…

motorized shades home automation

Home Automation…What’s Possible?

This year, more and more people are hopping on the home automation bandwagon. Why? Many devices you’ll buy (like and updated thermostat) are enticing you with the possibilities. Having a dinner party–want to adjust your household temperature? You can do it with the device that’s in your pocket, without leaving your guests. How about motorized blinds and shades? What’s more comfort-inducing than being able to adjust shadings from the palm of your hand? It happens in an instant, and it’s priceless convenience. These features are also an incredible way to save money. When you can set schedules, save your favorite settings and adjust your home even when you’re not home–there’s just nothing like it. But actual home automation takes things a step further.

hub control home automation

Home Automation…Just Get Started.

On such a popular topic this year, PCMag.com posted an article called, “How to Build Your Smart Home: A Beginner’s Guide.” This article details what’s been done, the current status of devices and how to get started. They make reference to the “hub,” the centralized control of various home automation devices, ones that connect together for an amazing experience. Hunter Douglas is proud to announce partnerships with some of the major home integration systems that are referred to in this article, like The Nest and Logitech’s Harmony. Your motorized blinds and shades can be added into home integration for a flawless performance, with the benefits of energy efficiency, privacy, convenience and light control.


At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we are ready to help you get started on your way to home automation. Our motorized blinds and shades can be connected and integrated, giving you exceptional ease and convenience throughout your home. It’s the perfect atmosphere, every time. Contact our design team to set up a free, in-home consultation today!

Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations

Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations wjfigw4q3

Are you enjoying your summer? The sunshine and blue skies we’ve been having are what we look forward to all winter long, but the heat sure is on this year. Whew! With temperatures climbing into the 90s and intense sunshine on top of that, it’s probably taking a toll on your home and your energy bills. Are you, your air conditioner, and your wallet ready for some sweet relief? Window coverings can turn your home from sweltering  to comfortable–like a summertime oasis. Here are three things to consider as you choose window coverings to help you save on your energy bills this summer–and all year long.

Save with Features for Location

save on your energy bills NYCThe direction your windows face makes all the difference when it comes to how sunshine interacts with your home. North and south facing windows won’t get the intense direct rays that east and west facing windows do. Choosing window coverings that offer the right features for the location of your windows can really help you to save on your energy bills. For east and west facing windows, insulation at the window is key, and you’ll often want ways to reduce glare and draw in light with north and south facing windows. Top down bottom up operation is great for that. Oftentimes you need completely different features for the window shades in your living room as compared to those in your bedroom. That’s why Hunter Douglas offers fabrics, materials, and textures that work well with many window covering styles. You get all the beauty and all the benefits! By carefully selecting the features of your window shades, you can keep the summer sun’s heat from plaguing your home–and your energy bills–while still enjoying the benefits of natural light, privacy, and view-through.

Save with Automation

save on your energy bills NYC

If you want to experience serious energy savings, then we have two words for you: PowerView motorization. With motorized shades, you set the scenes along with the schedule, and it takes care of the rest. PowerView adjusts your window shades automatically throughout the day, so your home’s atmosphere is always ideal. As the sun moves, so do your shades. In fact, you can even program PowerView to adjust your window coverings based on your ever-changing local sunrise and sunset times. With an automatic schedule, intense sun doesn’t get a chance to heat up your home regardless of whether you’re there or not. And when you are away, you can control your shades at the touch of a button with the PowerView App from your favorite device! Convenience, comfort, and consistency…PowerView is a sure way to save on your energy bills and upgrade your lifestyle.

Save with Energy-Efficiency

save on your energy bills NYCIf your air conditioner is running non-stop on hot days, or if you’re sacrificing your comfort to cut costs, it’s time for a better solution. Obviously if you’re looking to save on your energy bills, you want to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. But, how? Window shades are one of the best ways to do that. Bare windows magnify the sun and heat–which means it can be hotter inside your home than out! Energy-efficient window coverings have the ability to insulate your home, so they help maintain a consistent temperature. That means your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard, and that translates into both comfort and savings for you! Duette shades are the industry leader when it comes to energy-efficiency. Their cell-within-cell structure provides pockets of air that protect your home from the elements just outside your windows. It’s no wonder why they’ve earned the highest ranking.

