Before and After Photos: Transform Your Home and Your Life

before and after NYC

Before and After Photos: Transform Your Home and Your Life

Summer is here, and that means warm weather and sunshine! Doesn’t it feel great to enjoy a festival, a stroll in the park, and a drink at a rooftop bar in your sandals and shorts again? You love soaking up the warmth and rays that summertime brings, but so does your home. And, bare windows mean big problems. Take this room for example. The large, expansive windows are meant to provide breathtaking landscapes and a stunning style statement. With the sun pouring in, though, you certainly can’t enjoy the view, and you probably can’t even stand to be in the space. Blinding glare and direct light make your eyes hurt, and, while you can’t see it, the temperature is scorching. Let’s not forget that all that sun means harmful UV rays are shining in on everything too. Pretty soon the furniture, flooring, and art will be faded and damaged. In order to be livable, this space needs a serious before and after transformation, and that’s just what it got!

Sweet Relief

before and after NYCOutfitting the windows with Pirouette shadings made all the difference in this living room. They transformed it from a space you’d do anything to avoid to one that’s comfortable and inviting. The harsh glare and direct rays that used to wreak havoc in here have been replaced by a soft, ambient glow, and you can actually enjoy the view. That’s thanks to a sheer backing that filters and diffuses natural light for exceptionally beautiful daylighting while still providing a view-through. It also filters out UV rays–which means that all of the interiors are protected. Everything will look fresh and new for years to come. Then, there’s the temperature; it’s now cool and comfortable. The beauty and benefits of Pirouettes in this space don’t just stop there, though. In terms of style, you can’t deny that they’re positively gorgeous. Soft vanes appear to float on a sheer backing, and the color coordinates perfectly with the decor. This before and after transformation is truly dramatic, and there’s more.

Incredible Lifestyle Rewards

before and after NYCIt’s clear that adding window coverings to the bare windows changed the whole atmosphere of this room, but did you know that there’s also a before and after transformation in terms of lifestyle? With shadings, the homeowners no longer feel exposed. Closing the vanes on their Pirouettes gives them the privacy they deserve. Plus, without all of the sun’s blistering rays flooding the space, the temperature is easy to maintain, so their air conditioner won’t need to work overtime this summer. Hello energy efficiency! Finally, by selecting PowerView motorization, the homeowners added serious convenience to their lives. At the touch of a button on their Pebble remote or favorite device, their shadings can adjust. Better yet, they can program their Pirouettes to adjust on a schedule. Privacy, efficiency, and effortless operation–window coverings not only transform homes, they also transform lives!

A Before and After Transformation: Do You Need One?

Can you relate to this living room? Do you and your home suffer from rising temperatures and blinding glare, fading interiors and direct light? Would you love to upgrade your lifestyle? If so, our design consultants can help you find the right window coverings to temper the sun and change your life. You and your home home deserve to experience a before and after transformation like this one. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation today!

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