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Interior Design Tips

Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery

Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery wjfigw4q3

Have you been dreaming of making your house a home? A space highlighted with sophisticated design elements, yet comfortable at the same time? If you’ve been considering it, there’s no better time than right now. Your dreams of having that put-together look is one phone call away. With a free, in-home consultation, one of our expert designers will be your personal stylist for ideas, inspiration and guidance. Custom curtains, upholstery and more–we would love to design the room of your dreams. Looking to breathe new life into your home with contemporary appeal? During the month of October, save money while creating a designer look with Robert Allen fabrics.

Custom Curtains with Robert Allen Fabrics


Coordinated Living.

There’s something that happens when custom curtains are added to a space–striking sophistication combined with smooth elegance. Bringing together the entire space, custom curtains coordinate style while adding valuable function and amazing benefits. The fabrics offer color, pattern and texture for a well-defined look. The atmosphere is influenced easily with custom curtains–created to provide just what you need for your home’s unique space. Window dressing is truly an art form. With beautiful fabrics, like the exquisite look of Robert Allen fabrics, you can count on your personal stylist from Metropolitan Window Fashions to deliver your dream space.


Statement Pieces.

Well-loved and full of character, furniture earns its place in our homes, and in our hearts. The comfort of a favorite arm chair, the softness of a cherished sofa–these pieces make your house a home. But what about style? Your treasured furniture has been made to last–and it has. But now that it feels like it’s time for a change? Embrace it, and have fun. Your beloved furniture is still full of life. Custom upholstery lets you savor the features you love about your furniture with a refreshment of the style. The contemporary statement you can make with Robert Allen fabrics will give your home and belongings the makeover you’ve been waiting for!


Zero Risk.

Chances are, you’ve seen upholstery pieces you love and found inspiration for custom curtains on sites like Houzz and Pinterest. But what about actually making it happen? If you’re like most people, you might not have the confidence or vision to create your dream space. That’s where we come in. Our design experts are here for you, listening to your ideas, considering the function and lifestyle needs of your space and guiding you with the latest style and information. We want to help you turn your design dreams into reality.

During the month of October, we have exclusive savings on custom projects, including 20% off Robert Allen fabrics and 20% off custom labor on upholstery for your next design makeover. Whether you want the flowing look of custom curtains, the sharp appearance of custom upholstery or an entire space designed for the perfect look, our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions is here for you. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation today!



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The big picture: Choosing drapes for your home

The big picture: Choosing drapes for your home wjfigw4q3

When it comes to selecting drapes for your home, there’s a lot that can be said about different fabrics, the ways in which you can anchor them or even the colors themselves. Yet at the end of the day, there are several considerations that you must always keep in mind, regardless of the room or type of home you are furnishing.

Here at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we pride ourselves on offering a quality in-home service to our customers in the New Jersey and New York regions. As such, we believe that offering the right information to our clients is vital to helping them make excellent decor choices for their homes.

Tips for Choosing Custom Drapes

If you’re starting the process of choosing custom drapes, shades and blinds for your residence, you should consider:

The kind of window – A lot depends on the shape and size of the window you’re furnishing. Before you go pick out the covering, you should consider doing two things. You can either take your own measurements so that you know exactly which size of ready-made draperies to buy.  Or you can rely on a Metropolitan Window Fashions professional decorator to come directly to your home for a free consultation to accurately measure your windows and help you choose custom dressings for your space.

The functionality – You’ll want to consider how often the window will be used before choosing how to decorate it. For example, if it’s utilized regularly, you’ll want to select draperies that are simple to open and close in fabrics that are easy to maintain.  Or, you’ll want motorized window shades that easily go up and down with ease by remote control.

The size of the room – Custom window dressings can have an impact on the look of a room because of its overall size.  When working with a Metropolitan Window Fashions decorator, she will help you select window fashions that are appropriately sized and styled for the room.

Looking for Quality Custom Drapes in the NJ & NYC Area?

