Why you shouldn’t rule out wallpaper

Why you shouldn’t rule out wallpaper

Many people ruled out wallpaper back in the 1970s, but this alternative to paint is making a comeback in a big way. Most middle-aged Americans remember walking into homes as a kid and being visually assaulted by an array of floral walls, or flocked paper, which offered a raised, velvety feel to the walls. While that was popular in the post new-realism art phase of the late '60s and '70s, that type of decor went out of style by the mid-80s.

But now homeowners are beginning to look at wallpaper with new eyes, and seeing all kinds of possibilities that don't entail an all-over covering. In fact, many industry professionals have started to get on board with the idea, advocating that wallpaper can add unexpected drama to otherwise bland spaces. They also seamlessly, and easily, create a statement feature in any room. Wallpaper is the new "wow factor" and more homeowners are looking for unique ways to make use of it.

"Wallpaper can add unexpected drama to otherwise bland spaces."

Here are a few tips to make wallpaper work for you:

Accent: If you feel like hanging it on a wall is too much for your home, then use wallpaper as a backing to bookcases, kitchen cabinetry and doorbell alcoves to add some intrigue in a subtle and interesting way. These little accents will have guests wowed with your DIY abilities, and also act as a great way to spruce up an otherwise drab and simple piece of furniture.

Bold: Patterns in well-defined colors and styles offer a great pick-me-up to small spaces. They remove the visual boundaries that can be set by choppy paint, and make the space feel that much more open. Think about wallpaper with a bold or deep pattern for the laundry room, the entry hall, or a first floor powder room.

Metallic: Using wall coverings in metallic colors is a great way to lighten up the space and add some fun flair. This type of wallpaper is ideal for darker spaces and rooms that might benefit from light reflection. Metallic papers can add a depth and dimension to most any room in the house, but the sophistication and style works especially well in a formal dining room or bedroom setting.

Mural: You may not think about making a personal picture into an adhesive mural, but this is a great way to make your mark on your home. These can be customized to just about anyone's personal preferences and create a certain homey atmosphere that you simply can't achieve in any other way. Most industry professionals recommend using a black and white photo so that you can decorate with any color scheme.

Wallpaper can add intrigue and personal flair to your decor.

Natural: Wallpaper is made from all kinds of materials, and natural elements like grass cloth, woven linens and seagrass can add an earthy and grounded aura to most any open space. These particular materials work really well in rooms with tall ceilings, as they make them feel both open and intimate. One somewhat unexpected way to use these coverings is on the ceiling, either behind exposed beams or on coffered ceiling details.

If you choose to use wallpaper in your own home, be sure that you also select custom window treatments that complement whatever color and pattern you select. Curtains can add a lot of aesthetic to a space, and with wallpaper, drapes and accent features at play, your home will become your ideal getaway in no time.

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