Modern Roller Shades: Revolutionary Design Meets Exquisite Style

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Modern Roller Shades: Revolutionary Design Meets Exquisite Style

There’s a reason that roller shades have been around for hundreds of years–they get the job done. But let’s be honest–your grandmother’s roller shades won’t cut it anymore. Your windows are the backdrop of your home–and your life. It’s time you met the newest generation of roller shades. Every detail has been reimagined to present you with the perfect shade. Modern Roller Shades are simply that–the classic idea of window shades, but that’s where it stops. The latest innovations of Modern Roller Shades offer you upgraded features that not only get the job done, they do it better than you could ever imagine, with the contemporary styling that adds beautiful design to your home.

Style Statement: The Beauty is in the Details.

modern roller shades trending fabricsThe backdrop of your home–you need your shades to be on point. Sleek styling. Low profile design. Contemporary finishings. The gorgeous look of Modern Roller Shades has all of that–and more. Let’s start with the designer fabrics–they are sophisticated and chic, bringing you a contemporary color palette with exquisite textures. In addition to these exclusive fabrics and textures, the details of Modern Roller Shades have been redesigned to give you the perfect finishings to style your home. The top treatment–now available in a square cassette–adds to the sleek style of modern roller shades. Love the look of the roller top? It’ll only add to the style of your home. The bracket covers and metal brackets–yes, we’ve thought of everything–are customized to coordinate with your home’s interior design. The covers are available in nine finishings. The modern look of metal brackets are styled with hardware in mind, in burnished chestnut or pearl chrome, also featuring the contemporary detail of a circular shape, to add to the designer appeal. It’s the details that count.

Innovative Features: The Redesign of a Classic.

modern roller shades dual shadesWhile the old-fashioned idea of roller shades was a simplistic on/off of light, modern roller shades go way beyond that to give you innovative lifestyle features. That “on/off” design still holds true–roller shades are an ideal choice when you want light switch function. Even more so, Modern Roller Shades ensure the blackout shades your bedroom has always needed–with the smallest light gap in the industry! We’ve also got incredible options for you that allow you levels of light control. Choose dual roller shades for a unique experience that lets you choose the opacity. When your modern roller shades and screen shades have dual control, you’ll be able to customize your light control. One shade can offer the view-through fabric to diffuse the light for daytime atmosphere, while the other is put in place when blackout shades are needed. It’s no longer just an on/off option–it’s levels of light control for your home.

Incredible Function: Controlled Operation.

modern roller shades motorized shadesHunter Douglas has thought of everything. Beyond the design elements and features available, the redesign of the simplistic operation just got better. They call it “whisper-quiet”, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. When all you want is a hush when adjusting your shades into position, you’ve got it with modern roller shades. The lightweight feel of manual operation includes a custom clutch–designed to feel comfortable to operate no matter the size of your shades. And what’s more–roller shades are available with PowerView motorization. Want your shades to adjust on a schedule? Want to set and save your favorite scenes for different circumstances throughout the day? Motorized shades offer you life-changing control. Operated with touch-of-a-button activation on a sleek, stylish remote or your favorite device, your Modern Roller Shades have earned their name. Modern innovation at it’s finest.

Modern Roller Shades: It’s Revolutionary.

Are you ready to infuse your home with heightened styling, innovative features and incredible function? Modern Roller Shades have been redesigned to offer it all. The customizable features allow you to have the lifestyle function you’ve been looking for with the truly unique style offerings that will help make your house a home. Our design consultants can visit you for a free, shop-at-home experience so you can see the beautiful fabrics and finishes you can select. Contact us, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, to get started today!

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