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Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery

Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery wjfigw4q3

Have you been dreaming of making your house a home? A space highlighted with sophisticated design elements, yet comfortable at the same time? If you’ve been considering it, there’s no better time than right now. Your dreams of having that put-together look is one phone call away. With a free, in-home consultation, one of our expert designers will be your personal stylist for ideas, inspiration and guidance. Custom curtains, upholstery and more–we would love to design the room of your dreams. Looking to breathe new life into your home with contemporary appeal? During the month of October, save money while creating a designer look with Robert Allen fabrics.

Custom Curtains with Robert Allen Fabrics


Coordinated Living.

There’s something that happens when custom curtains are added to a space–striking sophistication combined with smooth elegance. Bringing together the entire space, custom curtains coordinate style while adding valuable function and amazing benefits. The fabrics offer color, pattern and texture for a well-defined look. The atmosphere is influenced easily with custom curtains–created to provide just what you need for your home’s unique space. Window dressing is truly an art form. With beautiful fabrics, like the exquisite look of Robert Allen fabrics, you can count on your personal stylist from Metropolitan Window Fashions to deliver your dream space.


Statement Pieces.

Well-loved and full of character, furniture earns its place in our homes, and in our hearts. The comfort of a favorite arm chair, the softness of a cherished sofa–these pieces make your house a home. But what about style? Your treasured furniture has been made to last–and it has. But now that it feels like it’s time for a change? Embrace it, and have fun. Your beloved furniture is still full of life. Custom upholstery lets you savor the features you love about your furniture with a refreshment of the style. The contemporary statement you can make with Robert Allen fabrics will give your home and belongings the makeover you’ve been waiting for!


Zero Risk.

Chances are, you’ve seen upholstery pieces you love and found inspiration for custom curtains on sites like Houzz and Pinterest. But what about actually making it happen? If you’re like most people, you might not have the confidence or vision to create your dream space. That’s where we come in. Our design experts are here for you, listening to your ideas, considering the function and lifestyle needs of your space and guiding you with the latest style and information. We want to help you turn your design dreams into reality.

During the month of October, we have exclusive savings on custom projects, including 20% off Robert Allen fabrics and 20% off custom labor on upholstery for your next design makeover. Whether you want the flowing look of custom curtains, the sharp appearance of custom upholstery or an entire space designed for the perfect look, our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions is here for you. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation today!



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A Room Without Fabric?

A Room Without Fabric? wjfigw4q3

Fabric may be used extensively to enhance interior decoration. Today’s home designs include hardwood floors instead of carpet, granite counter tops replacing old style Formica and appliances that are stainless steel instead of enameled finishes in white or black. Now look at the windows. You will find materials like woven natural shades or solar shades, shadings, shutters and wood blinds. What do floors, appliances and window fashions all have in common …they are all hard surfaces. While colors abound in these categories the predominant choices by today’s consumers remain neutral colors.

The missing elements:


Look through Window Fashion Vision magazine, or search drapery and roman shades on Pinterest. (you can search for drapery and shade styles on Pinterest at Metropolitan Window Fashions.) You will see hundreds of images that combine hard window fashions (Hunter Douglas shades and blinds) with fabric or windows with just fabric alone. Look for opportunities to bring out color and enhance the room’s appearance. If the room is loaded with hard surfaces look around the house for color in other elements of the home, art, area rugs, furniture even tableware and wall colors. Picking up on color themes can be your guide to adding a splash of color in pillows, valances and panels. We offer over 40,000 fabric choices from great sources like Duralee, Robert Allen and more.


The strongest senses in design are touch and sight – in many ways they are linked together. Just by looking at a surface you instantly know if it is a soft or a hard material. Notice when you look at fabric it is an instinct to touch it. Comparatively we all know what a wood blind feels like and we ignore it. When we talk about 2 different fabrics we often use the term “HAND” to describe how the fabric feels and how it will drape for the particular application. Fabric also adds texture; most modern elements in today’s home have a smooth texture. Fabric helps break that up by offering a different tactile experience.

Soft material also evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. A great side benefit of using fabric is its acoustic properties it will absorb sound making conversation, listening to music or watching a movie a better experience.


Most of the elements in our home have little pattern. Fabric gives you the opportunity to add an interesting visual element into the space. Rooms with lower ceilings can be enhanced with vertical patterns and stripes to make the room look larger. Adding a pattern, whether geometric or a natural pattern like a botanical, is like adding art to the window. The blinds may be great looking but it is the pattern that is visually interesting to our eyes and can become a topic of conversation.

