How Silhouettes™ Perfect the Art of Light Control in your Home

How Silhouettes™ Perfect the Art of Light Control in your Home

Light speaks to you and makes you happy. A room that has beautiful light can make a home open, bright, warm and inviting. How do you capture that beautiful light and how do you control it? How do you perfect the art of light control?  We have the solution for you with Hunter Douglas Silhouettes™

Light moves throughout your day. It can gain strength and depth as it streams and washes across your room, changing your needs for privacy and protection from the harsh rays. Fortunately, Silhouettes are designed for optimal living and controlling that light.

Let’s discuss how Silhouettes add beauty and functionality to your space, transforms the art of  light control and perfects it!

  • Superior Construction – Suspended between two sheers the Signature S Vane transforms harsh daylight into a soft glow. This construction allows you to have superb light control throughout your day. The Proprietary Quartette 4” vane size offers excellent views without distracting cords or tapes running through the shade. Shading also roll completely into in the headrail when raised, providing an unobstructed view when raised.
  • Enhancing Light and Ensuring Privacy – This double layer of sheers allow for an outside view, while obscuring the view from the outside in. This will allow you maximum privacy during the day as well as beautifully diffused light that fills your room.
  • Fabric and Style Choices – Silhouettes have a large selection of colors, fabrics, opacities and vane sizes that are perfect for any décor. They also come in a wide variety of angles, arches, shapes and sizes to fit nearly any window in your home.
  • Elegant Layer of Efficiency – Silhouettes block up to 88% of harmful UV rays with vanes open and 99% with vanes closed. By controlling the light and rejecting those harmful UV rays, you will prevent damage to your floors, furnishings and artwork. The Solar reflection reflects solar heat to keep a room cooler and more comfortable.
  • Smarten Up Your Windows with PowerView – The new PowerView™ motorization controls shadings with a pebble hand held remote or a sleek wall switch. It allows you to control your window treatments throughout your home from your smart phone, table, Pebble™ Remote or Pebble Scene Controller. You can use the The PowerView app to schedule personalized Scenes to operate automatically to control light, privacy and comfort needs throughout the day.

Silhouettes have been on the market for over two decades and are engineered and refined to create beautiful and pleasing light. Rooms are transformed with  diffused light, that create stunning natural lightscapes.  By perfecting the art of  light control, you will  enhances the beauty of your surroundings. Give us a call at Metropolitan Window Fashions to schedule your free shop at home appointment to learn more about Silhouettes and how they will take your home beyond beautiful! Silhouettes have rebates from Hunter Douglas that are good until September 14, 2015, so don’t wait to schedule an appointment! We would love to have one of our professional design consultants help guide you through your purchase.