Where do interior designers get their inspiration from?

Where do interior designers get their inspiration from?

Interior designers are some of the most creative people around, but like artist or musicians, their inspiration has to come from somewhere. These professionals have a wide variety of tastes and bring their backgrounds and personal interests to their work with their clients. 

Here are a few styles that interior decorators love: 


The modern look is all about a space seeming clean and minimalist. This style is commonly associated with cooler colors like grays and blues, although warmer colors can feel more inviting. Homes decorated in this style also tend to have straight lines and similar elements that are repeated throughout the house.

Shabby chic

Want your home to look stylish, but not forced? Then shabby chic is the way to go. It's an interesting mix of old and new that may pair items like vintage and contemporary picture frames. Often a piece of furniture from your childhood like a desk or table, fits right in. 


"Vintage style includes a lot of old and re-upholstered pieces," reports InForum, a North Dakota news website. "But rather than having a cottage or cabin feel, the vintage look is all about old Hollywood glam." 

This style also includes mirrored furniture and chandeliers. Lace, floral or damask prints add an interesting touch. 

Of course, you could take a bit of everything and create your own style. Designers often refer to this as the "transitional" look. There is usually one dominant style with accents of the others.

No matter what style you choose to go with, you'll definitely need custom curtains and drapes to match. For design tips, be sure drop in to Metropolitan Window Fashions or schedule an in-home consultation!