Start to Save On Your Energy Bills…

Don’t spend another gorgeous summer day dreading the effects of the sun on your home and wallet. It’s time to save on your energy bills with window coverings that are just right for your unique spaces. On top of increasing energy-efficiency, they’ll also add style, sophistication, and the benefits of light control and privacy. So, contact us today, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

Hunter Douglas shades on sale!

New Home Problems? 6 Ways to Turn Disasters into Dream Living.

New Home Problems? 6 Ways to Turn Disasters into Dream Living. wjfigw4q3

Did you recently close on a new home? Are you in love? Falling in love with a new home can be a thrilling adventure. But sometimes as a new homeowner, those things you loved at first sight can become petty annoyances–or even your worst nightmare. Whether your home was previously-owned, or new construction, it’s going to take time to make your house a home. Solving those typical new home problems that everyone faces often means experiencing them in person. Don’t worry–you don’t have to sacrifice everything you loved and close yourself off. We have six common problems, with solutions to get you everything you want–and more.

beautiful shades for new home problems

#1 Add a Designer Look.

“I can’t wait to decorate!”
One of the most exciting things about buying a new home is making it your own with decor. You took one look at those blank walls, anticipating the adventure of styling them. But now? We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. One of the new home problems people face is that decorating your home can be tricky. Sometimes, what you already own doesn’t quite fit the space. You might have realized upon moving that it’s time to transition your style. It takes time to find furniture, artwork and decor you truly love. What’s great about adding the right window coverings? Not only do they provide necessity, the dimension and designer styling they bring to the space is priceless. With on-trend colors, textures and fabrics, your shades are going to be one of your best statement pieces.

#2 Maintain Your Privacy.

“Look at that view!”
That amazing view at first impression? Has it become a problem? Maybe you’re beginning to realize: A view out is also a view in. You’ve also probably found out how curious neighbors can be. They might be shy enough to stay away from your front door, but that won’t stop them from taking sneak peeks all throughout the day. Don’t give them the chance! With the right window coverings, you can have the glowing atmosphere you’ve dreamed, as natural light fills your home, but cuts the glare. And with some of our favorite features, like top down bottom up shades, you can place your window coverings right where you need them. As much privacy as you need, without sacrificing the light you love–it’s a great solution.

top down bottom up for new home problems

#3 Control the Light.

“What amazing light!”
One thing you might love about your new home is the plentiful sunshine. What you might be starting to realize, however, is that amazing light can come at a price. With unfiltered light blasting through your windows, you may find yourself avoiding certain rooms all day long. The glare and heat is just too much–no matter the season. Remember all the time you spent decorating your home? With new home problems, over time, frustration and damage will get the better of you. The paint on your walls, your flooring, furniture and artwork will dull and fade. We have solutions that will still allow you the amazing light you love, while providing the UV protection and glowing atmosphere you want. Take a look at these before and after photos to see what’s possible.

#4 Save Energy.

“Look at all those windows!”
Did you love the look, the placement, the size of the windows in your home? Do you know up to 50% of your home’s energy can be lost out the window? These new home problems only add to how expensive owning a home can be. The right window coverings can be a huge asset in your money-saving endeavors. Because we see such a range of temperatures in this part of the country, having energy efficiency at your windows is vital throughout the year. We have energy efficient shades that provide insulation when you need it–no matter the season. Pockets of insulation will guard against what’s going on outside your windows so you can be comfortable inside. You’re heating and cooling bills will maintain a better consistency.

energy efficiency for new home problems

#5 Make It Your Own.

“Oooh! There are already window coverings!”
Did you see the previously-owned window coverings on your walk-through and feel glad–thinking it’s one less thing to do? How about now that you’ve lived with them? You’d be surprised how many consider this one of their biggest new home problems. Why? There’s a variety of reasons old window coverings don’t go over well: They don’t work, they aren’t child safe, or they don’t match your style. Sometimes, they’re just plain ugly and outdated, but you’ve kept them for some light control and privacy while deciding what to do. It’s time for a change! The right window coverings will provide the atmosphere, style, light/temperature control and view-through you’ve been dreaming of–don’t you deserve to make your house a home you love?

