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Which Roman Shade Style Fits Your Look?

Which Roman Shade Style Fits Your Look?

Which Roman Shade Style Fits Your Look? wjfigw4q3

Your wardrobe. Doesn’t it say a lot about who you are? We feel the same way about interior design. The way you decorate your home speaks volumes of your personality–and, you should surround yourself with what you love. That’s why you need to define your roman shade style for dressing your windows with an incredible look. Want some inspiration? Take a look at the most popular roman shade style statements, and then let us help you create the perfect look in your home. The design will match the way you want to *dress* your home. From the fabrics to the fit, your home should be simply gorgeous. Like a personal shopper for your wardrobe, our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions want to get to know you, listen to what’s important for the style and function of your life, and then deliver pure beauty.

Classically Tailored

Shady Grove Kitchen

It’s a classic. This look in roman shade style is timeless. It’s one of the most popular ways that most people think of when talking about roman shades. Flat fabric dresses the window with tremendous coordination with the interior design of the space. When raised, the bottom fabrics neatly fold together. Perfect for both patterned fabrics and a coordinated top treatment, this roman shade is full of classic elegance.

Modern Sophistication

vignette roman shade style

Adding folds of fabric, similar to teardrop or hobbled shades, the roman shade style of these Vignette shades brings the time-honored tradition of roman shades into contemporary decor. The fabric waterfalls in layers when the shade is lowered. Adding dimension and style to the window, you can now enjoy so many other benefits, as well. As a modern day roman shade, Vignettes use the most innovative features of shades for convenient control and energy efficiency.

Professionally Chic

Gold Coast Condo

Exuding a designer statement, what you’ll notice first about both knife pleat or ribbed pleat shades is the pronounced horizontal seams. That structure is important to the overall contemporary appeal of roman shade style. These shades give off an organized impression for the final polish of your decor. What’s alluring about this type of roman shade is the way it can help you define the style of your space depending on fabric or material selection.

Sculpted Luxury.

solera roman shade style

Love the volume you can achieve with roman shade style? Dimension and texture bring character to your home, as the sculpted fabrics of Solera Soft roman shades are full of flowing contour. What we love about the styling of these romans is the selection of luxurious fabrics available. The stable contour of the layered fabrics allow your space to always feel put together. And the benefits? Amazing. These roman shades act with the simplicity of continual adjustment–like you would with any other shades or blinds–but maintain the exact look you started with. The features you can enjoy, such as energy efficiency, room darkening and top down bottom up, allow you to create the perfect environment in your home.

Roman Shade Style: What Speaks to You?

Have you decided on a favorite? Do you know which roman shade style will fit the design of your home? We have more inspiration for you, whether you’re ready to get started or need more help finding the perfect roman shades for your home. Come visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to see a wide selection of styles, fabrics and displays. And, we can come to you! Our design experts will visit you for a free, shop-at-home appointment to meet your needs. Contact our team to schedule with us today!