Why upholstering old furniture is a wise choice

Why upholstering old furniture is a wise choice

Flexibility, versatility and freshness is exactly what most homeowners are looking for in their home's interior. The problem often is that choosing just one style and committing to it can seem like a long lasting decision, and many people are afraid that they will make the wrong choice and be stuck with it.

Here at Metropolitan Window Fashions, our designers talk with homeowners who feel this way all the time. It is common to be unsure about the best design scheme for your space, which is why it is a good idea to consult with a professional first who can offer some insider tips and tricks for creating the ideal look for your family. Our home design consultants offer free, at-home consultations year-round to gauge where improvements can be and how. One of the most common problems that we encounter with homeowners throughout New Jersey and New York is what to do with older or tired furniture.

"You never want to get rid of that comfy couch that you have had for ages, and sometimes all it needs is a little TLC."

While your sofa or dining room chairs may be comfortable and the right size and shape for the aesthetic you're going for, tattered edges and frayed skirts on an older piece of furniture can instantaneously make a room look worn. When this happens, many times our team will suggest using slipcovers or custom upholstery to hide these flaws and make these pieces pop.

But even suggesting "What about a slipcover?" is enough to have most homeowners scoff and grumble about the overall look. Many store-bought, pre-made slipcovers can leave something to be desired, but that is because they are not custom created for the shape and size of your furniture.

In fact, if you have pets or small children, slipcovers may be the best possible choice for you. Small stains or spills can be easily removed with a quick wash and a bit of bleach or color cleaner when needed.

But if you are in the market for something a bit more formal, functional and longer-lasting, consider reupholstering your furniture. You never want to get rid of that comfy couch that you have had for ages, and sometimes all it needs is a little TLC.

According to a post by B. Hamilton, a professional furniture builder, "They don't always make furniture like they used to. I find it hard to come by a piece of furniture that has solid bones, unless I want to pay an arm and a leg. Once you are in possession of good quality furniture, don't let go. Keep it, cherish it, and make it adapt to you and your lifestyle. The quality alone will be worth it."

Realizing that your furniture can be good as new with some simple improvements is a great feeling. But it becomes an even more exciting and fun prospect when you realize that with the help of Metropolitan Window Fashions, you can choose the fabrics and trims right for guaranteeing the comfort of your home.

To learn more about how our staff at Metropolitan Window Fashions can help you to create the ideal space, or to gift reupholstery to family and friends for the holidays, contact us today!