When we see a room without fabric, we want to help. The most attractive shade will never outshine the visual appeal of a fabric panel, a great splash of color from pillows or that crowning finish of a cornice or valance. Contact us today to have one of our talented designers come to your home or office for a free decorating consultation.
Metropolitan Window Fashions would like to thank Jennifer Rose from America’s Window Covering Buying Network (AWCBN) for the content of this article. AWCBN is a network of the largest independent Window Fashions retailers in the United States.

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New Collections from Robert Allen Fabrics

New Collections from Robert Allen Fabrics wjfigw4q3

Springtime is in the air. With only a couple of weeks left until the start of spring, everyone is longing for invigorating colors and adventurous designs. With the latest collections of fabrics from Robert Allen, you won’t be disappointed. From the light, airy look of florals, to the deep saturation of jewel tones, you’ll find colors that will add the stunning look you’ve been craving! Our design consultants can help you find the Robert Allen fabrics that will bring the perfect look to your home, with coordinated styling across your space. Custom upholstery, accent pillows, custom drapes–you name it, these fabrics will set an awe-inspiring scene in your home.

Into the Garden

robert allen fabrics into the gardenSpringtime sophistication, with a touch of whimsy, the inspiration behind the “Into the Garden” collection from Robert Allen fabrics, pulls from countryside gardens all the way to the shore. Large florals, geometric patterns and woven textures capture the eye for a unique combination of cottage chic meets modern styling. Experience greens, blues, pinks and yellows like you’ve never seen them before. Don’t you love how the colors and patterns coordinate with complementary style, yet mix up the designs for a truly custom look? Our designers will help you select fabrics for just the right combination.


Drenched Color

robert allen fabrics drenched colorRich colors in alluring patterns bring the intensity of the “Drenched Color” collection to life. Inspired by colors found in natural elements, such as berries and roots, these Robert Allen fabrics use natural dyeing methods to achieve such extraordinary shades of powerful pinks and deep blues. From the influence of unique global prints, to intricate geometric patterns, you can easily achieve a custom look with dramatic style. Can you see how elegant these fabrics could frame your windows, bringing the whole space together for a designer look?


Solids & Textures

robert allen fabrics solids and texturesWhether you love the exquisite styling of linen velvets, or the sophisticated distinction of textures in tweed or ribbed fabrics, the “Solids & Textures” collections will inspire the design of your home. In these collections, from Robert Allen fabrics, the range is vast–encompassing projects from indoor to outdoor and from custom upholstery to window treatments. See for yourself! Come visit us for an up-close and personal visit with these gorgeous fabrics. You’ll fall in love, just as we have! 

Are you ready for spring? Is your home ready for a whole new look? Now is a great time to start. From the designer look of Robert Allen fabrics, you’ll discover collections to make your next decor project an exhilarating adventure. With in-store specials on fabrics and custom products each month, not only is now a great time to start, but you’ll save money, too. Our design consultants will come to you for a shop-at-home experience full of inspiration and advice. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

Daring, Bold, Beautiful: Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection

Daring, Bold, Beautiful: Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection wjfigw4q3

Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection is going to restore your old belongings and add life into your home. You know that well-loved chair in your living room that’s been in your family for years? The one you feel like you can’t part with, but doesn’t match any of your decor? Or, those throw pillows that were the “perfect” shade a few years ago, but now seem like they just don’t fit? We’ve all experienced this with home decor. But instead of replacing cherished and well-loved items, it’s time to love them back to life! Metropolitan Window Fashions offers custom upholstery, and with Robert Allen’s newest collection, it will be easy to revitalize and renew that treasured piece of furniture.


Nomadic Color Collection

Described as, “rich, sumptuous, and confident,” this collection certainly makes a statement. Inspired by the colors, textures, and moods of nomadic cultures, the palette features rich pigments, daring designs, contrasting tones, and a gorgeous, natural feel. Take a look at a few of our favorite fabrics from the Nomadic Color Collection.


Nomadic Color: Woven Prism

Nomadic Color Collection Woven PrismThe intricate pattern of Woven Prism will add a touch of style and fun design to your space. Inspired by “ancient dyeing techniques and life on the prairie,” the faded denim paired with the creamy pattern offers a soft, inviting contrast, creating a timeless look for your home.


