French Door Shades & Shutters: Incredible Access to the Great Outdoors

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French Door Shades & Shutters: Incredible Access to the Great Outdoors

There’s something different about the breeze lately. Warm, full of sunshine, the air envelops you with a sense of pure refreshment. Don’t you just want to be outside? Spending time in your outdoor space not only fills you with invigorating fresh air, but the rays of sunshine boosting your vitamin D increase your energy, your mood, and your productivity. As one of the most important features of your home, the doors leading to the outdoors offer immense natural light and a magnificent view. But even sunshine burns if you get too much. That’s why french door shades and shutters will offer you valuable solutions to keep all that you love about that part of your home, while protecting you from the everyday frustrations!

Sleek Design with Incredible Function

french door shades roman shadesAdding window shades to doors begs the question, “How can I get the functionality of a shade as well as utilize my door?” With carefully selected french door shades, it won’t be a problem. Recommended patio door, sliding glass door and french door shades are chosen after taking into consideration the way the doors operate, the design that will best suit, and adjustment that will fit the doors in question. French door shades require low-profile design and custom operating features for simplistic adjustment and easy access to your outdoor space.

Customized for Your Home

french door shades verticalYou deserve the beauty and function that custom window shades can provide. Among our collections of beautiful shadings, the options are all yours as you decide which features will improve your life and your home. The best part is that the features are complemented by the design elements–all created to come together for a polished look. Choose the side-to-side gliding of vertical french door shades, and then pair them with horizontal shades in the same shared space. The result? Custom function for individual windows and doors that bring dramatic style and benefits to your home.

Gorgeous Light with Amazing Views

french door shades sliding door shades luminetteWith large windows and doors, the view of your outdoor space is to be enjoyed. Vertical shades have always been a top choice for sliding glass doors, and with the latest innovations, they can offer so much more than covering up large windows. Luminette Privacy Sheers, feature drapery-like sheer fabrics that welcome in illuminating light, while still maintaining privacy, UV protection and as much light control as you see fit. Add motorization to your sliding glass or french door shades, and with the touch-of-a-button, the ultimate control is in the palm of your hands. PowerView motorization allows you to effortlessly adjust–or even schedule–your window shades, creating the easiest way to enjoy your outdoor space in an instant.

Sophisticated Styling of Plantation Shutters

french door shades and shuttersFrench door shades are not the only option when it comes to choosing window coverings for your doors. Plantation shutters offer classic design with amazing benefits. Levels of light control, privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection are just a simple adjustment away. The handle cut-out on your door shutters add such a custom look–your doors will look as if they were made that way! With three different options for operating features–ByPass, Bi-fold and Hinged–shutters will add the ideal function to your doors for easy access to the Great Outdoors.

Spring is on its way–are you ready? How about your doors? Gain access to the outdoors, while maintaining a beautiful view and amazing light with french door shades and shutters. Our design team can help you decide on just the right options for your home, based on your lifestyle and unique needs. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, shop-at-home consultation today.

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