Functional & Fun Playroom Design Ideas

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Functional & Fun Playroom Design Ideas

Play. It’s serious business! For children, playing is essential for healthy growth and development, and it helps them learn how to engage in–and interact with–the big, wide world they live in. Having a playroom is a great way to foster the creative, experimental play that grows imaginations, brains, bodies, and friends. Not only that, but designating a play space keeps toys and projects from migrating throughout the rest of the house or getting lost, and it can actually help your kids sleep better, too! They learn that the playroom is for exploring and exerting energy while their bedrooms are for calming down and sleeping. Deciding to have a playroom is the easy part, but designing it can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together some playroom design ideas and considerations to keep in mind, as you fashion an amazing space for your kids to enjoy.

Organized & Tidy

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It almost goes without saying that, no matter how big the space, storage is a must in a playroom. Using kid-friendly storage in your playroom design will encourage your children to keep the space organized and tidy. Low, open shelves make it easy for kids to grab what they want and put it back too. Labeling bins with pictures and words reminds your children where things go while building literacy skills, and keeping small art and craft supplies in see-through containers helps your little ones find what they need without having open everything up. Although it’s good to have some things readily available, it’s also nice to have closed storage for bulkier toys. Closets and furniture with doors and drawers work well, and a curtained-off corner is a neat way to add color and patterns to the space while also providing concealed storage. Check out our custom draperies for fresh ideas!

Personalized & Future-Proof


Your children’s playroom should feel all their own. Displaying their artwork in the space will make it personal and special. Putting up a wire allows you to hang your children’s creations with clips or clothespins and change them out easily when they want to show off new pieces. You can also frame their pictures and paintings or put favorite knick knacks and beloved stuffies on shelves. Creating a chalk wall or hanging a marker board is another way to inspire creativity, promote learning, and individualize the room. Plus, all of these playroom design ideas can grow with your children; they’re future-proof. As your kids get older, they can change up what’s displayed and use the space for hanging out, playing games, and watching movies. Comfortable seating, a cozy reading spot, and a desk area are other features you can include in your young ones’ playroom that will function just as well when they’re older.

Comfortable & Safe

playroom design NYC

Your kids should feel comfortable in their playroom, and you should feel comfortable with them playing in there. Window coverings are a big part of ensuring comfort and safety in any playroom design. They help maintain a consistent temperature, reduce glare on TV and device screens, and protect everything from damaging UV rays. Not only that, but they provide privacy control, so your kids can play without the whole neighborhood watching. Whatever window coverings you choose, make sure they’re child-safe. From cordless alternatives to motorization, Hunter Douglas has a range of lifting systems that make safety a priority. And, you can bet that, as children explore and experiment in their playroom, they aren’t thinking about getting hurt. So, make sure to anchor furniture and TVs to prevent tip-over accidents. With these measures in place, you won’t have that constant worry in the back of your mind, and everyone will have more fun!

Playroom Design Help

Do you have some design challenges in your playroom space? Would you love to get some expert advice on the best ways to organize and style your specific room? Do you just need some inspiration? Well, our team is here to help! We’d love to come out for a visit and work with you to create the fabulous playroom design you and your kids deserve. Contact us today at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation, and get ready to play!