Daring, Bold, Beautiful: Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection

Nomadic Color Collection

Daring, Bold, Beautiful: Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection

Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection is going to restore your old belongings and add life into your home. You know that well-loved chair in your living room that’s been in your family for years? The one you feel like you can’t part with, but doesn’t match any of your decor? Or, those throw pillows that were the “perfect” shade a few years ago, but now seem like they just don’t fit? We’ve all experienced this with home decor. But instead of replacing cherished and well-loved items, it’s time to love them back to life! Metropolitan Window Fashions offers custom upholstery, and with Robert Allen’s newest collection, it will be easy to revitalize and renew that treasured piece of furniture.


Nomadic Color Collection

Described as, “rich, sumptuous, and confident,” this collection certainly makes a statement. Inspired by the colors, textures, and moods of nomadic cultures, the palette features rich pigments, daring designs, contrasting tones, and a gorgeous, natural feel. Take a look at a few of our favorite fabrics from the Nomadic Color Collection.


Nomadic Color: Woven Prism

Nomadic Color Collection Woven PrismThe intricate pattern of Woven Prism will add a touch of style and fun design to your space. Inspired by “ancient dyeing techniques and life on the prairie,” the faded denim paired with the creamy pattern offers a soft, inviting contrast, creating a timeless look for your home.


Nomadic Color: Ornate Loop

Nomadic Color Collection Ornate LoopIf you love contemporary designs, the Onyx book from Robert Allen will be your favorite. Ornate Loop is inspired by the Berber tribes of North Africa. The “inky black” and amazing detail on the loops creates a modern, yet classic look. The chic design will elevate your home’s decor.


Nomadic Color: Warrior Pride

Nomadic Color Collection Warrior PrideDo you love unique designs and pops of color? Warrior Pride will be the perfect addition to your space. This design is balanced, yet creates a style statement with its gorgeous design and fun colors. Inspired by clay beads of South Africa and the pottery of the Southwest, Warrior Pride will add an organic feel and modern touch to your home. Check it out in blue.


Nomadic Color: Marble Arch

Nomadic Color Collection Marble ArchFor a subtle, earthy design, take a look at the Carob book by Robert Allen. The warm hues, from deep espresso to luminous cognac, offer a traditional feel. Inspired by African basket weaving, this fabric could revitalize your space with its natural, fresh look.


Revamp Your Home with the Nomadic Color Collection

If you have an old piece of furniture that needs some love, or just want to add a new design to your home, consider Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection. Rich hues, amazing designs, and beautiful inspiration, this collection is going to add an authentic, modern touch to your rooms. Did you find a fabric you love? Still want to explore your options? Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions. We’ll walk you through ideas and find the perfect fabric for revitalizing your home.

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