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Functional & Fun Playroom Design Ideas

Functional & Fun Playroom Design Ideas wjfigw4q3

Play. It’s serious business! For children, playing is essential for healthy growth and development, and it helps them learn how to engage in–and interact with–the big, wide world they live in. Having a playroom is a great way to foster the creative, experimental play that grows imaginations, brains, bodies, and friends. Not only that, but designating a play space keeps toys and projects from migrating throughout the rest of the house or getting lost, and it can actually help your kids sleep better, too! They learn that the playroom is for exploring and exerting energy while their bedrooms are for calming down and sleeping. Deciding to have a playroom is the easy part, but designing it can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together some playroom design ideas and considerations to keep in mind, as you fashion an amazing space for your kids to enjoy.

Organized & Tidy

Brooklyn Brownstone

It almost goes without saying that, no matter how big the space, storage is a must in a playroom. Using kid-friendly storage in your playroom design will encourage your children to keep the space organized and tidy. Low, open shelves make it easy for kids to grab what they want and put it back too. Labeling bins with pictures and words reminds your children where things go while building literacy skills, and keeping small art and craft supplies in see-through containers helps your little ones find what they need without having open everything up. Although it’s good to have some things readily available, it’s also nice to have closed storage for bulkier toys. Closets and furniture with doors and drawers work well, and a curtained-off corner is a neat way to add color and patterns to the space while also providing concealed storage. Check out our custom draperies for fresh ideas!

Personalized & Future-Proof


Your children’s playroom should feel all their own. Displaying their artwork in the space will make it personal and special. Putting up a wire allows you to hang your children’s creations with clips or clothespins and change them out easily when they want to show off new pieces. You can also frame their pictures and paintings or put favorite knick knacks and beloved stuffies on shelves. Creating a chalk wall or hanging a marker board is another way to inspire creativity, promote learning, and individualize the room. Plus, all of these playroom design ideas can grow with your children; they’re future-proof. As your kids get older, they can change up what’s displayed and use the space for hanging out, playing games, and watching movies. Comfortable seating, a cozy reading spot, and a desk area are other features you can include in your young ones’ playroom that will function just as well when they’re older.

Comfortable & Safe

playroom design NYC

Your kids should feel comfortable in their playroom, and you should feel comfortable with them playing in there. Window coverings are a big part of ensuring comfort and safety in any playroom design. They help maintain a consistent temperature, reduce glare on TV and device screens, and protect everything from damaging UV rays. Not only that, but they provide privacy control, so your kids can play without the whole neighborhood watching. Whatever window coverings you choose, make sure they’re child-safe. From cordless alternatives to motorization, Hunter Douglas has a range of lifting systems that make safety a priority. And, you can bet that, as children explore and experiment in their playroom, they aren’t thinking about getting hurt. So, make sure to anchor furniture and TVs to prevent tip-over accidents. With these measures in place, you won’t have that constant worry in the back of your mind, and everyone will have more fun!

Playroom Design Help

Do you have some design challenges in your playroom space? Would you love to get some expert advice on the best ways to organize and style your specific room? Do you just need some inspiration? Well, our team is here to help! We’d love to come out for a visit and work with you to create the fabulous playroom design you and your kids deserve. Contact us today at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation, and get ready to play!

5 Ways to Find the Extra Space That’s Hiding in Your Home

5 Ways to Find the Extra Space That’s Hiding in Your Home wjfigw4q3

Do you need extra space? You aren’t alone. Most people would admit that they’re continually searching for more room. Do you know you probably have more room than you realize? Recently, people have been discovering extra space in their homes–that they’ve had all along–yet never realized the potential. Whether it’s storage that doesn’t need to be there, or versatility that comes from thinking outside the box, we’ve found five ways you can get the extra space you’ve been hoping for. It just takes a little creativity–and the ability to let go of some preconceived notions.

#1 Get Rid of “Stuff.”

