Today’s Most Popular Color? Go Purple.

today's most popular color

Today’s Most Popular Color? Go Purple.

Are you looking for the next big thing in home design? Want to add accents into your space that continue an upscale feel? Purple is today’s most popular color. Why? It’s chic. It’s calming. It’s one of the most versatile colors, and it will finish your space like no other. If you feel like you want to add color, but you’re a bit afraid of it being too much, go purple. If you want to warm up your home with rich color, go purple. How about cooling your home down with sophistication and a peaceful air? Purple is it. Today’s most popular color has such a range of shades, with background influence from blues, reds and grays, you’ll find the perfect hue to complete your home design. From bold sweeping contrasts to the perfect touches of accents, it’s time to go purple!


The Perfect Mix of Industrial Softness

Morrison living room/dining room, Interior Design Toronto

The sharp look of industrial elements in home design offers modern appeal. But what to do about softening up the space and making it feel like home? Purple is one of the most popular color accents this year. It combines the art of design with unique style. Adding purple accents allows you to soften the mood of the space, as well as the elements. Think meditation and balance, and you have the perfect vision of what purple can do for you home. Contrast is such a huge part of design these days, and adding the softness of purple to industrial design is ideal.


The Ideal Pairing of Colors


Purple has the ability to transcend design rules and just go with everything. It commands the room without feeling overwhelming, but it does add a rich, luxurious feel to the space. No matter your personal style, purple can pair with your home design and add just the right pop of color. This is what makes it today’s most popular color. It takes the fabulous look you already have going on, and it revs it up. It sets the tone and makes the announcement, “Now this space is finished.” And it does it so well.


The Contemporary Foundation

Dining Room

These days, when someone is looking to add a one-of-a-kind vibe to their home, they look to color. As today’s most popular color, shades of purple have stepped in to replace the foundational colors. Instead of white, tan and gray all over the home, we are seeing purple take its place with charming enthusiasm. Especially when integrated with gray undertones, purple can make the room stand out without being noticed. The color adds balance and cool peacefulness. Other bold colors can be introduced to the design, and purple maintains the foundation of the space.


The Most Popular Color is Here!

today's most popular color

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we love to stay on the cutting edge of design trends. That’s why we bring you the versatility of today’s most popular color trends. Are you wanting to start a project? Finish a project? Looking for inspiration? We’ve got it. Come to one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries and find the perfect ways to bring purple into your home. From fabric accents and upholstery, to designer window treatments and functional solutions, your home will be looking its best. Want us to come to you? Contact our team today for a free, in-home consultation!

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