#6 Save Time, Energy & Money.

“I can’t wait to just relax…”
If one of your first thoughts went to relaxing in your new home, you’re not alone! The process of buying a home, packing, moving, organizing…it’s exhausting. You just want to see the finish line! Here’s the problem: A homeowner’s work is never done. Don’t forget, you have family to take care, projects to plan and a list to complete–a never-ending to do list. Make your life easier, and create the home of your dreams with PowerView motorized shades and blinds. Not only will you enjoy the amazing benefits of style, light control, energy efficiency and protection–both UV and privacy, you’ll get incredible ease and convenience for your busy life. It’s like having a personal assistant. Set a schedule to raise, lower and adjust your shades from your favorite device. Save your favorite scenes for each and every window. You can set a perfect scene every time, based on your preferences. Take a break from your new home problems and just relax.

New Home Problems? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we know how to help you make your house into a home. With an amazing selection of window coverings, we’ll help you choose the fabrics, colors and textures that will bring a designer look to your space. And our design experts know how important the function is to your lifestyle. We’ll help you discover features and innovations to bring amazing benefits to your home. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.

Before and After Photos: Transform Your Home and Your Life

Before and After Photos: Transform Your Home and Your Life wjfigw4q3

Summer is here, and that means warm weather and sunshine! Doesn’t it feel great to enjoy a festival, a stroll in the park, and a drink at a rooftop bar in your sandals and shorts again? You love soaking up the warmth and rays that summertime brings, but so does your home. And, bare windows mean big problems. Take this room for example. The large, expansive windows are meant to provide breathtaking landscapes and a stunning style statement. With the sun pouring in, though, you certainly can’t enjoy the view, and you probably can’t even stand to be in the space. Blinding glare and direct light make your eyes hurt, and, while you can’t see it, the temperature is scorching. Let’s not forget that all that sun means harmful UV rays are shining in on everything too. Pretty soon the furniture, flooring, and art will be faded and damaged. In order to be livable, this space needs a serious before and after transformation, and that’s just what it got!

Sweet Relief

before and after NYCOutfitting the windows with Pirouette shadings made all the difference in this living room. They transformed it from a space you’d do anything to avoid to one that’s comfortable and inviting. The harsh glare and direct rays that used to wreak havoc in here have been replaced by a soft, ambient glow, and you can actually enjoy the view. That’s thanks to a sheer backing that filters and diffuses natural light for exceptionally beautiful daylighting while still providing a view-through. It also filters out UV rays–which means that all of the interiors are protected. Everything will look fresh and new for years to come. Then, there’s the temperature; it’s now cool and comfortable. The beauty and benefits of Pirouettes in this space don’t just stop there, though. In terms of style, you can’t deny that they’re positively gorgeous. Soft vanes appear to float on a sheer backing, and the color coordinates perfectly with the decor. This before and after transformation is truly dramatic, and there’s more.

Incredible Lifestyle Rewards

before and after NYCIt’s clear that adding window coverings to the bare windows changed the whole atmosphere of this room, but did you know that there’s also a before and after transformation in terms of lifestyle? With shadings, the homeowners no longer feel exposed. Closing the vanes on their Pirouettes gives them the privacy they deserve. Plus, without all of the sun’s blistering rays flooding the space, the temperature is easy to maintain, so their air conditioner won’t need to work overtime this summer. Hello energy efficiency! Finally, by selecting PowerView motorization, the homeowners added serious convenience to their lives. At the touch of a button on their Pebble remote or favorite device, their shadings can adjust. Better yet, they can program their Pirouettes to adjust on a schedule. Privacy, efficiency, and effortless operation–window coverings not only transform homes, they also transform lives!

A Before and After Transformation: Do You Need One?

Can you relate to this living room? Do you and your home suffer from rising temperatures and blinding glare, fading interiors and direct light? Would you love to upgrade your lifestyle? If so, our design consultants can help you find the right window coverings to temper the sun and change your life. You and your home home deserve to experience a before and after transformation like this one. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation today!

Hunter Douglas shades on sale!

