Motorized Shades: Instant Control

motorized shades by Hunter Douglas

Motorized Shades: Instant Control

You’ve heard about them…now it’s time to experience the lifestyle upgrade that motorized shades will bring to your home. From the comfort of your couch, or on vacation a world away, your control doesn’t change. PowerView motorization puts the control of your home environment into the palm of your hand. And with the latest innovations, your entire home environment can be managed and integrated for seamless function whether you’re home or not. As if having automated window coverings wasn’t exciting enough, your control just got even easier. Hunter Douglas is partnering with some of the most popular home integration systems to help you control your home like never before!

Incredible Innovations

motorized shades patio shadesWhether you love the sleek profile of the new Pebble remote, or you love the functionality of using your favorite device, controlling your motorized shades is in the palm of your hand. This instant control takes your home to the next level. Touch-of-a-button control allows you to open, close and adjust your motorized shades effortlessly. Create and save your favorite scenes and settings in the PowerView App, scheduling them to occur when you need them to, based on your life. Then sit back, and enjoy what PowerView can do for the light control, privacy and function of your home. Ready for whole house control? The latest innovation allows you to use a home integration system, like Logitech’s Harmony experience. Using your PowerView Hub to control your whole home, while integrating in other aspects of home control is the the path to your future convenience.

Your Amazing View

motorized shades living roomThe beauty of your view will only get better with motorized shades. The innovation of effortless control lets you open, close and adjust with the touch-of-a-button. That means that you can enjoy your view in an instant. Choose motorized shades that complement your lifestyle–rooms that boast a gorgeous view on a sunny day can now bring in soft, filtered light with a simple adjustment on your remote or favorite device. And the whole time, you can delight in your amazing view–no glare included!

A Perfect Atmosphere Every Time

motorized shades viewSchedule the ideal adjustments throughout your day, based on your personal schedule and preferences. You know your home better than anyone, and the way the light interacts with your home has a big impact on your lifestyle. How does this sound? Breakfast welcomes the glowing morning light, but your shades are adjusting closed by mid-morning as the temperature maintains your comfort. Adjusting top down during the afternoon, you no longer function like you’re in a cave, trying to avoid the hot daily sun. Motorized shades adjust themselves. Dinnertime invites the softness of sunset, and then your bedtime is perfectly planned, as your motorized shades place themselves into position for the ultimate privacy and room-darkening.

It’s time for you to experience what motorized shades can do for you. Achieve the ideal atmosphere every time with motorized shades that offer instant access, but can also be scheduled so you no longer even have to think about it! Our design consultants at Metropolitan Window Fashions are here to help! We’ll come to you for a free, in-home consultation with expert advice and ideas to upgrade your life. Get started today!