Nomadic Color: Ornate Loop

Nomadic Color Collection Ornate LoopIf you love contemporary designs, the Onyx book from Robert Allen will be your favorite. Ornate Loop is inspired by the Berber tribes of North Africa. The “inky black” and amazing detail on the loops creates a modern, yet classic look. The chic design will elevate your home’s decor.


Nomadic Color: Warrior Pride

Nomadic Color Collection Warrior PrideDo you love unique designs and pops of color? Warrior Pride will be the perfect addition to your space. This design is balanced, yet creates a style statement with its gorgeous design and fun colors. Inspired by clay beads of South Africa and the pottery of the Southwest, Warrior Pride will add an organic feel and modern touch to your home. Check it out in blue.


Nomadic Color: Marble Arch

Nomadic Color Collection Marble ArchFor a subtle, earthy design, take a look at the Carob book by Robert Allen. The warm hues, from deep espresso to luminous cognac, offer a traditional feel. Inspired by African basket weaving, this fabric could revitalize your space with its natural, fresh look.


Revamp Your Home with the Nomadic Color Collection

If you have an old piece of furniture that needs some love, or just want to add a new design to your home, consider Robert Allen’s Nomadic Color Collection. Rich hues, amazing designs, and beautiful inspiration, this collection is going to add an authentic, modern touch to your rooms. Did you find a fabric you love? Still want to explore your options? Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions. We’ll walk you through ideas and find the perfect fabric for revitalizing your home.

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Design Inspiration for Your Home

Design Inspiration for Your Home wjfigw4q3

Your home. Do you find yourself looking for design inspiration? Is your Pinterest page filled with ideas and products you love, but just haven’t gotten around to yet? Or, are there beautiful designs you dream of, but you just don’t know how to make them come true? You’re not alone. So many people struggle with design inspiration–and they need help. Your home should speak to you. It should feel finished. The design should be beautiful and provide you with incredible function. There are so many reasons to not get started. You’re too busy. You haven’t quite decided on your favorite patterns, colors–even decorating style. You find yourself nervous about reaching out for help. But, we are here for you. Take a look at how we customize this experience to meet your needs. After all, designing your home should be fun and exciting.

We Come to You.

On your schedule. We know you’re busy. That’s why our design team will set up an in-home consultation to meet your needs, on your time. Busy work schedule? Find yourself running kids from one activity to another? No time to go shopping? We’ve designed this process to help make your design inspiration a reality. We’ll send a designer to your home for a free, in-home consultation to talk about your projects. And during that appointment, you’ll get a chance to share your ideas and dreams with us.

Stop scrolling, and give us a call…

design inspiration advice

We Bring the Inspiration.

Our design team will listen to you–your ideas and what you love, and we can share ideas and inspiration with you. Fabric samples, photography, design advice–we’ll bring it right to you, helping make your home all it can be. Want to see the big picture before narrowing it down? You can visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries. Check out displays and fabrics, take a look at inspiring photos and hear ideas to help you get started.

Relax with the “Finished Look” you’ve been dreaming of…

home design inspiration

We Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.

Not only will this design experience be less stressful and way more fun than trying to do it yourself, we will make your dreams come true! Your home will surround you with elements you love. You’ll be able to relax with the finished design you didn’t think your home would ever see. Our design team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your project goes as planned.  

Design Inspiration = A Happy Home

You deserve to live in a home that features all of the beauty you love with the function that you’ve needed. Don’t spend all your free time pinning projects and waiting for someday. That project can become your reality. Visit one of our showrooms, or contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions, to get started with a free, shop-at-home appointment today!

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The Top 5 Bedroom Design Features

The Top 5 Bedroom Design Features wjfigw4q3

Fall is in full swing. The days feel shorter, the darkness longer. Have these seasonal changes got you thinking about your bedroom design? Does the gloominess of autumn and increasing darkness make you feel like you need to spruce up your space? You’re not alone. This is a time when we’re all getting ready to cozy in for the chilly months ahead. And we all want to do that in a bedroom that feels gorgeous and design savvy. We’ve got the top five bedroom design features you need to consider when you’re ready to make changes to your home.

#1 Your Personality.

Luxury Master Bedroom

When you consider your bedroom design, the most important feature is that it speaks to your unique personality. One of the best ways to create the perfect space is to choose the colors and specific style you love. Are you most comfortable in the farmhouse style of cozy chic quilts and linens? Or do you love luxurious patterns in rich colors? Custom bedding and accents are a perfect way to achieve the look that you’ll love. With coordinated fabrics, paint colors and accents, your bedroom will be the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Let your personality shine.

