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Window Solutions: 4 Life Changing Features

Window Solutions: 4 Life Changing Features

Window Solutions: 4 Life Changing Features wjfigw4q3

With the change in seasons, do you feel like your home is ready for a change, as well? While the autumn light this time of year seems to glow, there’s just not enough of it anymore. The daylight is fading into earlier twilight each evening. And the weather? Well, the range in temperatures can be vast from day to night, and even day to day. Seasonal changes often make us feel like we need to shift things around. Are you wondering what real life window solutions are out there to meet seasonal needs? We have four features in window solutions that will help you transform your home and help you create the perfect atmosphere this autumn–and year round!

#1 Need Energy Savings?

energy efficient window solutionsOne thing is for sure. Autumn is a brisk reminder that winter is on its way. There’s a chill in the air, and it’s bound to get colder. Nip those temperature changes in the bud with energy efficiency! We have window solutions that will help you maintain the comfort of your home, no matter what’s taking place outside. Do you know you could be facing up to 50% energy loss out your windows? It’s time to say, “Enough is enough.” The best part? Our energy saving window solutions work year round. Next summer, when it’s hot outside, you’ll still be reaping the benefits of a comfortable home.

#2 Need Better Sleep?

blackout window solutionsThis time of year, natural light is welcomed…right? That depends. Like any time of year, light is convenient when we need it, but when we don’t? It can be the biggest frustration. With the impending time change, it may feel like your evenings are limited on light, but the mornings? You’re going to want to embrace that extra hour and try to sleep in–especially on the weekend. And if you have children? Let’s just say that blackout window solutions are going to be your only hope of sleeping past 5am.

#3 Need Convenience?

motorized window solutionsWho doesn’t? Fall is probably one of the busiest times of year. You need window solutions that will give you the convenience of one less thing to worry about. Or five less. Motorized window solutions let you…

  • Adjust with a simple tap on your remote or favorite device.
  • Save favorite settings. You know your home best. One touch of a button and you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Schedule adjustments to light your home when you’re there, automatically using less electricity.
  • Program shades to close when you’re not home, making sure the inside of your home is private and protected.
  • Control them from anywhere. The comfort of your bed? Yes. Your hotel room halfway around the world? Absolutely.

#4 Need Privacy AND Light?

privacy window solutionsSometimes, you want it all. And, you should have it. Energy savings? Sleep solutions? Convenience? Yes, all of it and even more. You want to feel comfortable in your own private space, but you can’t live with the world blocked out. You need to enjoy natural light coming into your home–but not too much. Top down bottom up is one of our favorite features because it gives you everything you want! Let in light across the ceiling, adjusting the top down just enough for your liking. You can harness that gorgeous autumn light that we like to call Daylighting. At the same time, you can maintain comfort and privacy by keeping your shades far enough up that no one can see in. And, with the majority of the window covered, you can protect the temperature and atmosphere of your home as well.

Need Real Life Window Solutions?

Do these window solutions sound like they could be the answer to your needs? The struggle is real–but it doesn’t have to continue! At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we have a range of window solutions to bring you life-changing results! Visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to see what we can do. And then, we’ll be glad to visit you for a shop-at-home appointment where we can help you find just what you’re looking for! Contact our team today!