Revitalize Your Bathroom: 5 Design Features That Make All the Difference

design features for your bathroom

Revitalize Your Bathroom: 5 Design Features That Make All the Difference

You start the day, you end the day–and with added times in between, your bathrooms play a much bigger role in your family’s lives than you realize. It’s time to make the most of your bathrooms. A transformation needs to occur, and to do that, you must know what counts. We have the top five design features that will create the ideal bathroom space for the valuable form and function that you and your family deserve. If you have a bathroom decorating project that you’d love to get started on, our design consultants can come right to you for a free, in-home consultation.

#1 Privacy Control

design featuresYour privacy is one of the most important design features of your bathroom is privacy. While some bathrooms are housed within interior rooms, most have at least one small window to let in natural light. You and your family need to feel the comfort of privacy in the bathroom, and that control should be simplistic enough for even the smallest members of the family to function. The blinds, shades and shutters that you choose for your bathroom can feature simple operating systems–like the gentle push-pull of a wand or the LiteRise system–that offers instant privacy. Privacy should be in your control–make sure the window coverings you choose offer simple function with high levels of privacy.

#2 The Right Kind of Light

design featuresGetting ready for the day, there’s no question–you want to have an adequate amount of light. But once the abundance of light has entered the bathroom, what’s the atmosphere like? Do you struggle with the harshness of direct light bouncing off mirrors and other reflective surfaces? Is the glare making it hard for your bathroom to seem pleasant? The right amount and type of light is one of the most important design features of your bathroom. When choosing the ideal light fixtures, as the bathroom tends to be a smaller space, opt for those that have frosted glass to diffuse some of the light. Two separate sources of light are another option, allowing you to choose the amount of artificial light. For light control of entering natural light, top down window shades allow natural light to come in and disperse throughout the room without filling the space with an unlimited amount of sunshine. There are also window shades in light-filtering materials that can pull in the natural light, while still allowing as much privacy as you need.

#3 Comfortable Temperature

design featuresThere’s nothing quite as chilling as trying to get yourself ready in the morning–or taking kids out of the tub at night–in a chilly bathroom. One of the most important design features of your bathroom is temperature control. Be in control of the temperature in your bathroom by preventing those uncomfortable drafts. Duette honeycomb shades offer the insulation you need to keep the temperature of your bathroom comfortable throughout the year. Preventing drafts is an important function of Duette’s energy efficient features, while the cellular construction of these window shades prevents the cool surface of the window to lower the inside temperature of your bathroom.

#4 Low Profile Design

design featuresEven in the most spacious bathrooms, real estate is limited. Counter space is often used for items you need to get yourself ready, and there’s no space for extras. Keeping the design features and decor of your bathroom on the low-profile side will ensure that the entire room is as functional as possible. That means when choosing side tables and shelving, keep in mind how much space you have to use, and be frugal with that space. Window coverings should honor the idea of limited space, as well, while still providing the essential functions of light control, privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection. Sometimes your windows are in a position that can make the function complicated. The intuitive technology of PowerView motorized shades offers you touch of a button control for convenience and ease.

#5 Specialty Materials

design featuresBathrooms are known areas of humidity and moisture. As you choose design features for your bathroom, keep in my the materials you are using must be created to withstand the elements. The moisture and heat of the bathroom can sometimes affect materials differently than other rooms within your home. Hunter Douglas has taken measures to ensure you always have window coverings that meet your needs. Depending on the style of your bathroom, plantation shutters may be the perfect choice for you–our Palm Beach Polysatin shutters will be the perfect choice, created for areas of high heat and humidity. If the look of window shades is more your style, our Applause shades have fabrics designed to prevent mildew. Our design consultants can help you select window coverings to make sure your bathroom looks amazing for years to come.

Are you ready for a bathroom transformation? These 5 design features are a sure way to make the most of your bathroom for valuable function and unending benefits. Our design consultants would love to help you style your bathroom with decor and window coverings that add upscale form, function and fashion to your bathroom space. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.