Tips for decorating your son’s bedroom

Tips for decorating your son’s bedroom

If you're in the process of updating your son's bedroom fashion-wise, don't worry if you run into some trouble deciding on what custom blinds and shades or which color scheme to incorporate. That's what Metropolitan Window Fashions is for! Our company has been in the industry for decades, and as such, we know a thing or two about improving home decor for the better.

In today's article, we'll look at some considerations you should keep in mind as you create a new bedroom for your son. There are a few tried-and-true tips to keep in mind during this time, including:

Opting for bold colors – Boys typically respond well to solid colors such as blues and greens. According to one mom writing for The Inspired Room, an online home decorating blog, her son's interests changed so often she had a hard time keeping up. In the end, she advocated letting the child have some input but sticking with the basics: Sturdy, reliable window coverings and a decent amount of white paint.

Selecting timeless fabrics – Because kids love to adjust and alter their rooms as they get older, it makes sense for parents to plan for this inevitability. To do so, parents should opt for design schemes that are universal and don't rely on age-appropriate elements. For example, as tempting as baby blue might be, will your son find the color as appealing when he enters high school? 

Still worried? Reach out to us today and ask us about choosing home design elements that make your interior shine. Or, you can visit our showroom directly and see our selection for yourself!