Wood: A timeless interior design trend

Wood: A timeless interior design trend

If you're looking to change up and improve the look of your home, you would be hard-pressed to find a material more timeless or flexible than wood. A new campaign from the Weste​rn Red Cedar Lumber Association, known as "Wood, Naturally," has brought together designers and homeowners to think about new and interesting ways to incorporate wood into a residence. 

"Designers are drawn to wood for use in interior finishes because of its natural beauty and design versatility," Brian Patrick Flynn, a designer affiliated with the Wood, Naturally campaign told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "The addition of a warm, familiar material to a room enhances an otherwise modern space. Interior finishes with wood add the perfect touch of rusticity to a contemporary home."

As noted by Flynn, here are some of today's most popular wood decorating trends: 

Color and grain pattern 

Each tree is different, and their  unique colors and textures will set the tone for each room. 

Reclaimed wood

You don't have to go out and chop down trees to incorporate the wood-design aesthetic in your home. Old barn doors can be made into a table or a headboard. The unique qualities of weathered or grayed wood can make the space look very interesting. You can also refinish the wood for a slightly more polished look. 


Wood-paneled walls and ceilings are moving past the "cabin" style to something more contemporary. Some designers are playing with different woods and finishes to reflect different feels. For example, unfinished cabins can give off the style of a beach house. 

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