Modern Roller Shades: Revolutionary Design Meets Exquisite Style

Modern Roller Shades: Revolutionary Design Meets Exquisite Style wjfigw4q3

There’s a reason that roller shades have been around for hundreds of years–they get the job done. But let’s be honest–your grandmother’s roller shades won’t cut it anymore. Your windows are the backdrop of your home–and your life. It’s time you met the newest generation of roller shades. Every detail has been reimagined to present you with the perfect shade. Modern Roller Shades are simply that–the classic idea of window shades, but that’s where it stops. The latest innovations of Modern Roller Shades offer you upgraded features that not only get the job done, they do it better than you could ever imagine, with the contemporary styling that adds beautiful design to your home.

Style Statement: The Beauty is in the Details.

modern roller shades trending fabricsThe backdrop of your home–you need your shades to be on point. Sleek styling. Low profile design. Contemporary finishings. The gorgeous look of Modern Roller Shades has all of that–and more. Let’s start with the designer fabrics–they are sophisticated and chic, bringing you a contemporary color palette with exquisite textures. In addition to these exclusive fabrics and textures, the details of Modern Roller Shades have been redesigned to give you the perfect finishings to style your home. The top treatment–now available in a square cassette–adds to the sleek style of modern roller shades. Love the look of the roller top? It’ll only add to the style of your home. The bracket covers and metal brackets–yes, we’ve thought of everything–are customized to coordinate with your home’s interior design. The covers are available in nine finishings. The modern look of metal brackets are styled with hardware in mind, in burnished chestnut or pearl chrome, also featuring the contemporary detail of a circular shape, to add to the designer appeal. It’s the details that count.

Innovative Features: The Redesign of a Classic.

modern roller shades dual shadesWhile the old-fashioned idea of roller shades was a simplistic on/off of light, modern roller shades go way beyond that to give you innovative lifestyle features. That “on/off” design still holds true–roller shades are an ideal choice when you want light switch function. Even more so, Modern Roller Shades ensure the blackout shades your bedroom has always needed–with the smallest light gap in the industry! We’ve also got incredible options for you that allow you levels of light control. Choose dual roller shades for a unique experience that lets you choose the opacity. When your modern roller shades and screen shades have dual control, you’ll be able to customize your light control. One shade can offer the view-through fabric to diffuse the light for daytime atmosphere, while the other is put in place when blackout shades are needed. It’s no longer just an on/off option–it’s levels of light control for your home.

Incredible Function: Controlled Operation.

modern roller shades motorized shadesHunter Douglas has thought of everything. Beyond the design elements and features available, the redesign of the simplistic operation just got better. They call it “whisper-quiet”, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. When all you want is a hush when adjusting your shades into position, you’ve got it with modern roller shades. The lightweight feel of manual operation includes a custom clutch–designed to feel comfortable to operate no matter the size of your shades. And what’s more–roller shades are available with PowerView motorization. Want your shades to adjust on a schedule? Want to set and save your favorite scenes for different circumstances throughout the day? Motorized shades offer you life-changing control. Operated with touch-of-a-button activation on a sleek, stylish remote or your favorite device, your Modern Roller Shades have earned their name. Modern innovation at it’s finest.

Modern Roller Shades: It’s Revolutionary.

Are you ready to infuse your home with heightened styling, innovative features and incredible function? Modern Roller Shades have been redesigned to offer it all. The customizable features allow you to have the lifestyle function you’ve been looking for with the truly unique style offerings that will help make your house a home. Our design consultants can visit you for a free, shop-at-home experience so you can see the beautiful fabrics and finishes you can select. Contact us, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, to get started today!

Hunter Douglas shades on sale!

Transform the Atmosphere of Your Home With Sheer Window Treatments

Transform the Atmosphere of Your Home With Sheer Window Treatments wjfigw4q3

When you envision the perfect setting in your home, what do you see? Gentle rays of sunlight that add a soft glow to your living room? The ideal mix of natural light and concealed privacy in your bathroom? The ability to change your bedroom from pleasant light to room darkening in an instant? If those scenarios sound like a dream come true, you’re not alone. And with the help of our design consultants from Metropolitan Window Fashions, you can experience the transforming atmosphere that comes from window treatments featured in our collection of sheer shadings. These sheer shades are the answer to every question you can have in window treatments, atmosphere and solutions! Sound too good to be true? Take a look at what these window treatments can do for you!