Metropolitan Window Fashions is a third generation family business that has been serving customers of the Metropolitan area for 83 years.  We live and work in this community and support other small local businesses. Although our children are in school, they have all worked part-time with us, making them the fourth generation to join the company. We’ve served customers from areas such as Manhattan, Green Brook, Scotch Plains, Watchung, Glen Rock, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, Edison, Chatham, Mahwah, Bridgewater, & many more. Call our NYC & New Jersey custom window treatments experts today and ask about our Roman shades and the other great services we offer!

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New Collections from Robert Allen Fabrics

New Collections from Robert Allen Fabrics wjfigw4q3

Springtime is in the air. With only a couple of weeks left until the start of spring, everyone is longing for invigorating colors and adventurous designs. With the latest collections of fabrics from Robert Allen, you won’t be disappointed. From the light, airy look of florals, to the deep saturation of jewel tones, you’ll find colors that will add the stunning look you’ve been craving! Our design consultants can help you find the Robert Allen fabrics that will bring the perfect look to your home, with coordinated styling across your space. Custom upholstery, accent pillows, custom drapes–you name it, these fabrics will set an awe-inspiring scene in your home.

Into the Garden

robert allen fabrics into the gardenSpringtime sophistication, with a touch of whimsy, the inspiration behind the “Into the Garden” collection from Robert Allen fabrics, pulls from countryside gardens all the way to the shore. Large florals, geometric patterns and woven textures capture the eye for a unique combination of cottage chic meets modern styling. Experience greens, blues, pinks and yellows like you’ve never seen them before. Don’t you love how the colors and patterns coordinate with complementary style, yet mix up the designs for a truly custom look? Our designers will help you select fabrics for just the right combination.


Drenched Color

robert allen fabrics drenched colorRich colors in alluring patterns bring the intensity of the “Drenched Color” collection to life. Inspired by colors found in natural elements, such as berries and roots, these Robert Allen fabrics use natural dyeing methods to achieve such extraordinary shades of powerful pinks and deep blues. From the influence of unique global prints, to intricate geometric patterns, you can easily achieve a custom look with dramatic style. Can you see how elegant these fabrics could frame your windows, bringing the whole space together for a designer look?


Solids & Textures

robert allen fabrics solids and texturesWhether you love the exquisite styling of linen velvets, or the sophisticated distinction of textures in tweed or ribbed fabrics, the “Solids & Textures” collections will inspire the design of your home. In these collections, from Robert Allen fabrics, the range is vast–encompassing projects from indoor to outdoor and from custom upholstery to window treatments. See for yourself! Come visit us for an up-close and personal visit with these gorgeous fabrics. You’ll fall in love, just as we have! 

Are you ready for spring? Is your home ready for a whole new look? Now is a great time to start. From the designer look of Robert Allen fabrics, you’ll discover collections to make your next decor project an exhilarating adventure. With in-store specials on fabrics and custom products each month, not only is now a great time to start, but you’ll save money, too. Our design consultants will come to you for a shop-at-home experience full of inspiration and advice. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

The Top 5 Bedroom Design Features

The Top 5 Bedroom Design Features wjfigw4q3

Fall is in full swing. The days feel shorter, the darkness longer. Have these seasonal changes got you thinking about your bedroom design? Does the gloominess of autumn and increasing darkness make you feel like you need to spruce up your space? You’re not alone. This is a time when we’re all getting ready to cozy in for the chilly months ahead. And we all want to do that in a bedroom that feels gorgeous and design savvy. We’ve got the top five bedroom design features you need to consider when you’re ready to make changes to your home.

#1 Your Personality.

Luxury Master Bedroom

When you consider your bedroom design, the most important feature is that it speaks to your unique personality. One of the best ways to create the perfect space is to choose the colors and specific style you love. Are you most comfortable in the farmhouse style of cozy chic quilts and linens? Or do you love luxurious patterns in rich colors? Custom bedding and accents are a perfect way to achieve the look that you’ll love. With coordinated fabrics, paint colors and accents, your bedroom will be the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Let your personality shine.

#2 Layout.

Brambleton Master Suite

The general rule, when arranging furniture in your bedroom design, is to stand in the doorway. Most of the time, you’ll want to enter the room looking at the bed on the opposite wall. While that might not be the case in every room, the most important aspect is to create a “flow” throughout the space. It shouldn’t feel disjointed and cramped–with the wrong layout, this can happen no matter the size of the space. You shouldn’t have to walk around furniture to get to other parts of your bedroom. You might have to think outside the box and try out some different arrangements to see what works best. Changing up your bedroom design can add a whole new feel to the space, and you might be surprised at what looks best.