#2 Layout.

Brambleton Master Suite

The general rule, when arranging furniture in your bedroom design, is to stand in the doorway. Most of the time, you’ll want to enter the room looking at the bed on the opposite wall. While that might not be the case in every room, the most important aspect is to create a “flow” throughout the space. It shouldn’t feel disjointed and cramped–with the wrong layout, this can happen no matter the size of the space. You shouldn’t have to walk around furniture to get to other parts of your bedroom. You might have to think outside the box and try out some different arrangements to see what works best. Changing up your bedroom design can add a whole new feel to the space, and you might be surprised at what looks best.

#3 The Perfect Accent.

Contemporary Bedroom

A focal point, a dramatic statement piece…this is what can make your bedroom design look put together and polished. In bedroom design, there are a number of ways to do just that. The focal wall of your bedroom could be an accent wall of vibrant color, elegant wallpaper or textured material. You could choose a custom headboard that fits your style. Artwork can be selected to add inspiring design and color. When choosing elements of your bedroom design, adding stunning pieces that fit your style is key to creating the perfect space.

#4 Organization.

Parkwood Road Residence Master Bedroom 2

Your bedroom should be a peaceful place where you can relax. But, that means something different for everyone. Do you love to sit and read? Is your bedroom the area of your home where you spend time with a cup of coffee in the morning? Is it your getaway from the household chaos so you can pay bills and online shop? Organization is key–no matter what. Make sure you have furniture, built-ins and closet space that adds function to the bedroom design. It will help you feel refreshed to have everything in its place, and you won’t spend all of your time cleaning it up.

#5 Darkness.

features for bedroom design

How would you rate the ability for you to get quality sleep in your bedroom? Sleep allows you to be productive and happy–a good night’s sleep can help you boost immunity and reduce your stress levels. Your bedroom should be outfitted with the latest features in window treatments. Have you seen recent innovations? Room darkening fabrics can block the incoming light. A second, blackout roller shade can be added to sheer and light filtering window coverings. Lowered in place, your bedroom will be completely dark–even during the day. When raised, you can enjoy the soft glow that comes in through sheer fabrics.

Need Help with Your Bedroom Design?

That’s where we come in. Our design experts, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, can help you create the bedroom design that only dreams are made of! Whether you need advice on starting a small project, like updating upholstery, or you want someone to help you oversee the makeover of your bedroom, we’re here for you. Come visit us at one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to get inspired and see all that’s possible in fabrics and window treatments. Or, invite us to your home for a free, in-home consultation. Contact our team to get started today!

Bold Designs, Cool Colors: Decorating with Blue

Bold Designs, Cool Colors: Decorating with Blue wjfigw4q3

Are you searching for inspiration for your next room makeover? The sophisticated elegance of blue should be part of your design scheme. It’s gorgeous, versatile and simply stunning. Whether you choose the depth of dark blues, or the softness of a subtle hue, bringing blue into your home will help create the inviting atmosphere you want. The popularity of shades of blue has been on the rise in the last couple of years, and now it’s one of the most sought-after colors in design. But it won’t be overdone–why? Everyone chooses the shades of blue that speak to them, which allows for a unique design experience completely dependent on preference. The pop of color decorating with blue provides will add dimension and charm without overwhelming your space. Our featured image comes from Robert Allen Fabrics–layers at the window bring blue in as the backdrop of this classic damask print for an altogether beautiful look. Take a moment for inspirational ideas for your next design project.

Add Just a Touch of Blue…

A Coastal Kitchen in Montclair

No matter the shades of blue you prefer, the color is there. Decorating with blue, even in small amounts, will offer your home the pop of color you need to finish your space. And it draws your eye. The island adds charming appeal painted in blue. The fabric roman shades are finished with blue trim along the edges, adding definition to tie in with the color scheme. And the fabric cushions? They add their own custom pattern to the space. The coordination of all of these elements create a successful finish.

Personalize It with Patterns…

Blue Bedroom

Once you bring blue into your design equation, it opens up a world of possibilities. You can mix the shades of blue, and it just works. You can also introduce patterns that you never thought would go together, and it adds character and allure. The overall ‘nautical’ theme of this bedroom makes the ocean-inspired pieces come together, while also allowing the blue stripes of the area rug to fit nicely. The botanical bedding and artwork show just how versatile patterns and prints can be once you’ve decorated with shades of blue. Another reason to decorate your bedroom in blue? This soothing shade is supposed to bring more hours of sleep at night–what’s better than that?

