The power of the dark side

The power of the dark side

For the past few years, the dominant trend in home decorating has been light tones and colors. This gives rooms an airy feel, which is a way for your home to feel both elegant and relaxed. Homeowners and decorators did not stray from more earthy and saturated colors, such as beige and different shades of gray and off-white. According to Houston-based interior designer Kristina Wilson, the "gray-beige" look is nice, but it will never be exciting. People are turning away from light colors and embracing something darker.

In 2014, the biggest trend in home decor is going to be deep, rich colors. According to Sue Kim, a color strategist at Valspar, darker hues – such as navy, green and burgundy – have been gaining traction in recent months, something that she predicts is going to continue throughout this year. Kim said that people are less and less concerned with the limitations of the physical space itself and are more interested in creating a mood for the home.

"A rich, saturated color is a nice change of pace, and it's a 180-degree turn from what we were seeing a couple years ago," said David Bromstead, host of HGTV's "Color Splash". "It's based on what's going on in the world economically and politically. There's more stability. Somber colors come back because people can handle it."

Rich colors are more grounding and thoughtful than lighter tones and serve as the perfect backdrop for any furniture design trends. Darker colors pair well with the resurgence of textured hardwood flooring and brass fixtures.

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