Closet Organizing

Everyone has “stuff” that gets in the way. Sometimes when people try to create more space, they find themselves just repacking old belongings in a new way. It’s like playing Tetris. Follow these rules to get rid of that extra storage, and you’ll find space you never knew you had: Only keep what you need or what you love. This can be tough work, and there are many ways to go about it, but don’t let guilt or excuses get in your way. Take clothes, for instance…

  • If you’re not wearing it, it’s time to go.
  • Yes, even the clothes with tags still on. It looked good on the hanger, but not so great on you. Accept it, and realize that you’ll make someone’s day at the donation center when they find something new and beautiful to wear.
  • And finally, even your 5 favorite pairs of jeans from 10 years ago that you have promised yourself you’ll wear again when you lose that last 20 pounds. Let’s get real. Start loving the body you have, get rid of the old jeans–they’re probably out of style, anyway–and go buy yourself one new pair–you love–that look fabulous on you.
  • Repeat with all of the items in your closet, and soon you’ll be enjoying some much-needed space.

#2 Don’t Worry About Guests.

Central London Apartment

Do you have a guest room–that gets used so infrequently–that you almost forget it’s there? There was a time when having a put-together guest room was an important feature of a home. Think about it like this: You live in your home. Your guests do not. If someone stays with you for a long weekend, you have 362 other days of the year where you are giving up vital space. You’ve got a few options…

  • The least expensive is, of course, an air mattress. Inexpensive, but not comfortable for more than one night.
  • Another choice is some type of daybed or trundle that can be used when you have a visitor, but can also double as seating in your “now empty” extra room.
  • The third is a Murphy bed. These beds have seen huge innovations over the years, and the organization and storage of them will, not only add to your life, but give you a great option when you actually do have an out-of-town visitor.

#3 Use a Common Sense Approach to Children’s Spaces.


The thought that everyone must have their own room has begun to go by the wayside as parents are realizing the potential of extra space. With young children, if toys are invading your living space because you don’t have anywhere to put them–and your children each have their own rooms–it might be time to rethink things. What if they shared a room, leaving one of the rooms empty–available for an organized, out-of-the-way play space? Reduce the toy clutter around your home, and give them a space to really enjoy. With older kids and teens, privacy and boundaries are important, but at that age, the toys won’t need that extra space. And what about when they’re finally out of the house? They may come back to visit, but if they’re not there full-time, you’ll want to revisit #2.

#4 Make the Best Use of Space.

Wonderfully in White

Do you have an in-home office? Is there a room in your home dedicated to exercising? How about another single-functioning space? The best idea is to consider how you use a space, and then decide if you can combine two, making one now an extra room. When it comes to your home office, you’re probably spending most of the time sitting at your desk. Wouldn’t it be great to use the rest of the room for another purpose? How about that treadmill, or your weight set? Chances are, you probably could bring both together for a custom space that actually would enhance your lifestyle. Sitting at the computer too long, drawing a blank? Revitalize your thought process with a quick run on the treadmill. That way, you’re only steps away from the computer if that important email finally comes through.

#5 Make Sure Your Furniture Matches Your Space.

finding extra space with sleek design scheme

Is the design of your home comfortable, well thought out? Have you moved recently? You know what can add problems to your design scheme? Furniture that doesn’t fit your space. If you’re looking for extra room, it might be time to reevaluate what you have. If you moved from a larger home into a smaller one, or if the rooms just have a different layout than your old home, things might not be working for you. Try rearranging, even moving furniture to different rooms to see how you can utilize what you have. It might also be time to let go. If what you have isn’t functional, you’ll never feel like your home is your own. You’d be surprised how a new design can really open the space, improve your mood and transform the overall atmosphere.

What Will You Do With Your Extra Space?

Have you been inspired to find the unused space in your home? Once you’ve discovered it, our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions would love to help you style your new room. With upholstery, window fashions and a large selection of fabrics, we can help you create the room of your dreams! Contact our team, for a free, fun-filled shop-at-home experience.

