Try these 6 different uses for custom window shades

Try these 6 different uses for custom window shades

Custom window coverings can perform a variety of different functions in your home. With a little bit of creativity and thought, you could tackle problems you may not have even considered before just by making a small, but key, alteration. Windows vary in size and glass type from house to house, and even room to room, so it helps to take a unique approach to making each and every window more useful in its own way.

In some cases, a window can blend into the surroundings of a house and go relatively unnoticed, but that doesn't mean that you have to ignore all of the ways you can dress it. Think of the following ideas as possibilities for the windows in your house, provided you use a special window setting to go with them:

  • Growing herb gardens: Turn an empty ledge into a key spot for growing useful herbs, additives and vegetables. Amateur cooks can benefit from having ingredients like rosemary and lettuce right inside their homes, ready to use. In order to maximize the growing space, choose a window setup that lets the right amount of light in and gives each pot enough space to sit. The sill should also be strong enough to support the plants and the drapery easy to clean in case water or dirt gets on it.

    It helps to take a unique approach to making each and every window more useful.

  • Increasing privacy: Not everyone feels comfortable with the thought of someone looking into their home. Adjustable blinds help the resident control how much visibility someone outside will have at any given time. If you are looking for a solution to unwanted attention, consider so-called "plantation shutters," which can be fitted to the window and block the right amount of space to make you feel more secure.
  • Keeping unwanted light out: Do you live in an area with lots of glare or "light pollution"? If so, the window coverings you use can make your living areas less harsh. Designer Zola Hunt suggests blackout liners for this purpose, saying that they are "a great way to block unwanted light from streetlights and neighbors' all-night porch lights. I have especially enjoyed the blackout lining on my east facing family room windows as this keeps this room so much cooler in the summertime and protects the furnishings as well."
  • Keeping heat in: By the same token, you can make huge improvements to your heating bill with some simple adjustments to your blinds. Trent Hamm's My Money column for U.S. News and World Report recently suggested that blinds could be opened when the sun shines on them to let extra warmth into the room and closed when the sunshine moves away for strategic effect.
  • "Silencing" the room: Hunt also suggests ways to keep the room quiet by using draperies, which dampen the sound as well as lending a calming effect to an entire room. Coupling these with blinds or some other window film could help dramatically improve a room's privacy levels and make any space more relaxing as a result.
  • Showing off designs: If you actually want people to look in through your windows, you can choose blinds with interesting designs on the insides, so those on the other side of a window get the full effect when they are drawn all the way. This can add some visual interest to the way your house or apartment looks from the outside, and if chosen correctly, they can also match the design of the rest of your house.
    Window shades can have different uses for the home, no matter which room they are in.Window shades can have different uses for the home, no matter which room they are in.

Working with a window design professional will allow you to not just beautify your home but find innovative ways to make use of plain window spaces. Metropolitan Window Fashions can help you find the most appropriate custom window blinds for you, and perhaps discover new solutions you hadn't thought of before. Contact us today to schedule a free, at-home design consultation!