#3 The Perfect Accent.

Contemporary Bedroom

A focal point, a dramatic statement piece…this is what can make your bedroom design look put together and polished. In bedroom design, there are a number of ways to do just that. The focal wall of your bedroom could be an accent wall of vibrant color, elegant wallpaper or textured material. You could choose a custom headboard that fits your style. Artwork can be selected to add inspiring design and color. When choosing elements of your bedroom design, adding stunning pieces that fit your style is key to creating the perfect space.

#4 Organization.

Parkwood Road Residence Master Bedroom 2

Your bedroom should be a peaceful place where you can relax. But, that means something different for everyone. Do you love to sit and read? Is your bedroom the area of your home where you spend time with a cup of coffee in the morning? Is it your getaway from the household chaos so you can pay bills and online shop? Organization is key–no matter what. Make sure you have furniture, built-ins and closet space that adds function to the bedroom design. It will help you feel refreshed to have everything in its place, and you won’t spend all of your time cleaning it up.

#5 Darkness.

features for bedroom design

How would you rate the ability for you to get quality sleep in your bedroom? Sleep allows you to be productive and happy–a good night’s sleep can help you boost immunity and reduce your stress levels. Your bedroom should be outfitted with the latest features in window treatments. Have you seen recent innovations? Room darkening fabrics can block the incoming light. A second, blackout roller shade can be added to sheer and light filtering window coverings. Lowered in place, your bedroom will be completely dark–even during the day. When raised, you can enjoy the soft glow that comes in through sheer fabrics.

Need Help with Your Bedroom Design?

That’s where we come in. Our design experts, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, can help you create the bedroom design that only dreams are made of! Whether you need advice on starting a small project, like updating upholstery, or you want someone to help you oversee the makeover of your bedroom, we’re here for you. Come visit us at one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to get inspired and see all that’s possible in fabrics and window treatments. Or, invite us to your home for a free, in-home consultation. Contact our team to get started today!

5 Tips for How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

5 Tips for How to Decorate a Small Bathroom wjfigw4q3

Do you have a small bathroom that you want to redesign to make it feel bigger? Small bathrooms and powder rooms are a great asset for guests, but you need to know how to decorate a small bathroom to get the most out of it. And when guests aren’t visiting? You want to make sure you have everything in place for it to be useful for your family, as well. In today’s piece, we are offering tips on how to decorate a small bathroom. Many of these ideas will work with bathrooms of any size, but small spaces can sometimes present a design challenge. Hopefully these ideas will make you feel comfortable with the essentials, but also proud of the space you’ve created when friends are over.

#1 Mirrors make a space look bigger.

Contemporary Powder Room

This is a great tip for making a small bathroom appear larger, but it may seem like an obvious one. You can do this throughout small spaces in your home. Add a mirror, and it instantly adds dimension and the illusion of size. However, if you want to know how to decorate a small bathroom, and you’re using mirrors, be wary. It may take some time to get it right, and you should enlist help. Two sets of eyes are better than one! Choose a medium size for the width of the mirror, placed above the sink. Use the rule of thumb that the mirror should be about the width, or just wider than your sink bowl. Too large of a mirror can overwhelm the space, but extra tall mirrors can help make the ceilings feel higher. Too small of a mirror can remind you that you’re in a small space.

#2 Patterns make a design statement.

Notting Hill, mid-century refurbishment

In deciding how to decorate a small bathroom, you don’t have to settle for solids. Beautiful designs and intricate patterns can be a great way to add personality and style to the space, but stick with one design statement. Larger sweeping patterns look best in subtle shades or monochromatic styling. Pops of bold color probably will do best in smaller amounts, such as an accent wall or designated area. Anything that feels larger-than-life, such as enormous florals and damasks–in bright, bold shades–are eye-catching and dramatic, but save them for your larger rooms. That goes for solid colors as well. Too dark, and you risk shrinking the room. Artwork, wallpaper and other decor can incorporate the same color schemes and design, just in small form and close proximity.

