How to cover irregular sized windows

Custom Window Fashions in Watchung

How to cover irregular sized windows

Windows are like people: They come in all shapes and sizes. If your home or apartment boasts irregular sized windows you may be struggling to pick out the right coverings. Using custom window fashions is a great solution to this common problem. Below we’ve listed easy ways to decorate oddly shaped windows:

Custom Window Fashions for Oddly Shaped Windows

  • Blinds: “Just because you have an oddly shaped window does not mean it is impossible to cover it the same way you would a normal window. You can obtain custom shades and blinds that fit your particular window,” writes Rochelle Leggett of Demand Media. “You may need a professional to measure the window for the most accurate results.”
  • Curtains: Curtains are malleable and are able to cover a wide array of shapes. Additionally, they can be purchased in various colors and designs. Although curtains don’t necessary have to be the same exact dimensions as a window, it is still essential to receive a proper measurement so that your window coverings don’t look mismatched. For this reason, it’s best if you use custom window coverings!
  • Stained-glass: Recently, numerous manufacturing companies have come up with innovative paints that are able to color glass, making your windows look like stained class. However, this technique can be quite expensive and if you live in a New York apartment, you probably won’t be able to alter the glass of your windows.

Looking for Custom Window Fashions From the Professionals?

If you’re in the market for blinds or custom curtains and drapes, be sure to book a complimentary consultation with Metropolitan Window Fashions. Our expert home design consultants can help you style even the most irregular sized windows! We’ve served customers from areas such as Manhattan, Green Brook, Scotch Plains, Watchung, Glen Rock, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, Edison, Chatham, Mahwah, Bridgewater, & many more. Call our NYC & New Jersey custom window fashions experts today and ask about the great services we offer!

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