Before and After Photos: Transform Your Home and Your Life

Before and After Photos: Transform Your Home and Your Life wjfigw4q3

Summer is here, and that means warm weather and sunshine! Doesn’t it feel great to enjoy a festival, a stroll in the park, and a drink at a rooftop bar in your sandals and shorts again? You love soaking up the warmth and rays that summertime brings, but so does your home. And, bare windows mean big problems. Take this room for example. The large, expansive windows are meant to provide breathtaking landscapes and a stunning style statement. With the sun pouring in, though, you certainly can’t enjoy the view, and you probably can’t even stand to be in the space. Blinding glare and direct light make your eyes hurt, and, while you can’t see it, the temperature is scorching. Let’s not forget that all that sun means harmful UV rays are shining in on everything too. Pretty soon the furniture, flooring, and art will be faded and damaged. In order to be livable, this space needs a serious before and after transformation, and that’s just what it got!

Sweet Relief

before and after NYCOutfitting the windows with Pirouette shadings made all the difference in this living room. They transformed it from a space you’d do anything to avoid to one that’s comfortable and inviting. The harsh glare and direct rays that used to wreak havoc in here have been replaced by a soft, ambient glow, and you can actually enjoy the view. That’s thanks to a sheer backing that filters and diffuses natural light for exceptionally beautiful daylighting while still providing a view-through. It also filters out UV rays–which means that all of the interiors are protected. Everything will look fresh and new for years to come. Then, there’s the temperature; it’s now cool and comfortable. The beauty and benefits of Pirouettes in this space don’t just stop there, though. In terms of style, you can’t deny that they’re positively gorgeous. Soft vanes appear to float on a sheer backing, and the color coordinates perfectly with the decor. This before and after transformation is truly dramatic, and there’s more.

Incredible Lifestyle Rewards

before and after NYCIt’s clear that adding window coverings to the bare windows changed the whole atmosphere of this room, but did you know that there’s also a before and after transformation in terms of lifestyle? With shadings, the homeowners no longer feel exposed. Closing the vanes on their Pirouettes gives them the privacy they deserve. Plus, without all of the sun’s blistering rays flooding the space, the temperature is easy to maintain, so their air conditioner won’t need to work overtime this summer. Hello energy efficiency! Finally, by selecting PowerView motorization, the homeowners added serious convenience to their lives. At the touch of a button on their Pebble remote or favorite device, their shadings can adjust. Better yet, they can program their Pirouettes to adjust on a schedule. Privacy, efficiency, and effortless operation–window coverings not only transform homes, they also transform lives!

A Before and After Transformation: Do You Need One?

Can you relate to this living room? Do you and your home suffer from rising temperatures and blinding glare, fading interiors and direct light? Would you love to upgrade your lifestyle? If so, our design consultants can help you find the right window coverings to temper the sun and change your life. You and your home home deserve to experience a before and after transformation like this one. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation today!

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The Top 5 Headboard Styles

The Top 5 Headboard Styles wjfigw4q3

Want to bring a unique look to your bedroom? Start with your headboard. Like a piece of art, your headboard is often the focal point of the space, setting the tone of both style and design–it’s a great way to incorporate your personality into your bedroom. This room should be your comfort zone, your sanctuary. It should allow you to get the highest quality sleep. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elements of design. Your deserve to fall asleep each night and wake each morning in the bedroom of your dreams. We searched high and low for the top 5 headboard styles that are on-trend right now. Which one fits your personality?

#1 The Chalkboard

Mary Prince Photography © 2012 Houzz

Filled with personality, this eclectic bedroom is full of chic style. The chalk headboard brings an element of classic romance to the space, full of nostalgic charm, as the script writing tells a unique story. Personalize your bedroom with affirmations for yourself or special notes for those you love.

#2 Tufted Upholstery

Country House 1

Simply gorgeous, this tufted headboard adds timeless style to this bedroom, as the upholstered fabric brings all of the design elements of space together for the perfect look. Upholstered headboards fit both style and function, adding much-needed comfort and sophisticated style.

#3 A Wall of Draperies

North Shore Family Home

Create beautiful dimension in your bedroom with a wall of draperies behind your bed. This custom headboard allows lush fabrics to bring out graceful design elements while also coordinating fabrics in the same shared space. Draperies as a headboard offer high levels of comfort with room-darkening qualities. They also broaden your choices of room layout, allowing your bed to be up against a wall of windows.