#3 Choose what makes you happy.

The Lancaster

As a homeowner, I know that sometimes you can’t have everything you want in the redesign of the space because of cost efficiency. That’s the problem with larger spaces. However, when you’re deciding how to decorate a small bathroom, you might have the freedom to buy what you want because of size constraints. There’s less space to decorate, so you can spend a bit more on the exact piece you love because chances are, you’re only buying one. The lighting–usually you’re only replacing the lighting above the vanity. Splurge and buy the beautiful ones you want. Did you fall in love with the most expensive tile? A small bathroom is the perfect place to put that expense. Use it on an accent wall, and you won’t feel the price tag because you don’t need very much. It’s the little details like this that will create a striking look, but won’t break the bank.

#4 Be thoughtful about storage.

My Houzz: Schranz tour

Everything is on display in small spaces. When you are trying to figure out how to decorate a small bathroom, you have to be thoughtful–and sometimes creative–about storage. The essentials you need in your bathroom can be part of the decor. When I redecorated our powder room, I wanted to be sure to have a good rotation of towels on hand, never leaving guests without one. I chose a beautiful woven basket to place on a chest and filled it with gorgeous hand towels, rolled up as intentional decor. I chose towels in a soothing shade of seafoam green to coordinate the space while adding a gentle pop of color. You’ll need soap–choose a dispenser that brings out the style of the space. Other items, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies will fit nicely in a vanity. While pedestal sinks are sized well with a clean look, in a small bathroom, storage is always a consideration, so don’t forget to account for it.

#5 Manage privacy.

how to decorate a small bathroom

Do you have a window in your bathroom? What about more than one? Depending upon the location and placement of your home’s bathrooms, the natural light can be a great addition to these medium to smaller spaces. But, you’ll have to be smart. Both your guests and your family should feel comfortable, and the best way to do that is to choose low profile window coverings that anyone can use. When you choose how to decorate a small bathroom for the right balance of light and privacy, we’ve got a lot of options for you. We love the cordless lift system, LiteRise from Hunter Douglas. You use the handle on the bottom rail to adjust up or down, and the shade stays exactly where you put it. No muss, no fuss. It’s easy to let in light, and it’s simple for anyone to close. Top down bottom up is another great feature for bathrooms. Let in the light; secure your privacy.

How to Decorate a Small Bathroom…Are You Inspired?

Do these ideas give you a starting point? Are you excited about your redesign? When it’s time for you to make decisions about how to decorate a small bathroom, let us help! Our design team would love to help you choose colors, wallpaper patterns and window coverings for your powder room! Contact our design specialists, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

Get Set for a New Year: 5 Back to School Tips

Get Set for a New Year: 5 Back to School Tips wjfigw4q3

Have you been inundated with back to school ads and commercials? It’s practically impossible to escape the endless pitches for sales and savings. Even though there’s a whole month of summer vacation left, back to school season is definitely in full swing. You know, though, advertisers are on to something. It does take time to prepare for the first day, and starting early has its benefits. Besides not having to comb empty shelves and racks days before your kids head back, getting ready for the new school year now makes the transition much easier for everyone. So, we have five back to school tips that’ll have you and your family all set for when the first day finally does roll around.

#1 Get Back On Schedule

back to school tipsIt’s so nice to go with the flow in the summer. What kid doesn’t love being able to snack in front of the TV, stay up late, and sleep in if they’re tired? But those days are quickly coming to an end. As we all know, school means schedules. Your children will need time to get back to a regular routine. We know it can be a challenge for the whole family to switch over to three meals a day, a strict bedtime, and waking up earlier in the morning. That’s why it’s #1 on our list of back to school tips. In order to start the school year off with success, you need to ease your little ones into a schedule that will work with their school lives. If you start now, you can put them to bed and get them up a little earlier each week until you reach your ideal bedtime and morning wakeup time. You can also start phasing out snacking. Trust us, if you do these things gradually, it’ll be much easier on everyone.

