4 Reasons You Need High-Performance Custom Upholstery

custom upholstery robert allen fabric high-performance

4 Reasons You Need High-Performance Custom Upholstery

Are you hesitating on your latest upholstery project? Are you concerned about spills, stains and the possibility of everyday wear-and-tear? We know the feeling. A treasured piece of furniture, or the comfort of your favorite chair needs a makeover, but it can take time and effort to find a fabric you love…and then what if something happens??? The latest line of custom upholstery fabrics from Robert Allen means you can put those fears to rest. Fabric treated with Nano-tex: It’s the high-performance upholstery you need to withstand anything life can throw at it. Everyone’s story is different: Why do you need high-performance fabric?


#1 You have kids.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric blue greenOr grandkids. Or friends with kids. Or…teenagers. Basically, if a child is going to be in your home, you probably understand why your grandmother never took the plastic off her sofa. Children are wonderfully loving little people, but they make messes easily–and all of the time. High-performance custom upholstery, treated with Nano-tex, will help you feel at ease when your kids head toward the living room with an afternoon snack. With spill repelling fabric, they can pair that snack with their favorite juice. We love the fun array of colors in this herringbone pattern, treated with Nano-tex.


#2 You have pets.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric geometric patternLife just wouldn’t be the same without your furry friends. They’re the perfect loved one to come home to every night, and you always have a walking buddy. But…do you ever have the feeling that cleaning up after them is a full-time job? Treated with Nano-tex, your custom upholstery releases stains, allowing them to wash out easily. Isn’t this the answer you’ve been searching for? And with fabric that’s created to retain its softness, breathe easily and provide long-lasting protection, it sounds like a solution that will greatly enhance your pet-loving life! The designer look of this geometric fabric will be a beautiful focal point, with or without your dog lying on it.


#3 You love to entertain.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric mazeIt has to be an unwritten rule somewhere: The moment you add beautiful, new custom upholstery to your dining room, one of your friends is bound to spill red wine. You deserve to entertain and have fun with friends and family in a relaxed, comfortable environment. That’s what Nano-tex can do for you. Relieve the stress, and revive the fun with custom upholstery that repels spills and releases stains. With maze-like complexity, this compelling design would look great on dining room chairs.


#4 Life isn’t perfect.

custom upholstery robert allen fabric tweed textureLife happens, but that doesn’t mean your furniture, or the overall look of your home, has to suffer. Custom upholstery with the innovation of Nano-tex will save the beauty of your home. Created to stand up to a well-loved home, these fabrics will not only ease your nerves, but they will enhance the look of your home with gorgeous colors and contemporary patterns. Sophisticated comfort, this woven look will add upscale design with the perfect cozy, chic appeal.

Love it? Now are you ready to get started on that custom upholstery project? You won’t be disappointed! Our design experts would love to help you find fabrics that fit your family’s lifestyle and design preferences. Contact us, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.