#4 Reclaimed Wood

Dallas, TX: Bri and Trey Denton

Rustic style fills this bedroom as the reclaimed wood of this headboard adds charm and character to the space. The wooden planks, continued all the way to the ceiling, make a dramatic statement. Paired well with many shades, the subtle coloring of the wood brings a rich and inviting look to this bedroom.

#5 Framed Art


Your headboard should add style to your bedroom, and when it’s tied in as a work of art, it doubles in both design and style. This framed leather adds dimension to the space, creating a unique look in color and texture. We love the sleek design, combined with the low profile look of this platform bed. It all comes together for a relaxing, perfectly styled atmosphere.

What’s Your Favorite Headboard Style?

Did you see a headboard that you love? Depending on your style, there may be one look that you prefer over the others. Our design consultants would love to help you create the perfect look and atmosphere in your bedroom. Whether you need a custom headboard, room darkening window treatments, custom bedding or elegant upholstery, we can work with you to create the bedroom of your dreams. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.


Custom Home Decor: Decorate Like a Gemini

Custom Home Decor: Decorate Like a Gemini wjfigw4q3

As the month of May comes to a close, we are having a little fun celebrating all things Gemini. Within the zodiac calendar, there is no personality that meets current design trends quite like a Gemini. From contrasting character traits and unexpected charm, to their need for balance and love for entertaining, the Gemini style profile is leading the way into a fun-filled summer. Their anything-goes decor is not as haphazard as it sounds. It’s intentional and intriguing, and we can’t wait to have fun with decorating. Full of contrasting colors and prints, this season finds balance with the most unlikely pairings–and it just works. Know a gemini? Pass this on–see if they agree with the current trends!

Decorate With Blues.


Photo by Andrea Brooks InteriorsMore eclectic dining room photos

Gemini is governed by the element of air, and this is important to note when choosing custom home decor. Soft blues and an environment filled with sunshine allows for a relaxed, light-hearted scene. Intentional relaxation should be a priority this summer, and you can choose design pieces that influence both quiet reflection and social interaction. As shades of blue add the perfect pop of color, you can bring in eclectic accent pieces. Known as the sign of the twins, the duality of the Gemini adds balance with decor in pairs, like the chandeliers and matching chairs. Mix up the fabric choices in your custom home decor for a gemini-perfect balance of solids and prints.  It’s an ideal space to spend a summer afternoon.

Enjoy Time With Friends.


Photo by Design ManifestMore eclectic living room ideas

The sign of the Gemini is all about social interaction. With summer on its way, there’s no better way to spend your time than with those people who make life fun and interesting. Making your home ‘entertainment ready’ sounds easy, but it actually takes a bit of planning. The arrangement of furniture is for seating guests is vital. With Gemini’s need for pairing, sets of chairs in twos will go a long way to help make conversation. Custom home decor like accent tables and fabric pillows lend both fashion and function–tables allow for mingling, a resting spot for a glass of wine or a favorite cocktail, and custom fabrics will allow you to bring in pops of color and comfort. The scene above shows how you can arrange  your living space for a mix of group socialization and intimate conversation.

Make It Personal.

Birdhouse Design

Photo by Jessica McKaySearch eclectic living room pictures

The complex personality–it’s what makes the sign of the Gemini so unique. Continually changing from charming wit to refined sophistication–you just never know what you’ll get. Unexpected and fun, boredom is not part of their life. How about custom home decor? We imagine Geminis would include intriguing accents throughout their homes–pieces that invite conversation and whimsy. There’s no better time than right now to find custom home decor that reflects your personality. From knick knacks to artwork, what you love should surround you. This goes for custom fabrics, as well. Like the scene above, accent pillows add style details, while the custom drapes bring a modern look in stripes of black and white. The upholstered ottomans boast color and comfort. The whole space comes together with artistic success, full of personal effects that make you feel right at home.

Ready for a fun-filled summer? Want to take a cue from the zodiac calendar? We can help! With an amazing selection of fabrics at our Fabricland location, we can create the perfect look for your custom home decor. Upholstery, window treatments, accent pillows–your favorite design elements will help you relax and enjoy life like a Gemini. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for an exciting shop-at-home experience today!