#2 Sleep Well

back to school tipsYour kids need to be well rested in order to do their best in school. Having a regular bedtime is a great start to helping them get a good night’s sleep, but it doesn’t end there. Your children’s bedrooms need to be places that promote quality sleep. So, next on our list of back to school tips is to evaluate the sleeping conditions in your home and make any changes now. Bedrooms should be dark and free of even the smallest amount of light. Glowing and flashing devices are some of the biggest culprits for engaging the brain and interrupting sleep, so cover them or keep them out of bedrooms altogether. Noise can disrupt sleep too. If you live in a busy neighborhood or have a light sleeper, a sound machine can help your kids stay asleep and prevent multiple night wakings. Lastly, consider comfort. Could everyone use a new set of sheets and pajamas? What about a high quality pillow? Is the temperature just right?

#3 Get Organized

back to school tipsWhen school starts, you instantly have a lot more to do and a lot more stress. The last thing you need is to be frantically searching for missing backpacks, misplaced shoes, and lost lunchboxes as you try to get your family out the door in the morning. That’s why number three on our tips for back to school list is to get organized. Setting up an organizational system now will save you a ton of time and cut back on your stress when the school bell rings. The best system will be one that your children can manage on their own. Shelves, cubbies, bins, and hangers are all possibilities for helping your kids to see that everything has a place and for teaching them to put everything in its place.

#4 Post a Family Calendar

back to school tipsAfter the lazy days of summer, the flurry of activity that surrounds school can be overwhelming. You suddenly find yourself running kids to and from practices, trying to fit in homework, and scrambling to get some food in everyone before they head to bed. If you’re lucky, you can all sit together at the table, but there’s probably more than one occasion where dinner happens in the car or in the bleachers. Then, as if that’s not enough, there’s appointments, school activities, and birthday parties. You need a way to keep it all straight. A family calendar is perfect for that. Posting a calendar in a central location and updating it regularly with everyone’s commitments is essential for your sanity when the school year begins. Once everything is noted, you can decide if it’s manageable or if you need to cut back.

#5 Build a Smart Home

back to school tipsWith all the running around that happens once school starts, wouldn’t it be nice to know your home is comfortable and secure no matter where you are? The smartest tip on our back to school tips list is to build a smart home. This way, you can have touch-of-a-button control of your home from anywhere in the world. Installing motorized shades and blinds will change your life as you experience convenience like you never have before. Forgot to close your living room shades in the hectic morning rush? Tap a button on your favorite device and down they go. No more worrying about the sun heating up the room or your dog going nuts with all the foot traffic outside. Better yet, you can set and save scenes–like “bedtime” and “evening privacy”– and schedule your window coverings to adjust themselves based around your family’s schedule. Then, you won’t have to give your shades another thought. They’ll always be in position to create the ideal atmosphere. Integrate them with appliances, lighting, heating, security systems, and more with Logitech’s Harmony, The Nest, or many other home automation systems, and it’ll be the best start to a school year yet!

As you shop, schedule, and plan for the new school year, remember to throw in some fun. Summer vacation isn’t over just yet. There’s still time to visit an Ample Hills Creamery location for an outrageous ice cream cone and to spend this month’s Saturdays at the Summer Streets celebration. When you do get started on our back to school tips, if you need help, we’re here for you. With blinds and shades that offer incredible function and amazing solutions, we can help you find just what you need to get your home and life in order. Start the school year off right by contacting our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, shop-at-home consultation.

Bold Designs, Cool Colors: Decorating with Blue

Bold Designs, Cool Colors: Decorating with Blue wjfigw4q3

Are you searching for inspiration for your next room makeover? The sophisticated elegance of blue should be part of your design scheme. It’s gorgeous, versatile and simply stunning. Whether you choose the depth of dark blues, or the softness of a subtle hue, bringing blue into your home will help create the inviting atmosphere you want. The popularity of shades of blue has been on the rise in the last couple of years, and now it’s one of the most sought-after colors in design. But it won’t be overdone–why? Everyone chooses the shades of blue that speak to them, which allows for a unique design experience completely dependent on preference. The pop of color decorating with blue provides will add dimension and charm without overwhelming your space. Our featured image comes from Robert Allen Fabrics–layers at the window bring blue in as the backdrop of this classic damask print for an altogether beautiful look. Take a moment for inspirational ideas for your next design project.

