Somerset County Window Treatments

Somerset County Window Treatments

Have you recently decorated any of the rooms in your home? Maybe you’ve repainted, or replaced the flooring or furniture in a room? Do you now have window treatments that look shabby or out of place because they no longer match your décor? Let a Somerset County window treatments specialist be here to assist you. Whether you’re looking for something formal, or more practical, curtains or draperies, we can dress all of your windows beautifully. We can use our knowledge and expertise to help you to find the right curtains for each room.

Somerset County Window Treatments

Curtains or Drapes? | Somerset County Window Treatments

So what is the difference between a curtain and a drape? One difference is the type of fabric. Draperies, or drapes, are usually of a thicker, more elegant fabric, and are usually lined. Often, too, drapes are of a longer length, reaching to, or even puddling, on the floor. Curtains are less formal looking, are of a lighter fabric, and have more functionality, and a shorter length.

Change It Up | Somerset County Window Treatments

Let’s talk rooms. Just because one style of curtain or drape works well for a particular room, it does not necessarily mean it will work throughout the whole house. It’s tempting to go with one style of curtain for every room, but styles, functionality, color and design vary throughout your home. Take into account factors like privacy, size and style of windows. Is one room more formal? You may want floor length window treatments to add elegance. A bathroom window should not be treated the same way you would a formal living space. So with this in mind, let’s explore some options.


Because drapes are more formal, come in richer, more luxurious fabrics, and can lend a dramatic element to a room, they’re not recommended for every room in the house. In a living space, especially one with a large picture window, drapes can add a stunning focal point. Choosing the fabric, color and length will depend on whether you want them to be an eye popping contrast to a more subtle décor, or if you want them to compliment a brighter wall color. Drapes can also be a good choice for a bedroom. Make your room a sanctuary, a place you can enjoy any time, not just somewhere to crash at night. Heavier drapes also means less light entering the room, ensuring a good night’s sleep. Adding drapes that touch the floor in a rich fabric, possibly on an elegant swish rail, can turn your bedroom into a dream of a room.


Keep in mind with kitchens and bathrooms that you will want something that you can easily take down and wash. This is particularly true in the kitchen, where most windows are over the sink, and are susceptible to splashes of dirty or greasy dish water. A lot of people choose tiered window treatments, also known as café curtains, which allow a gap of sunlight into your kitchen. This also gives you visibility out, of course, so, as pretty as they are, the curtains are not all you can see. In rooms like hallways and family rooms, curtains are a good choice, if privacy and light blocking are not as big an issue. These are usually high traffic areas, and easier to maintain treatments are probably a good idea. So whatever room you are looking to finish, we can help you add just the right touch. With our wide selection of drapes and curtains in a variety of fabrics, lengths, colors and patterns, a Somerset County window treatments specialist can find just the right window dressings you are looking for.

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