Room Darkening with Custom Draperies

custom draperies with blinds

Room Darkening with Custom Draperies

The beauty of design, combined with the function of room-darkening…it’s just what you need in your bedroom. Stylish features add to the overall look, as the custom draperies frame your windows. But when you need the feature of blackout or room-darkening, where do you turn? Is it possible to have it all? We think so. Our design consultants have a variety of options for you to achieve the perfect atmosphere for high-quality sleep and privacy in your bedroom with custom draperies. Layering is the essence of style at the windows, and with custom draperies, you’ll find function as well as fashion. Matching your personal preferences is essential, so take a look at the choices you have for layering custom draperies, and then give us a call. We’d love to help you with the design and function of your home.

Layers of Fabrics with a Blackout Liner

Creating a picture perfect look at your windows, the frame of custom draperies makes your view the beautiful artwork you see, setting a dynamic backdrop for your home. Closed drapery panels offer the design features you’ll be proud to showcase, while enjoying the privacy and light control you need. Adding a blackout liner to your custom draperies allows you to tailor the light control experience in your home. Ideal for your bedroom, adding a layer of blackout liner fabric will not take away from the look–only adding to the function. Open your custom draperies to see the view when you want, and close them easily for the function you need.

Layers of Design with Window Shades

custom draperies window shades

Levels of light control are blended with beautiful fabrics and materials as layers of custom draperies and window shades come together for dramatic appeal. You have incredible options with this layering. Your drapery panels can stay as a frame for the window, showcasing the stunning combination of fabrics, while the window shades also provide the privacy and room-darkening features you need. The fabric of custom draperies complements the decor with window shades providing choices for light control.

Layers of Light Control with Power

custom draperies with layers

Power and technology come together to make your life easier. Why not use these options at the window to add function for high-quality sleep? Custom draperies add stylish sophistication to your home, but your design choices don’t need to feel stifled based on the look you want. Sheers with the capability of room-darkening? No problem. With PowerView motorized shades, you can layer exactly the custom draperies you want with motorized shades for the ideal function. Set schedules, save your favorite settings and control them from anywhere in the world. Thinking about adding window tint to your windows to increase the range of function? We can help with this instantaneous control.

It’s all about layering, and you have an amazing amount of choices to meet your style preferences. Whether you choose layers of fabric for your custom draperies with a blackout liner, window shades or power options, the beauty and function will come together to meet your needs. Our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, would love to help you with a design to complement your style, featuring function to upgrade your home. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.

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