The Best of Both Worlds

window treatments luminette sheer shadesYou love the light that comes through your windows, but too much of a good thing is simply too much. With sheer shadings, like our collection of Luminette Privacy Sheers, you’ll receive as much natural light as you want. Without glare. Yes, that’s right. The sheer shadings of our window treatments diffuse the glare for an extremely pleasant glow–while you sit back and take in the view. Your view is spectacular. You deserve to have both view and protection. With sheer window treatments, experience not only diffused glare, but also UV protection and energy efficiency.

Sheer Shadings = Room Darkening

window treatments room darkening sheersThat’s not a typo. Did you know that you can achieve room-darkening with sheer shadings? It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true. These sheer window treatments all offer upgrades that you can add when you want the experience of controlled darkness. From the rotating vanes of Luminettes, to the blackout shade that’s added to Silhouettes and Nantuckets, you can have the ultimate atmosphere transformation. Each operating system comes with its own features, and our design consultants can fill you in on the room darkening solution that will work best in your home. From sheer beauty, to intense darkness, we’ve got you covered!

It’s Instant Control

window treatments light filtering sheersWith sheer shadings, most of our clients enjoy them in the lowered position at all times–adjusted so the view is clear, while the natural light is diffused. However, there are times and circumstances where this position is not ideal. Changing the entire atmosphere of the room is not something you want to bother yourself with on a regular basis. PowerView motorization takes the hassle out of atmosphere transformation. Motorized window shades adjust open, closed and anywhere in between with the touch of a button. Even hard-to-reach window treatments are a snap to adjust. Use the PowerView Pebble remote, or even your favorite device, and the control is in the palm of your hand. And with the latest innovations, your home can transform on a schedule you set without ever having to think about it again. Compatible with home integration systems like The Nest and Logitech’s Harmony, your lifestyle will be complete.

Dreaming of the perfect atmosphere right at your fingertips? The window treatments we offer in our sheer shadings collection will amaze you. You get the benefits of glowing natural light, while enjoying all the perks that window coverings have to offer. We’d love to help you transform the look and function of your home and lifestyle. Contact our team, for a free, shop-at-home consultation today!

Hunter Douglas shades on sale!


Searching for Style? Try Window Treatments NYC.

Searching for Style? Try Window Treatments NYC. wjfigw4q3

Ahhhh, Google. What would we do without it? Are you ready to start a new project in your home? The endless searches can feel overwhelming. We are here to help! We all love the style of our beloved NYC. And guess what? You CAN have that designer look! If you’re searching for style, and you’ve found yourself typing “Window Treatments NYC” into the search bar, STOP. You’ll drive yourself crazy. Instead, we have some great options for you. Hop on over to our blog to find tips, advice and product information on how our experts can use window treatments to transform your home. Next? Don’t get lost by typing “Window Treatments NYC”! Take a look at our Pinterest and Houzz pages for inspiration! And then, come visit one of our showrooms in NYC or New Jersey for a fun-filled shopping experience. Better yet–schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our friendly designers come right to you with samples and ideas. No stress. Just a beautiful–and very efficient–result for you home.

Window Treatments NYC: Window Shades

window treatments NYC laminate shadesWant the designer look of sleek window shades in your home? You’ve come to the right place. Window shades bring fashion and form to your windows, with function that will upgrade your lifestyle. From the sophistication of sheer shadings that offer you tremendous view-through while bringing in diffused light, to the contemporary appeal of fabric shades that look amazing while providing light control and energy efficiency, the list of benefits goes on and on! And with the latest innovations, you should definitely see two of our most popular features for window shades: Top Down Bottom Up and Motorized Shades.

Window Treatments NYC: Plantation Shutters

window treatments NYC plantation shuttersThe picture of timeless style, plantation shutters make your home look ‘magazine perfect’. Light control, energy efficiency, privacy and UV protection are just some of the benefits you’ll receive with plantation shutters, in addition to the time-honored beauty that comes with these gorgeous window treatments. With the customization options available, your home will feature a tailored appearance, as plantation shutters complement your decor with dramatic style. Take a look at our collection.

