Color of the Year 2017: Mingle Greenery with Your Style

color of the year 2017

Color of the Year 2017: Mingle Greenery with Your Style

Color of the Year 2017 was recently announced, and we’re thrilled to say it’s Greenery. Why is this color so perfect for 2017? It’s revitalizing, fresh, and exactly what everybody needs after a long year. The yellow-green shade offers a sense of natural refreshment, allowing you to restore your environment in an invigorating fashion. Whether you’re ready to fully embrace the color of the year or are still questioning how to incorporate it into your space, we have ideas that will speak to your personal style. Take a look at our ideas, and get ready to reinvent your home with the color of the year.

The Nature Lover

color of the year greenery

Greenery, Color of the Year 2017, will surely speak to nature enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a simple, natural way to incorporate Greenery into your home, start with real greenery. The color of the year is meant to be rejuvenating and revitalizing, so decorating with natural elements will enhance your home and so much more. Did you know that decorating with plants can enhance your mood, air quality, and stress? That’s exactly why Greenery was chosen for color the year. No matter what your favorite plant may be, adding real greenery will benefit you and your environment. The natural colors of greenery, like the ones pictured here, add a pop of color, and blend beautifully with this homeowner’s Hunter Douglas Duette shades. The color of the year gives nature lovers a great opportunity to find colors that represent the outdoors and personal style. 

The Style Expert

color of the year 2017 pantone

If you love to know the latest trends, you probably already heard that Greenery is Color of the Year 2017. Interior design is becoming extremely popular. Are your Pinterest boards overflowing with design ideas? With the new year, color palettes, and design trends coming up, now is the perfect time to incorporate the color of the year into your home design. Embrace your personal style. Let your home speak for you. Consider botanical prints, geometric patterns, or artistic designs that feature Greenery. We’re positive that the color of the year 2017 will be the spotlight of every fabric, texture, and material in the design world. Decide what your favorite look is, and go for it. Find green rugs, wall coverings, comfortable seating–whatever you want. By adding small accents to your home, you’ll represent the color of the year, up your house’s style, and get that “must have” look.

The Laid Back Designer

color of the year 2017 pantone greenery

The Color of the Year 2017 is beautiful, but you aren’t quite sure what to do with it. Does this sound like you? Greenery is bright and daring, which is why you should embrace it this upcoming year. If you’re having trouble fitting the color of the year into your home design, consider adding small design pieces that will fill your craving for a new look, but won’t require an entire home makeover. You can find simple things to add to your home that are the color of Greenery, like an accent pillow or vase. It may be tempting to overload your home with the newest color, but that’s not necessary with Greenery. A subtle touch of the color will rejuvenate your space.

Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

Are you as excited as we are about the color of the year 2017? Greenery is going to be huge; fitting in with so many different design personalities, creating an uplifting space, and making an impression already. Do you have a design idea in mind? Need help finding ways to incorporate Greenery into your home? We’re ready to help. Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for design tips. Let’s revitalize your home!

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