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Black and White Custom Upholstery Adds Dramatic Style

Black and White Custom Upholstery Adds Dramatic Style wjfigw4q3

The classic, high contrast pairing of black and white is renowned for adding sophistication and drama to any decor. From draperies to accent pillows–or even updating a piece of furniture–black and white custom upholstery will create a stunningly chic appeal in your home. The black and white collection by designer Clarke & Clarke is a perfect resource for finding your custom upholstery inspiration! Do you have a well-loved piece that needs a makeover? Are you thinking about adding a fabric headboard for stunning design? Black and white custom upholstery may be the perfect addition to your home. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites to show you the range of possibilities with this elegant design option. Want to see more? We’d love to come to you for a free, in-home consultation!

Striking Florals

custom upholstery florals

The delicate leaves of this black and white floral fabric add a soft, graceful touch to this custom upholstery. The stark black adds depth, and makes the accent colors in your decor more vibrant. This chic design would work well as a custom drapery. Imagine the swirling leaves standing out as a beautiful frame for your windows.

Sophisticated Geometrics

custom upholstery geometric design

Beautiful geometric patterns are always in style, and with this sophisticated geometric design, it’s easy to see why! The intricate detail adds amazing definition to your space. A great choice for decorative touches like accent pillows or a favorite chair, this custom upholstery is elegant and refined.

Alluring Zebra Stripes

custom upholstery zebra stripes

Fresh and fun, this black and white zebra stripe pattern is a daring choice with big-style results! The simplicity of the design helps it blend with your current decor, while adding a flare of edgy sophistication. The alluring zebra print custom upholstery would be great as an accent piece in your study or office, or as an upscale, refreshing addition to a teen’s bedroom!

Classic Houndstooth

custom upholstery houndstooth

This classic houndstooth design has an undeniable old world charm, yet the black and white color pattern lends a modern feel. Houndstooth adds a masculine touch to your decor that can be softened with the addition of a coordinated splash of color. This time-honored style would be the perfect custom upholstery for a bold fabric headboard!

No matter how you define your style personality, the classic black and white pairing can do wonders for your home. Browse the full Clarke & Clarke collection, and find your fabric inspiration today! When you’re ready to get started on your custom upholstery project, contact us at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free consultation, or come on in and view our extensive collection of fabrics at our Fabricland location.

Plantation Shutters: Custom Function and Design

Plantation Shutters: Custom Function and Design wjfigw4q3

It’s hard to ignore the beauty that plantation shutters can bring to your home. Their clean lines, view-through, and elegance complement a wide range of decor styles, so whether you love traditional charm or are in vogue with contemporary decor, they’re sure to look stunning. With customizable options and innovative features, they can be crafted to create the perfect look and function for your unique spaces. If you’re thinking of upgrading your window coverings, plantation shutters will certainly impress. We have three different collections of shutters to fit your needs and style, and they are explained in this helpful guide. As for the customizable details, here’s a look at the most important features that plantation shutters have to offer you and your home.

Distinct Design

plantation shutters NYCCustomizing the style details of your plantation shutters really sets your home apart. With so many paints, stains, and woodgrains to choose from, you can fashion a distinct look you’ll love. You can also customize them for speciality window shapes, like arches or angles, and opt for cutouts to fit around obstructions, such as door handles, window cranks, or window air conditioners. Your home will boast a high-end, sophisticated look that’ll have all your friends and neighbors talking!

Flawless Function

plantation shutters NYCAll windows are not created equal, but that’s not a problem with plantation shutters. Being able to customize the operating features for the shutters on your windows and doors ensures that you can adjust them easily while maintaining a coordinated design. You can choose from three operating systems to meet your home’s individual needs: hinged panel, Bi-Fold Track, and Bypass Track. The ability to have the same shutters on different operating systems gives you optimum function without compromising style. Plus, all of the systems were designed with child-safety in mind.