Window Treatments NYC: Window Blinds

window treatments NYC window blindsSimple operation and custom design come together in our choices of window blinds. Available in both paints and stains–as well as real wood and composites–your home will showcase style while boasting functional benefits. Want to find just the right window blinds for light control and privacy while adding design elements in your home? We have a range of style selections for you that will allow you to bring your whole space together, created for the individual needs of each window.

Window Treatments NYC: Custom Draperies

window treatments NYC custom draperiesExquisite, elegant–a perfect reflection of your personal style. Custom draperies bring lush fabrics in your favorite patterns, colors and textures to the design your home. And with Metropolitan Window Fashions, our designers will work with you to help you decide the perfect look for each room. Top treatments, such as valances and cornice boards can finish the project with the polished look you’ve been dreaming of! We carry all the latest fabric collections from top designers, such as Robert Allen and Fabricut. Your home will be the essence of style–just like what you were searching for with “Window Treatments NYC.”

Ready to get started? If your “Window Treatments NYC” search lead you to us, then you’re in good hands. We’d love to help you transform the atmosphere of your home! The functional benefits will amaze you, and the design will leave you wishing you’d done this sooner. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a shop-at-home appointment where we can share fabric samples and window treatment books that will show you the ideal ways to bring light control, privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection to your home.

Hunter Douglas shades on sale!

Motorized Shades: Instant Control

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You’ve heard about them…now it’s time to experience the lifestyle upgrade that motorized shades will bring to your home. From the comfort of your couch, or on vacation a world away, your control doesn’t change. PowerView motorization puts the control of your home environment into the palm of your hand. And with the latest innovations, your entire home environment can be managed and integrated for seamless function whether you’re home or not. As if having automated window coverings wasn’t exciting enough, your control just got even easier. Hunter Douglas is partnering with some of the most popular home integration systems to help you control your home like never before!

Incredible Innovations

motorized shades patio shadesWhether you love the sleek profile of the new Pebble remote, or you love the functionality of using your favorite device, controlling your motorized shades is in the palm of your hand. This instant control takes your home to the next level. Touch-of-a-button control allows you to open, close and adjust your motorized shades effortlessly. Create and save your favorite scenes and settings in the PowerView App, scheduling them to occur when you need them to, based on your life. Then sit back, and enjoy what PowerView can do for the light control, privacy and function of your home. Ready for whole house control? The latest innovation allows you to use a home integration system, like Logitech’s Harmony experience. Using your PowerView Hub to control your whole home, while integrating in other aspects of home control is the the path to your future convenience.

Your Amazing View

motorized shades living roomThe beauty of your view will only get better with motorized shades. The innovation of effortless control lets you open, close and adjust with the touch-of-a-button. That means that you can enjoy your view in an instant. Choose motorized shades that complement your lifestyle–rooms that boast a gorgeous view on a sunny day can now bring in soft, filtered light with a simple adjustment on your remote or favorite device. And the whole time, you can delight in your amazing view–no glare included!

A Perfect Atmosphere Every Time

motorized shades viewSchedule the ideal adjustments throughout your day, based on your personal schedule and preferences. You know your home better than anyone, and the way the light interacts with your home has a big impact on your lifestyle. How does this sound? Breakfast welcomes the glowing morning light, but your shades are adjusting closed by mid-morning as the temperature maintains your comfort. Adjusting top down during the afternoon, you no longer function like you’re in a cave, trying to avoid the hot daily sun. Motorized shades adjust themselves. Dinnertime invites the softness of sunset, and then your bedtime is perfectly planned, as your motorized shades place themselves into position for the ultimate privacy and room-darkening.

It’s time for you to experience what motorized shades can do for you. Achieve the ideal atmosphere every time with motorized shades that offer instant access, but can also be scheduled so you no longer even have to think about it! Our design consultants at Metropolitan Window Fashions are here to help! We’ll come to you for a free, in-home consultation with expert advice and ideas to upgrade your life. Get started today!