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Pet Safe Blinds: Make Safety a Priority

Pet Safe Blinds: Make Safety a Priority

Pet Safe Blinds: Make Safety a Priority wjfigw4q3

Naturally full of adventure, pets keep us on our toes. Do you ever wonder what they are up to while you’re away? Wandering around, relaxing in the sun, taking inventory of who’s just outside the door–they stay busy. And when they get bored? They make their own fun. Do you have pet safe blinds and shades? Dangling cords become the ideal toy for a kitten. Your puppy simply must see that squirrel just beyond the windowsill–it’s too exciting to miss. Frustrating tangles and even fatal injuries can occur. It’s time to make safety a priority. From sunning themselves in their favorite spot, to positioning their body for a perfect view of morning joggers, your home is their domain. Bring excitement to their day with personal adjustments of pet safe blinds that deliver an environment suited just for them.


Power to the Rescue!

pet safe blinds motorizedIf I had to guess, I’d say your pet moves from one sunny spot to another. Does your pet like to take advantage of the morning rays of sun in one part of your home? And when the afternoon rolls around–are they likely to be found soaking up daylight in another space? Being away from them all day is hard enough. All of those little habits can continue when safety comes into play with cordless, motorized blinds and shades.  You create an atmosphere they enjoy by scheduling adjustments with PowerView motorization. Customized to fit your pet’s day-to-day lifestyle, their special sun spots and views are available at just the right time. While sunshine streams into one window mid-morning, the rest of your home is comfortable, controlled and covered up. As the daylight transitions, so will your pet. You’ll know they’re being taken care of–and then you don’t have to worry. It’s the peace of mind you need when your furry friends are home alone.


A Custom Environment

pet safe blinds shades shuttersSpeaking of moving around your home, there are certainly times of day when your pet is more active than others. Does the increase in foot traffic outside your home heavily influence your pet’s day? Some pets love having a perfect view to the outdoor activities. And others? That excitement is simply too much. With pet safe blinds, shades and shutters, you can rest easy knowing your cordless window coverings are meeting your pet’s need throughout the day. Louvers and slats can be opened for tremendous view-through so your pet can see what’s happening. No cords, no problem. What if you want to invite daylight in while blocking the intense heat and outdoor views? Top down shades will bring in the natural light across the ceiling, offering a blissful sanctuary to keep Fido calm while you’re gone.


Safety + Convenience + Function

cordless pet safe blindsIt’s no secret that this is a great time of year to get outside and spend time in the outdoors. Enjoy the experience with your pet, while still receiving all the benefits that pet safe blinds, shades and shutters bring to your home. Do you feel like they’re constantly playing a game called “In/Out” where you’ve barely sat down from letting them in, and they just want to go out again? Tending to their needs can feel like a full-time job. You need ease and convenience, not a jumble of cords. In addition, make sure the maintenance of outside time isn’t adding to your stress. If you’re worried about dusty paws and the gathering of hair, you can select fabrics and finishes specifically created to help maintain your home’s cleanliness.

Pet Safe Blinds; Protect Your Fur Babies!

From a Teacup Yorkie, to a Giant Schnauzer, every dog is a guard dog–and full of excitement at what’s taking place just beyond the windowsill. Letting them enjoy the views of that activity outside their own front door, or protecting them from it–you know best.  That’s why we’d love to help you find the perfect operating system and features in pet safe blinds, shades and shutters. Come visit us at any one of our three, exclusive Hunter Douglas showrooms. Or, contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today. Make safety a priority. You’ll be glad you did.

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