Add Just a Touch of Blue…

A Coastal Kitchen in Montclair

No matter the shades of blue you prefer, the color is there. Decorating with blue, even in small amounts, will offer your home the pop of color you need to finish your space. And it draws your eye. The island adds charming appeal painted in blue. The fabric roman shades are finished with blue trim along the edges, adding definition to tie in with the color scheme. And the fabric cushions? They add their own custom pattern to the space. The coordination of all of these elements create a successful finish.

Personalize It with Patterns…

Blue Bedroom

Once you bring blue into your design equation, it opens up a world of possibilities. You can mix the shades of blue, and it just works. You can also introduce patterns that you never thought would go together, and it adds character and allure. The overall ‘nautical’ theme of this bedroom makes the ocean-inspired pieces come together, while also allowing the blue stripes of the area rug to fit nicely. The botanical bedding and artwork show just how versatile patterns and prints can be once you’ve decorated with shades of blue. Another reason to decorate your bedroom in blue? This soothing shade is supposed to bring more hours of sleep at night–what’s better than that?

Design Your Own Backdrop…

Pine Library

The beauty of blue is that it pairs well with every other color. Not only that, but using blue in contrast with other colors can achieve a fabulous result. This wall of bookshelves in blue offers not only a gorgeous backdrop for the space, but it allows the vibrant orange to create a striking look. When decorating with blue, choose a blue backdrop if you want to add depth to the wall while showcasing another bold color in the space. The area rug incorporates blue, while the pattern of the rug adds dimension to the space.

Decorating with Blue…

Is it time for you to get started on your next room makeover? Do you love the idea of decorating with blue? At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we can help you achieve the perfect look in your home, from A to Z! We offer custom upholstery and fabrics, custom drapery panels and window coverings, paint and wallpaper selection–and the best part? We come to you. Our design team will come visit you for a free, in-home consultation to offer advice and inspiration on your next project. Contact us to get started today!

High Performance Fabrics for All of Life’s Ups and Downs

High Performance Fabrics for All of Life’s Ups and Downs wjfigw4q3

Life is wonderful, surprising…unpredictable. And sometimes, it’s messy. You have enough to worry about. You shouldn’t have to spend your days worrying about your furniture. Kravet Fabrics brings us upholstery fabrics, with a Teflon finish, to keep life’s messes from causing permanent damage. And these high performance fabrics are everything you dreamed they’d be. Do you have a well-loved piece of furniture that needs a makeover? But you’re just waiting? Waiting for the kids to get a little bit older? Waiting for your new puppy to grow into the next phase–a calmer one, perhaps? Waiting to find your new favorite on-trend color? Your next upholstery project doesn’t have to wait. The messes don’t have to keep you from creating the look you’ve always wanted. Take a look at a few of our favorite high performance fabrics from Kravet, and then let’s get started.


Impeccable Cote D’Azure

tweed high performance fabrics

One of our favorite high performance fabrics in color and texture, this sea life inspired design has the ultimate *smart* fabrics features. With a Teflon finish, the stain release offered with this tweed fabric allows you to rest easy–no matter what life throws at you, or your furniture. We love the mingling of blues and greens within this fabric for the one-of-a-kind design you’ve been looking for. Available in a range of 30+ colorways, from Snow to Mahogany, you’ll find the perfect complement to your home’s decor.


Queen Celadon

chenille high performance fabrics

Did you know you could get high performance fabrics in something as chic and soft as chenille? Offered in 30+ color options, this gorgeous chenille upholstery is backed with acrylic and finished with Teflon. The stain release keeps your worries at bay, while the beauty and softness of this fabric gives your favorite upholstered piece the lush feel you’ve been waiting for.


Sophisticated Herringbone

herringbone high performance fabrics

If you have a well-loved piece of furniture in need of a makeover, look no further than the subtle look of herringbone. This classic design offers an upscale look with subtle features that won’t overwhelm your space. Available in over 40 colors, you’ll find the right touch of color for your favorite furniture. And with all of the protection you’ll get with high performance fabrics, you don’t have to wait for life to be perfect.


Need High Performance Fabrics?