Top-Notch Tilt

plantation shutters NYCWith plantation shutters, you have two tilt options: front tilt and rear tilt. Front tilt lends itself to the traditional look of shutters. The tilt bar runs down the center, and with rear tilt, the tilt bar is hidden behind the side of your shutters. To adjust either style, you simply move the louvers with your hand to the perfect position, and the tilt bars do the rest.  Many of our customers like the rear tilt option for contemporary styling because, without the tilt bar in front, it gives the shutters a sleek, clean appearance with maximum view-through.

If the sharp design of plantation shutters is appealing, but you’re not sure where to start, our team is here to help! You have so many customizable options, and, while that makes the finished product perfect for you and your home, the process of selecting everything can seem overwhelming. That’s what our team of experts is for. They’ll listen to your needs and come right to your home to guide you through the choices. Contact us at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in home consultation today.

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Duralee Fabrics: The Bright, Bold and Beautiful Shades of Summer

Duralee Fabrics: The Bright, Bold and Beautiful Shades of Summer wjfigw4q3

A renewed feeling of enjoyment comes about this time of year, as the blossoms of springtime brighten our lives, while the sunshine offers invigoration, just on the cusp of a new season. Duralee fabrics is starting this new season out right, with top designers introducing collections that speak volumes of bold, bright excitement, like this collection from Thomas Paul. It couldn’t come at a better time. With a mixture of chilly springtime days and a glimmer of the heat of summer, we are inspired to start new projects, renew spaces, and bring a refreshed feeling to the outdoor areas around our homes. Ready to get started on your next project? We’d love to help! May is the perfect month to plan! You’ll get to enjoy the results all summer and into the coming year! Check out the latest promotions we have to help you get started.

Go Outdoors!

Duralee fabrics Laura Kirar fabricsWith the latest collection, Laura Kirar II for Highland Court, Duralee Fabrics will have your outdoor space feeling like something out of dream vacation. We love this Sombra fabric with nailhead trim–it looks like the perfect spot to sip lemonade on a hot summer day. Loving this color scheme for outdoors–or in? Take a look at some of the other pieces in the aptly named Emerald/Lapis line of colors.

Create the Ultimate Staycation.

Duralee fabrics Tilton Fenwick fabricsSummertime means travel and leisure time in your favorite spots, but who says you can’t have all the charm and chic sophistication of your summer home in your bedroom year-round? Create this soothing summertime feel in your own space with Duralee fabrics from the Tilton Fenwick collection in shades of Poppy & Lipstick. In shades ranging from bright and exciting, to those that evoke calm, you will find your favorite prints to coordinate your space.

Customize the Accents of Your Home.

Duralee fabrics John Robshaw fabricsExcitement. Invigoration. Leisure. The words that represent the feelings summertime brings can be harnessed for year-round refreshment in your next project. Surround yourself with the designer looks of Duralee Fabrics, like these intriguing prints from John Robshaw. Accent pillows, bedding, upholstery, custom draperies…the sky’s the limit, and we can help you embrace the style you want in your home. With fabrics, inspired by nature, like peacock and chilipepper, you’ll feel the summertime vibe and enjoy it throughout the year.

We are excited to help you get started on a project with Duralee fabrics. From the subtle, cool sophistication of relaxing prints and colors, to the bold and bright shades of refreshing summertime, you can customize the look and feel of your home–outside and in! Contact our design consultants, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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Fabrics Trending in Window Fashions & Home Decor

Fabrics Trending in Window Fashions & Home Decor wjfigw4q3

Some of the biggest trends in window fashions and home decor this spring are bringing together contemporary colors and elements of the natural world for unique design. The fabrics of Robert Allen have introduced a new line of fabrics from Beacon Hill. The Animale Collections features bold colors that bring in the essence of the nature to make an incredible statement of design and harmony. Paired easily with the contrast of woods and natural fibers, these new fabrics become a focal point of color. The craftsmanship takes upscale design one step further as the intricate details of exquisite threads and fabrics combine for a one-of-a-kind experience. Your window fashions and home decor will highlight the beauty of your home with rich colors and elegant textures.