Design Your Own Backdrop…

Pine Library

The beauty of blue is that it pairs well with every other color. Not only that, but using blue in contrast with other colors can achieve a fabulous result. This wall of bookshelves in blue offers not only a gorgeous backdrop for the space, but it allows the vibrant orange to create a striking look. When decorating with blue, choose a blue backdrop if you want to add depth to the wall while showcasing another bold color in the space. The area rug incorporates blue, while the pattern of the rug adds dimension to the space.

Decorating with Blue…

Is it time for you to get started on your next room makeover? Do you love the idea of decorating with blue? At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we can help you achieve the perfect look in your home, from A to Z! We offer custom upholstery and fabrics, custom drapery panels and window coverings, paint and wallpaper selection–and the best part? We come to you. Our design team will come visit you for a free, in-home consultation to offer advice and inspiration on your next project. Contact us to get started today!

Custom Home Decor: Decorate Like a Gemini

Custom Home Decor: Decorate Like a Gemini wjfigw4q3

As the month of May comes to a close, we are having a little fun celebrating all things Gemini. Within the zodiac calendar, there is no personality that meets current design trends quite like a Gemini. From contrasting character traits and unexpected charm, to their need for balance and love for entertaining, the Gemini style profile is leading the way into a fun-filled summer. Their anything-goes decor is not as haphazard as it sounds. It’s intentional and intriguing, and we can’t wait to have fun with decorating. Full of contrasting colors and prints, this season finds balance with the most unlikely pairings–and it just works. Know a gemini? Pass this on–see if they agree with the current trends!

Decorate With Blues.


Photo by Andrea Brooks InteriorsMore eclectic dining room photos

Gemini is governed by the element of air, and this is important to note when choosing custom home decor. Soft blues and an environment filled with sunshine allows for a relaxed, light-hearted scene. Intentional relaxation should be a priority this summer, and you can choose design pieces that influence both quiet reflection and social interaction. As shades of blue add the perfect pop of color, you can bring in eclectic accent pieces. Known as the sign of the twins, the duality of the Gemini adds balance with decor in pairs, like the chandeliers and matching chairs. Mix up the fabric choices in your custom home decor for a gemini-perfect balance of solids and prints.  It’s an ideal space to spend a summer afternoon.

Enjoy Time With Friends.


Photo by Design ManifestMore eclectic living room ideas

The sign of the Gemini is all about social interaction. With summer on its way, there’s no better way to spend your time than with those people who make life fun and interesting. Making your home ‘entertainment ready’ sounds easy, but it actually takes a bit of planning. The arrangement of furniture is for seating guests is vital. With Gemini’s need for pairing, sets of chairs in twos will go a long way to help make conversation. Custom home decor like accent tables and fabric pillows lend both fashion and function–tables allow for mingling, a resting spot for a glass of wine or a favorite cocktail, and custom fabrics will allow you to bring in pops of color and comfort. The scene above shows how you can arrange  your living space for a mix of group socialization and intimate conversation.

Make It Personal.

Birdhouse Design

Photo by Jessica McKaySearch eclectic living room pictures

The complex personality–it’s what makes the sign of the Gemini so unique. Continually changing from charming wit to refined sophistication–you just never know what you’ll get. Unexpected and fun, boredom is not part of their life. How about custom home decor? We imagine Geminis would include intriguing accents throughout their homes–pieces that invite conversation and whimsy. There’s no better time than right now to find custom home decor that reflects your personality. From knick knacks to artwork, what you love should surround you. This goes for custom fabrics, as well. Like the scene above, accent pillows add style details, while the custom drapes bring a modern look in stripes of black and white. The upholstered ottomans boast color and comfort. The whole space comes together with artistic success, full of personal effects that make you feel right at home.

Ready for a fun-filled summer? Want to take a cue from the zodiac calendar? We can help! With an amazing selection of fabrics at our Fabricland location, we can create the perfect look for your custom home decor. Upholstery, window treatments, accent pillows–your favorite design elements will help you relax and enjoy life like a Gemini. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for an exciting shop-at-home experience today!

Hunter Douglas shades on sale!

