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An Energy Efficient Home: Tips & Tricks for You

An Energy Efficient Home: Tips & Tricks for You

An Energy Efficient Home: Tips & Tricks for You wjfigw4q3

With the brisk chill in the air, we can’t help but deny the truth. Winter is coming. It’s November, and if you’ve procrastinated–like I have–your home may not be as winter-ready as you’d like. We could blame it on the beautiful, seemingly rare, extended autumn we’ve seen here in the east–I did just plant tulips this past weekend–but it’s probably just human nature to put off preparing for the inevitable. It also may seem a bit daunting to tackle tasks we only do once or twice a year. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we want to make this time of year easier for you. We have some tips, tricks and a few great resources for you, as you try to create and energy efficient home–or at least increase the kind of warmth and coziness you’re going to love in the midst of the coming winter.


Pull out those sweaters–and other ways to stay warm.

Did you know that a light sweater can save 1-2% on your heating bill, and a heavy one can save 3-4%? A sweater, or even a scarf, will let you keep the temperature of your home slightly cooler without feeling cold. Make yourself a cup of coffee, light a fire, get those cozy blankets out of the closet, and know you are starting a trend for a more energy efficient home. Talk about energy savings that you can feel! Here are some other ways you can increase the energy efficiency in your home.

Reverse Your Fan.

energy efficient homeDo yourself a favor–lie down under your ceiling fan. Is it turning counter-clockwise? That’s the summer setting, and you should be able to feel the breeze. Now flip the little switch on the side of the fan to make it go clockwise for a more energy efficient home. Remember when you learned that hot air rises? You want all the hot air moving around the room, so the key is to adjust your fan–simply at the lowest settings–to get that air moving, not just stuck up at ceiling height.

Bring Technology Into the Mix.

energy efficient homeWe live in a smart world. And making an energy efficient home can be as easy as the push of a button with the latest devices. The Nest thermostat is in its third generation, and the intuitive technology even adjusts your preferences as the season’s change. Speaking of transforming your home with intelligence that goes beyond simple motorization…PowerView automated window shades will bring incredible savings, offering you the energy efficient home you are dreaming of. With the capability to set programmable scenes and schedules that meet your lifestyle, it’s like having a personal assistant to take care of the atmosphere of your home this winter.

Cozy It Up. 

energy efficient homeAir is constantly moving, and when the warm air in your home brushes up against the cool air right outside your windows, the temperature inside your home drops. Insulation at the window is key to keeping the temperature consistent and cozy. You don’t need new windows–it’s a huge investment, and we’re here to tell you, it probably won’t give you the results you are looking for. Cellular technology is the answer to an energy efficient home. The honeycomb design of Duette shades provides amazing insulation. The warm air of your home is trapped in pockets that protect against the cold of winter. No more draft, no more money just flying out the…window. And the style is amazing. With fabrics and materials that will add sophistication and elegance, you can’t go wrong. And our Season of Style Sale is on right now with incredible savings for you.


The beauty of your landscape will be a dynamic backdrop this winter. Have you thought about adding custom drapes or top treatments to your windows for style and function? The fabric choices will add sophistication and luxury to your home, while the light control, UV protection and privacy will completely transform the space. Right now, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we are offering promotions that will have your windows looking spectacular this season, while your energy efficient home boasts consistent, comfortable temperatures. From special savings on the beauty of Fabricut Fabrics, to amazing sales and rebates off of our most popular window shades, you will be saving money while enjoying the warmth of your home. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today!

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