Bathroom Window Treatments: Privacy, Style & So Much More

NYC bathroom window treatments

Bathroom Window Treatments: Privacy, Style & So Much More

Now that the New Year has arrived, are you wondering which project should be your first focus? You may not realize it, but your bathroom is vital to daily success and long term happiness. Creating the ideal environment in there commands your attention. Your bathroom needs to offer the right amount of natural light while providing privacy and comfort.  Additionally, the perfect bathroom window treatments should accommodate your daily schedule. Maybe you start your day with a hot shower. Do you use your bathroom to shave, put on your makeup, iron your clothes? Getting yourself ready for a big day or an important evening simply must be done in the right atmosphere. Have you ever locked yourself in there to practice a speech in front of the mirror? Or escape from your family–to take a bubble bath–armed with  your favorite playlist and a glass of wine? It really is a multi-functional space. Let us help guide you to the best bathroom window treatments!

Tips on Bathroom Window Treatments

Light and Privacy: The Perfect Balance

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The last thing you want to worry about while you’re relaxing in a hot bath or getting ready in the morning is lack of privacy. It’s your bathroom; you need to feel secure. The right bathroom window treatments will block the outside world and make you comfortable. Another important element to a great bathroom atmosphere is making sure you have natural light. You don’t want to get ready in a cave! Light is important for starting your day. Rather than having sunshine pour through the window, your atmosphere should offer a glowing light. Not only will the best window treatments balance your light and privacy, it’ll keep your bathroom a comfortable temperature. Beautiful lighting, the perfect amount of privacy, a great temperature…doesn’t that sound like the ideal place to get ready?

A Designer Look: Get Ready in Style

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On top of making your environment great, the right bathroom window treatments will add style to your room. Are you interested in the latest design trends? Do you have Pinterest boards full of ideas for your home makeover? Don’t forget about your bathroom! Like we said, you spend a lot of time here, so why not make it just as beautiful as everywhere else in your home? We have many options for custom window treatments, featuring gorgeous Hunter Douglas products. You deserve to get ready in style, and we’re ready to help you design your dream bathroom!

Controlled and Convenient

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Do you have a set schedule for your morning routine? Perhaps you’re out of bed by 6:30, in the shower by 6:50, dressed and ready to go shortly after that. If this sounds like you, you’ll love the convenience that motorized blinds bring. You can create a schedule with your favorite settings and watch as your bathroom window treatments automatically adjust. If you aren’t quite as organized, motorization can add a whole lot of convenience and comfort to your morning. Maybe the sun streams through your windows too much. You want the blinds lowered so that you can savor a few more minutes of darkness before leaving your home. Motorized bathroom window treatments can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Do you own a smartphone? Just download the app and adjust your blinds from bed! Complete control over your morning environment in the most convenient way to date.

Bathroom Window Treatments: Start Your Morning Right

Bathrooms are an important part of getting ready for the day, preparing for an important event, or for relaxation. You deserve a comfortable environment, and the best bathroom window treatments will give you just that. Are you ready to redesign your bathroom? No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to offer our advice and to answer your questions. Do you want to see window treatment options in the comfort of your home? We offer a free, in-home consultation. Contact our team today at Metropolitan Window Fashions, or visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to get started on your project.

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