Don’t surround yourself with upholstery you’re tired of. Don’t wait around till life gets ‘easier’ because accidents can happen any time. Choose what you love. If it’s time to reupholster a favorite chair, just choose any of the smart fabrics from Kravet Fabrics, featuring the Teflon finish that will keep your home looking fresh. We’d love to help you redesign your space. Our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions can come to you, for a free, in-home consultation. Contact our team today!

Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations

Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations wjfigw4q3

Are you enjoying your summer? The sunshine and blue skies we’ve been having are what we look forward to all winter long, but the heat sure is on this year. Whew! With temperatures climbing into the 90s and intense sunshine on top of that, it’s probably taking a toll on your home and your energy bills. Are you, your air conditioner, and your wallet ready for some sweet relief? Window coverings can turn your home from sweltering  to comfortable–like a summertime oasis. Here are three things to consider as you choose window coverings to help you save on your energy bills this summer–and all year long.

Save with Features for Location

save on your energy bills NYCThe direction your windows face makes all the difference when it comes to how sunshine interacts with your home. North and south facing windows won’t get the intense direct rays that east and west facing windows do. Choosing window coverings that offer the right features for the location of your windows can really help you to save on your energy bills. For east and west facing windows, insulation at the window is key, and you’ll often want ways to reduce glare and draw in light with north and south facing windows. Top down bottom up operation is great for that. Oftentimes you need completely different features for the window shades in your living room as compared to those in your bedroom. That’s why Hunter Douglas offers fabrics, materials, and textures that work well with many window covering styles. You get all the beauty and all the benefits! By carefully selecting the features of your window shades, you can keep the summer sun’s heat from plaguing your home–and your energy bills–while still enjoying the benefits of natural light, privacy, and view-through.

Save with Automation

save on your energy bills NYC

If you want to experience serious energy savings, then we have two words for you: PowerView motorization. With motorized shades, you set the scenes along with the schedule, and it takes care of the rest. PowerView adjusts your window shades automatically throughout the day, so your home’s atmosphere is always ideal. As the sun moves, so do your shades. In fact, you can even program PowerView to adjust your window coverings based on your ever-changing local sunrise and sunset times. With an automatic schedule, intense sun doesn’t get a chance to heat up your home regardless of whether you’re there or not. And when you are away, you can control your shades at the touch of a button with the PowerView App from your favorite device! Convenience, comfort, and consistency…PowerView is a sure way to save on your energy bills and upgrade your lifestyle.

Save with Energy-Efficiency

save on your energy bills NYCIf your air conditioner is running non-stop on hot days, or if you’re sacrificing your comfort to cut costs, it’s time for a better solution. Obviously if you’re looking to save on your energy bills, you want to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. But, how? Window shades are one of the best ways to do that. Bare windows magnify the sun and heat–which means it can be hotter inside your home than out! Energy-efficient window coverings have the ability to insulate your home, so they help maintain a consistent temperature. That means your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard, and that translates into both comfort and savings for you! Duette shades are the industry leader when it comes to energy-efficiency. Their cell-within-cell structure provides pockets of air that protect your home from the elements just outside your windows. It’s no wonder why they’ve earned the highest ranking.

Start to Save On Your Energy Bills…

Don’t spend another gorgeous summer day dreading the effects of the sun on your home and wallet. It’s time to save on your energy bills with window coverings that are just right for your unique spaces. On top of increasing energy-efficiency, they’ll also add style, sophistication, and the benefits of light control and privacy. So, contact us today, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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New Home Problems? 6 Ways to Turn Disasters into Dream Living.

New Home Problems? 6 Ways to Turn Disasters into Dream Living. wjfigw4q3

Did you recently close on a new home? Are you in love? Falling in love with a new home can be a thrilling adventure. But sometimes as a new homeowner, those things you loved at first sight can become petty annoyances–or even your worst nightmare. Whether your home was previously-owned, or new construction, it’s going to take time to make your house a home. Solving those typical new home problems that everyone faces often means experiencing them in person. Don’t worry–you don’t have to sacrifice everything you loved and close yourself off. We have six common problems, with solutions to get you everything you want–and more.

beautiful shades for new home problems

#1 Add a Designer Look.

