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New Home Problems? 6 Ways to Turn Disasters into Dream Living.

New Home Problems? 6 Ways to Turn Disasters into Dream Living.

New Home Problems? 6 Ways to Turn Disasters into Dream Living. wjfigw4q3

Did you recently close on a new home? Are you in love? Falling in love with a new home can be a thrilling adventure. But sometimes as a new homeowner, those things you loved at first sight can become petty annoyances–or even your worst nightmare. Whether your home was previously-owned, or new construction, it’s going to take time to make your house a home. Solving those typical new home problems that everyone faces often means experiencing them in person. Don’t worry–you don’t have to sacrifice everything you loved and close yourself off. We have six common problems, with solutions to get you everything you want–and more.

beautiful shades for new home problems

#1 Add a Designer Look.

“I can’t wait to decorate!”
One of the most exciting things about buying a new home is making it your own with decor. You took one look at those blank walls, anticipating the adventure of styling them. But now? We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. One of the new home problems people face is that decorating your home can be tricky. Sometimes, what you already own doesn’t quite fit the space. You might have realized upon moving that it’s time to transition your style. It takes time to find furniture, artwork and decor you truly love. What’s great about adding the right window coverings? Not only do they provide necessity, the dimension and designer styling they bring to the space is priceless. With on-trend colors, textures and fabrics, your shades are going to be one of your best statement pieces.

#2 Maintain Your Privacy.

“Look at that view!”
That amazing view at first impression? Has it become a problem? Maybe you’re beginning to realize: A view out is also a view in. You’ve also probably found out how curious neighbors can be. They might be shy enough to stay away from your front door, but that won’t stop them from taking sneak peeks all throughout the day. Don’t give them the chance! With the right window coverings, you can have the glowing atmosphere you’ve dreamed, as natural light fills your home, but cuts the glare. And with some of our favorite features, like top down bottom up shades, you can place your window coverings right where you need them. As much privacy as you need, without sacrificing the light you love–it’s a great solution.

top down bottom up for new home problems

#3 Control the Light.

“What amazing light!”
One thing you might love about your new home is the plentiful sunshine. What you might be starting to realize, however, is that amazing light can come at a price. With unfiltered light blasting through your windows, you may find yourself avoiding certain rooms all day long. The glare and heat is just too much–no matter the season. Remember all the time you spent decorating your home? With new home problems, over time, frustration and damage will get the better of you. The paint on your walls, your flooring, furniture and artwork will dull and fade. We have solutions that will still allow you the amazing light you love, while providing the UV protection and glowing atmosphere you want. Take a look at these before and after photos to see what’s possible.

#4 Save Energy.

“Look at all those windows!”
Did you love the look, the placement, the size of the windows in your home? Do you know up to 50% of your home’s energy can be lost out the window? These new home problems only add to how expensive owning a home can be. The right window coverings can be a huge asset in your money-saving endeavors. Because we see such a range of temperatures in this part of the country, having energy efficiency at your windows is vital throughout the year. We have energy efficient shades that provide insulation when you need it–no matter the season. Pockets of insulation will guard against what’s going on outside your windows so you can be comfortable inside. You’re heating and cooling bills will maintain a better consistency.

energy efficiency for new home problems

#5 Make It Your Own.

“Oooh! There are already window coverings!”
Did you see the previously-owned window coverings on your walk-through and feel glad–thinking it’s one less thing to do? How about now that you’ve lived with them? You’d be surprised how many consider this one of their biggest new home problems. Why? There’s a variety of reasons old window coverings don’t go over well: They don’t work, they aren’t child safe, or they don’t match your style. Sometimes, they’re just plain ugly and outdated, but you’ve kept them for some light control and privacy while deciding what to do. It’s time for a change! The right window coverings will provide the atmosphere, style, light/temperature control and view-through you’ve been dreaming of–don’t you deserve to make your house a home you love?

#6 Save Time, Energy & Money.

“I can’t wait to just relax…”
If one of your first thoughts went to relaxing in your new home, you’re not alone! The process of buying a home, packing, moving, organizing…it’s exhausting. You just want to see the finish line! Here’s the problem: A homeowner’s work is never done. Don’t forget, you have family to take care, projects to plan and a list to complete–a never-ending to do list. Make your life easier, and create the home of your dreams with PowerView motorized shades and blinds. Not only will you enjoy the amazing benefits of style, light control, energy efficiency and protection–both UV and privacy, you’ll get incredible ease and convenience for your busy life. It’s like having a personal assistant. Set a schedule to raise, lower and adjust your shades from your favorite device. Save your favorite scenes for each and every window. You can set a perfect scene every time, based on your preferences. Take a break from your new home problems and just relax.

New Home Problems? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we know how to help you make your house into a home. With an amazing selection of window coverings, we’ll help you choose the fabrics, colors and textures that will bring a designer look to your space. And our design experts know how important the function is to your lifestyle. We’ll help you discover features and innovations to bring amazing benefits to your home. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.