Style tips from Danielle Colding

Style tips from Danielle Colding

The weather outside is frightful in many parts of the country, and the colder the temperature gets, the more time people spend indoors. At the start of the season, many are often inspired to revamp their interior decor to be a bit cozier, warmer and altogether more functional in the winter.

While many homeowners like to turn their house into a personal oasis of their own design preferences, some turn to design experts to furnish and plan out each room of their home.

Recently, Today Home sat down with Danielle Colding, a professional interior designer and winner of "Design Star" on HGTV to answer some common decor questions, running the gamut from area rugs to brightening up small spaces.

"The easiest way to brighten any space on a budget is a can of paint."

Here at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we know how important finding the right balance of light and warmth can be in a home, especially during the winter.

Check out Colding's advice – along with a few tips of our own – to get some inspiring new home decor ideas this season.

Area Rugs: These seemingly simple items can really make or break a room. They add that bit of cushion beneath your feet, create some layers and warmth in any space and can add a splash of color that might be too overpowering elsewhere in the room. Colding is an advocate for bigger area rugs that take up a good amount of floor space. This is good news for homeowners who may have unfinished floors or who want to protect hardwood surfaces. She says that an area rug should go at least halfway under the couch and rest at least partially under each piece of furniture in a room.

Brighten it up: When asked about a dark and dingy kitchen, Colding said, "The easiest way to brighten any space on a budget is a can of paint. While paint on the walls is an obvious solution when dealing with a tight kitchen, think creatively. Painting a vibrant color on the ceiling can bring your eye up and make the space feel bigger. If possible, and not a rental, I also love the idea of painting or staining the cabinets themselves. While very labor intensive, there is almost nothing more transformative in a kitchen."

She went on to note that swapping out the backsplash, countertop and cabinet hardware can also add a facelift to the space.

Choosing a coffee table that works with your needs and the space as a whole will create a functional and beautiful room.

Coffee Table: In a common living space, the coffee table is often one of the most important pieces of furniture. It grounds the room functional and cosmetic purpose. Colding suggests opting for a design that has a bottom shelf to get maximum storage out of one piece. She also recommends using this piece as a foundation for accessorizing and accenting.

Drapes: No matter how big or small, the right custom curtains and drapes can add some much needed personality to a space. Accessorizing your windows with pops of colors, or shades and blinds, can add length to the height of the room and allow you to control the amount of light that enters through the windows.

When it comes to creating a space that is ideal for you and your family, following these simple ideas will surely help. To learn more about how Metropolitan Window Fashions can help, schedule a free, at-home consultation today!