Which Plantation Shutters Will Work in Your Home?

plantation shutters for your home

Which Plantation Shutters Will Work in Your Home?

Plantation shutters. Timeless beauty. The look, the atmosphere, the designer styling–there’s just no better way to set your home apart. When it comes to choosing plantation shutters for your home, which style, design elements and operating features will fit your home the best? Read on to find out exactly what you need to know about plantation shutters. With so many features, it can be overwhelming. After you spend some time deciding what you like, give our team a call at Metropolitan Window Fashions. We would love to help you create the perfect look in your home. After answering questions about features and designs, we can listen to your ideas and guide you to the plantation shutters that will suit you and your home the best. It’s easy and fun because we come to you with a free, shop-at-home experience. And this time of year is a great time to upgrade the look of your home with the classic styling of plantation shutters. Take a look at some of our amazing offers.

Timeless Beauty & Effortless Function

plantation shutters for your living roomThe time-honored tradition of plantation shutters will add endless amounts of style to your home. Our three different types of custom shutters–Heritance Hardwood, Palmbeach Polysatin and NewStyle Hybrid–all have many of the design elements and specialty features available for you to customize your shutters exactly as you would like. Perfect for patio doors and a range of window sizes, custom shutters will highlight the look of any room in your home. The plantation shutters featured here are our Heritance Hardwood shutters, made of genuine hardwood and created with the highest level of craftsmanship. From specialty glazes to unique distressing, Heritance shutters offer six artisanal techniques for you to choose from. These shutters are shown with the front tilt bar, running down the center, for effortless adjustment and traditional styling.

Specialty Shapes & Large Windows

plantation shutters for your large windowsOne of the most distinct qualities of plantation shutters is the angles, curves and arches they can be customized to fit. With clean, structured form, custom shutters make a statement just by adhering to the unique look of your windows. That’s one of the reasons they add such stunning style–the dramatic look of lines and curves adds a sophisticated atmosphere to your home. Custom shutters are the perfect choice when you have large windows–the light control, privacy, UV protection and view-through that you often worry about with over-sized windows is a breeze with custom shutters. The plantation shutters shown here are NewStyle hybrid shutters. Created with a combination of real wood and man-made materials, they are value-priced for your budget, while providing the custom look you have been searching for. The view-through with these shutters is clear and unobstructed, as the rear tilt feature hides the tilt bar, adding contemporary appeal to this classic look.

Privacy & Light Control

plantation shutters for light control and privacy The dynamic function of plantation shutters will transform your home with amazing benefits. Adjustable louvers–in a variety of slat sizes–offer ease of function and the perfect amount of light every time. Privacy is one simple adjustment away, making plantation shutters an ideal choice for any room in your home. With options for operating systems–such as bi-fold, bi-pass and hinged panels–you can choose the function that fits your home and your lifestyle. The custom plantation shutters shown here are Palmbeach Polysatin shutters. Created to withstand the elements, and with areas of high humidity and moisture in mind, Palmbeach shutters feature an exclusive finish to guarantee against cracking, warping and yellowing. All of our Hunter Douglas shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty–making them a choice you will value for years to come.

Plantation shutters add beauty and distinction to your home. Available in a variety of paints and stains, each type of our custom shutters features exclusive finishes, guaranteed to offer long-lasting durability and protection against the elements. Easy maintenance means you won’t be frustrated with keeping the look of your plantation shutters fresh for years to come. Have you decided which plantation shutters are the right choice for you? Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.