Black and White Custom Upholstery Adds Dramatic Style

Black and White Custom Upholstery Adds Dramatic Style wjfigw4q3

The classic, high contrast pairing of black and white is renowned for adding sophistication and drama to any decor. From draperies to accent pillows–or even updating a piece of furniture–black and white custom upholstery will create a stunningly chic appeal in your home. The black and white collection by designer Clarke & Clarke is a perfect resource for finding your custom upholstery inspiration! Do you have a well-loved piece that needs a makeover? Are you thinking about adding a fabric headboard for stunning design? Black and white custom upholstery may be the perfect addition to your home. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites to show you the range of possibilities with this elegant design option. Want to see more? We’d love to come to you for a free, in-home consultation!

Striking Florals

custom upholstery florals

The delicate leaves of this black and white floral fabric add a soft, graceful touch to this custom upholstery. The stark black adds depth, and makes the accent colors in your decor more vibrant. This chic design would work well as a custom drapery. Imagine the swirling leaves standing out as a beautiful frame for your windows.

Sophisticated Geometrics

custom upholstery geometric design

Beautiful geometric patterns are always in style, and with this sophisticated geometric design, it’s easy to see why! The intricate detail adds amazing definition to your space. A great choice for decorative touches like accent pillows or a favorite chair, this custom upholstery is elegant and refined.

Alluring Zebra Stripes

custom upholstery zebra stripes

Fresh and fun, this black and white zebra stripe pattern is a daring choice with big-style results! The simplicity of the design helps it blend with your current decor, while adding a flare of edgy sophistication. The alluring zebra print custom upholstery would be great as an accent piece in your study or office, or as an upscale, refreshing addition to a teen’s bedroom!

Classic Houndstooth

custom upholstery houndstooth

This classic houndstooth design has an undeniable old world charm, yet the black and white color pattern lends a modern feel. Houndstooth adds a masculine touch to your decor that can be softened with the addition of a coordinated splash of color. This time-honored style would be the perfect custom upholstery for a bold fabric headboard!

No matter how you define your style personality, the classic black and white pairing can do wonders for your home. Browse the full Clarke & Clarke collection, and find your fabric inspiration today! When you’re ready to get started on your custom upholstery project, contact us at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free consultation, or come on in and view our extensive collection of fabrics at our Fabricland location.

Recreate Your Favorite Scene with Custom Draperies

Recreate Your Favorite Scene with Custom Draperies wjfigw4q3

Are you a Houzz addict, just like we are? We can’t think of a better way to spend time on a quiet Sunday morning than sipping a steaming cup of coffee while browsing through our favorite decor site, saving beautiful photos. When you finally find the perfect scene? Is there nothing worse than discovering that the fabric displayed in the custom draperies you want is discontinued? Discontinued? Say it isn’t so! Even if the fabric is current, sometimes you just can’t seem to locate it. It’s almost heartbreaking–but we have the answer! At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we can help you recreate the custom draperies and fabric accents you have your heart set on. Take a look at some of these gorgeous room settings, paired with fabrics from Thomas Paul by Duralee Fabrics that will recreate the look in each space. And then start saving the photos you have your heart set on. We’re up for the challenge! We want to hear from you.

Timeless Geometry

My Interior

This geometric print in white and navy will surround your living room with a smooth pop of one of the season’s most sought-after shades. Custom draperies that feature the intricate details of honeycomb designs will always be in style, bringing dimension to the space with contemporary appeal. Looking for the same design in a different color? Take a look at this navy fabric, along with what Duralee fabrics can offer you in other color ways.

Floral or Coral? You decide.

Study sitting area

Orange may not be the new black when it comes to decor, but this shade has come onto the style scene with serious statement-making charm. Orange is personal–it’s invigorating and intentional. Custom draperies that showcase orange prints will set the tone of a room with powerful energy. Recreating the look of the orange design in these custom draperies is easy with Orange Mum and Coral Barrier 2.

Sunny Breakfast Nook


Remember that quiet Sunday morning we were talking about? If you don’t already have a relaxing, cozy spot where you can spend that morning time, you deserve one. And we can help you make it all you hope it can be. Custom draperies, like the fabric roman shades seen here, will offer both the beauty of color and pattern with the function of light control when that breakfast sun is high in the sky. We love this Sanctuary fabric in yellow–the perfect addition to your very own sanctuary.

When you find a scene you love, save it! We want to help you recreate the custom draperies and fabric accents that will make the perfect statement in your home. Need inspiration? Our design team will come to you with ideas and inspiration for your home. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.