window fashions and home decor fabrics bold colorsNatural Patterns: Plumassier

The inspiration behind many of the fabrics in this collection echo patterns in the natural world. Featured in bold colors and unique designs, the result is modern complexity–and simply stunning. Taking cues from nature, the creative craftsmanship seen in this collection can add textured style to your home decor with custom upholstery and sophisticated window fashions.


window fashions and home decor fabrics illuminatingIlluminating Hues: Phosphorescent

Speaking of bold colors, the tones found in this collection will add a focal point in your home with window fashions and home decor. Influenced by the colors of the sky–robust shades that range from the bright rays of sunrise to the depth of a starry night–illumination and style will create a unique look in your home.


window fashions and home decor fabrics metallicMetallic Elements: Winged Victory

Metals have been an important feature in design, always offered in a range to meet your personal style choices, from the manufactured allure of heavy metals to sparkling silvers and golds. Fabrics that incorporate metallic design will bring that ‘extra special something’ to your window fashions and home decor. Within this collection of fabrics from Beacon Hill and Robert Allen Design, metallic accents add a contemporary sheen to the soft look of natural elements.

Do you love this latest trend in window fashions and home decor? Bring the natural world into your home for soothing harmony and upscale design! Create a unique look with amazing textures, patterns and colors with the Animale Collection from Beacon Hill and Robert Allen Designs. Our design consultants will come to you for a fun-filled shop-at-home experience to add beauty and elegance to your home. Contact us, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, to get started today!

4 Reasons You Need High-Performance Custom Upholstery

4 Reasons You Need High-Performance Custom Upholstery wjfigw4q3

Are you hesitating on your latest upholstery project? Are you concerned about spills, stains and the possibility of everyday wear-and-tear? We know the feeling. A treasured piece of furniture, or the comfort of your favorite chair needs a makeover, but it can take time and effort to find a fabric you love…and then what if something happens??? The latest line of custom upholstery fabrics from Robert Allen means you can put those fears to rest. Fabric treated with Nano-tex: It’s the high-performance upholstery you need to withstand anything life can throw at it. Everyone’s story is different: Why do you need high-performance fabric?


#1 You have kids.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric blue greenOr grandkids. Or friends with kids. Or…teenagers. Basically, if a child is going to be in your home, you probably understand why your grandmother never took the plastic off her sofa. Children are wonderfully loving little people, but they make messes easily–and all of the time. High-performance custom upholstery, treated with Nano-tex, will help you feel at ease when your kids head toward the living room with an afternoon snack. With spill repelling fabric, they can pair that snack with their favorite juice. We love the fun array of colors in this herringbone pattern, treated with Nano-tex.


#2 You have pets.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric geometric patternLife just wouldn’t be the same without your furry friends. They’re the perfect loved one to come home to every night, and you always have a walking buddy. But…do you ever have the feeling that cleaning up after them is a full-time job? Treated with Nano-tex, your custom upholstery releases stains, allowing them to wash out easily. Isn’t this the answer you’ve been searching for? And with fabric that’s created to retain its softness, breathe easily and provide long-lasting protection, it sounds like a solution that will greatly enhance your pet-loving life! The designer look of this geometric fabric will be a beautiful focal point, with or without your dog lying on it.


#3 You love to entertain.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric mazeIt has to be an unwritten rule somewhere: The moment you add beautiful, new custom upholstery to your dining room, one of your friends is bound to spill red wine. You deserve to entertain and have fun with friends and family in a relaxed, comfortable environment. That’s what Nano-tex can do for you. Relieve the stress, and revive the fun with custom upholstery that repels spills and releases stains. With maze-like complexity, this compelling design would look great on dining room chairs.


#4 Life isn’t perfect.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric tweed textureLife happens, but that doesn’t mean your furniture, or the overall look of your home, has to suffer. Custom upholstery with the innovation of Nano-tex will save the beauty of your home. Created to stand up to a well-loved home, these fabrics will not only ease your nerves, but they will enhance the look of your home with gorgeous colors and contemporary patterns. Sophisticated comfort, this woven look will add upscale design with the perfect cozy, chic appeal.

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