5 tips for making the ultimate man-cave

5 tips for making the ultimate man-cave

Decorating your home is the best way to show off your family's style. The trouble is that sometimes, you and your hubby might not see eye-to-eye on the best elements to include in the home decor. Maybe he wants a lot of dark, leather furnishings and accents while you would like to have something light and airy. Or maybe he would love to hang sports memorabilia while you would rather store them out of sight.

If this sounds like your current situation, you may want to consider designing a room that is just for him: a place with all the luxuries of comfort and home coupled his own design preferences. Whether it is an office, or a rec room for him and his friends, you can't go wrong by making a space all his own.

Here are a few design ideas for the ultimate man-cave:

Bar: If you are designing a chic and functional hang-out spot for your man, you may want to include a spot where he can keep his beer and food nice and cool. If he is big into mixing drinks, perhaps a drink cart a la Mad Men might be a good accessory. Depending on the size limits of the room, installing a full bar might allow you for a more elaborate decorative and functional piece.

Relax: And recline! Make sure you have cozy seating that he will want to kick back and relax in, especially after a long day at the office. Get a set of recliners that you and your guy can unwind in together. Depending on the size and layout of the space, maybe a padded, leather sectional would work well for entertaining and resting. Whether he is putting his feet up for his favorite show or with his latest novel, a comfy recliner is something that any man will enjoy.

Shelves: No matter what your Mr. Right is into, he is going to need a place to keep his favorite knick-knacks, books, memorabilia and trophies. If you don't want the clean lines and modern aesthetic that may be around the rest of your home, consider purchasing vintage bookshelves that can double as a statement piece and functional storage space.

TV: Is your guy a huge movie buff? Then go big when it comes to the entertainment system. If he is into sports, shows or movies, then opting for a big screen with an awesome sound system is a must for this space.

Windows: While window treatments may not be his first concern when it comes to designing a getaway space, making sure that any windows in the space have appropriate custom curtains and drapes is important. But don't worry, you can dress them up to reflect his style and manliness with a few simple tips. HGTV suggests, "Bring a dapper touch to his home office, the master bedroom or any room with a patterned necktie. Use it to tie back a window treatment — don't be afraid to mix patterns!"

This room should be one that he is eager to enter and excited to entertain in. While it may not be 100 percent to your taste, making a space that works in your home and shows your guy how much you care about his style and preferences will make the overall design process that much better!

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