The Ultimate UPgrade for Your Custom Window Treatments: Top Down, Bottom Up

Custom Window Treatments

The Ultimate UPgrade for Your Custom Window Treatments: Top Down, Bottom Up

Summer’s sunshine continues even with the arrival of fall–amazing! Have your days been a little brighter with those gorgeous rays streaming in through your windows, or is the blinding glare and intense heat taking a toll on your mood? How about the view? Are you able to enjoy it, or do you have to cover it up to stay comfortable? Especially with autumn’s arrival, you’ll want as much cheery sunshine flowing into your rooms as possible. Custom window treatments give you unmatched versatility and control. Top-down, bottom-up window coverings are an outstanding custom choice. With them, you’ll always have the right amount of light and privacy while maintaining the perfect temperature inside your home. See how top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments can bring the ultimate atmosphere into your home and your life–and be sure to check out the tremendous savings available with our Season of Style.

Ideas for Custom Window Treatments

The Right Light and View

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Believe it or not, it’s possible to enjoy natural light and natural views. With your current window shades, you might find yourself covering up both and turning on inside lights or constantly squinting. Glare is a frustratingly real problem–especially if you have floor-to-ceiling windows. It can be impossible to see the beauty that lives just outside your windows and even the screens of your favorite devices inside your home. Get rid of glare and frustration with custom window treatments. Fit just for your home and style, top-down, bottom-up window coverings give you the flexibility to open a section at the top or bottom and leave the rest of your window covered, or combine the two and cover only a part in the middle. Open them all the way, or close them tight. The positioning possibilities are endless–which makes them perfect for your specific lighting needs. It’s easy to soften or block direct or glaring rays while still letting in natural ambient light–and the landscape–when you want. Upgrade your life with mood-boosting daylighting, easy-to-see screens, and beautiful outdoor views made possible by top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments.

The Right Temperature

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Natural light also influences the temperature inside your home. With cool temperatures fast approaching, you’ll be glad to know that sunlight is a valuable resource for heating your home. Yet, you might have found this summer that 80° and sunny outside can easily mean 110° and scorching inside. So, how do you reap the benefits of sunlight in the winter while tempering its harmful effects in the summer? With custom window treatments, of course! When the summer sun’s out, you can position top-down, bottom-up shades to keep sizzling rays at bay. Then, in the winter, you can let those warming beams in. Plus, cell-within-cell technology creates pockets of air to provide insulation at the window. This blocks the waves of heat and cold that seem to flow through your window panes, which helps to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout your home. Top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments will provide sweet relief for you, your air conditioner, your furnace, and your wallet.

The Right Amount of Privacy

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Your windows are elegant features in your home. Large expanses of glass can be a stunning centerpiece in any room, but do they leave you feeling a little exposed? Having privacy in your home is important, and, while you might love the view out of your windows, there are times you want to limit the view in. Top-down, bottom-up custom window treatments let you create the perfect amount of privacy for every room and every occasion. So, whether you’re enjoying the skyline or beautiful landscaping around your home–at a dinner party or snuggling up on the couch in your PJs–you can count on feeling comfortable. With custom window treatments, you can relish in the rewards of privacy control!

The Right Time

Now’s the time to enjoy the versatility and control that custom window treatments can offer you. And it’s the best time of the year with our Season of Style event. Top-down, bottom-up window coverings are the ultimate custom option. Tailored to fit the various shapes and sizes of your windows and with colors and textures that complement your decor, they’ll turn your home into the stylish, beautifully lit, energy-efficient, and private haven you’ve always wanted. We’d love to help you upgrade your home and life with custom window treatments.

Custom Window Treatments by Metropolitan Window Fashions

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