“I can’t wait to decorate!”
One of the most exciting things about buying a new home is making it your own with decor. You took one look at those blank walls, anticipating the adventure of styling them. But now? We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. One of the new home problems people face is that decorating your home can be tricky. Sometimes, what you already own doesn’t quite fit the space. You might have realized upon moving that it’s time to transition your style. It takes time to find furniture, artwork and decor you truly love. What’s great about adding the right window coverings? Not only do they provide necessity, the dimension and designer styling they bring to the space is priceless. With on-trend colors, textures and fabrics, your shades are going to be one of your best statement pieces.

#2 Maintain Your Privacy.

“Look at that view!”
That amazing view at first impression? Has it become a problem? Maybe you’re beginning to realize: A view out is also a view in. You’ve also probably found out how curious neighbors can be. They might be shy enough to stay away from your front door, but that won’t stop them from taking sneak peeks all throughout the day. Don’t give them the chance! With the right window coverings, you can have the glowing atmosphere you’ve dreamed, as natural light fills your home, but cuts the glare. And with some of our favorite features, like top down bottom up shades, you can place your window coverings right where you need them. As much privacy as you need, without sacrificing the light you love–it’s a great solution.

top down bottom up for new home problems

#3 Control the Light.

“What amazing light!”
One thing you might love about your new home is the plentiful sunshine. What you might be starting to realize, however, is that amazing light can come at a price. With unfiltered light blasting through your windows, you may find yourself avoiding certain rooms all day long. The glare and heat is just too much–no matter the season. Remember all the time you spent decorating your home? With new home problems, over time, frustration and damage will get the better of you. The paint on your walls, your flooring, furniture and artwork will dull and fade. We have solutions that will still allow you the amazing light you love, while providing the UV protection and glowing atmosphere you want. Take a look at these before and after photos to see what’s possible.

#4 Save Energy.

“Look at all those windows!”
Did you love the look, the placement, the size of the windows in your home? Do you know up to 50% of your home’s energy can be lost out the window? These new home problems only add to how expensive owning a home can be. The right window coverings can be a huge asset in your money-saving endeavors. Because we see such a range of temperatures in this part of the country, having energy efficiency at your windows is vital throughout the year. We have energy efficient shades that provide insulation when you need it–no matter the season. Pockets of insulation will guard against what’s going on outside your windows so you can be comfortable inside. You’re heating and cooling bills will maintain a better consistency.

energy efficiency for new home problems

#5 Make It Your Own.

“Oooh! There are already window coverings!”
Did you see the previously-owned window coverings on your walk-through and feel glad–thinking it’s one less thing to do? How about now that you’ve lived with them? You’d be surprised how many consider this one of their biggest new home problems. Why? There’s a variety of reasons old window coverings don’t go over well: They don’t work, they aren’t child safe, or they don’t match your style. Sometimes, they’re just plain ugly and outdated, but you’ve kept them for some light control and privacy while deciding what to do. It’s time for a change! The right window coverings will provide the atmosphere, style, light/temperature control and view-through you’ve been dreaming of–don’t you deserve to make your house a home you love?

#6 Save Time, Energy & Money.

“I can’t wait to just relax…”
If one of your first thoughts went to relaxing in your new home, you’re not alone! The process of buying a home, packing, moving, organizing…it’s exhausting. You just want to see the finish line! Here’s the problem: A homeowner’s work is never done. Don’t forget, you have family to take care, projects to plan and a list to complete–a never-ending to do list. Make your life easier, and create the home of your dreams with PowerView motorized shades and blinds. Not only will you enjoy the amazing benefits of style, light control, energy efficiency and protection–both UV and privacy, you’ll get incredible ease and convenience for your busy life. It’s like having a personal assistant. Set a schedule to raise, lower and adjust your shades from your favorite device. Save your favorite scenes for each and every window. You can set a perfect scene every time, based on your preferences. Take a break from your new home problems and just relax.

New Home Problems? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we know how to help you make your house into a home. With an amazing selection of window coverings, we’ll help you choose the fabrics, colors and textures that will bring a designer look to your space. And our design experts know how important the function is to your lifestyle. We’ll help you discover features and innovations to bring amazing benefits to your home. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.