Skylights Shades: Our Best Products

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Skylights Shades: Our Best Products

With the exhilaration of sunshine and open air, your skylights bring unique characteristics and benefits to your home. You enjoy privacy while maintaining beautiful natural light. They direct ample amounts of light differently than any of your other windows. In a word: Magnificent. But…because of their location, skylights can provide as much frustration as beautification. And while you can find many ways to block out the sunshine, the best skylight shades will enhance the atmosphere of your home while offering you all of the amazing benefits you need: energy efficiency, functional light control and UV protection.

Honeycomb Shades: The Best Choice

Because skylights are a very specific type of window, with a unique location in your home, certain window coverings will perform better. For the stylish appearance and functional benefits you need, two of our window shades are the recommended products when shopping for skylight shades. Duette shades and Applause shades are the best products for your home when it comes to solving your skylight concerns. These shades for skylights bring energy efficient design, innovative operating features and fabrics enhanced for your lifestyle and chosen for individual rooms.

Energy Efficiency: Twice the Control

skylight shades kitchenHeat rises, and when you have skylights, heat loss is a major concern. Both Duette and Applause shades offer the cellular pleats, with pockets of air, that provide insulation for your windows. This cell-within-cell design allows you to hold onto heat, instead of it escaping. Here on the East Coast, that’s important. Another dynamic feature of skylight shades is one you may not have heard about. Skylift–an innovation of Hunter Douglas–upgrades your skylight shades, for energy efficient performance. Specialized weather stripping provides you with more protection against heat loss. Two levels of energy efficiency for insulation that equals cost savings!

Functions Easily: Operable Skylight Shades

motorized skylight shadesOne of the most asked questions when dealing with skylights is “How do they Operate”?  Typically, these shades are located in hard to reach areas, and you will need to be able to operate them easily to control when the light should come through, and how much. It’s all based on your preferences and how you want to use your space. For many of our clients, light-filtering skylight shades bring in soft light that provides all the daylighting they want–only adjusting the shades on rare occasions. A manual Extension Wand provides a simple and  suitable option to open and close your shades.  For those clients who need room-darkening skylight shades, access to sunlight on a daily basis becomes more important. PowerView motorization offers you the ease and convenience to adjust your shades open and closed at the touch of a button. Use the PowerView App to schedule those adjustments based on your lifestyle, and save your favorite scenes for access to the amount of light you prefer.

Fabrics: Beauty & Function

skylight shades bedroomThe fabric choices, specific to Duette shades and Applause shades, offer stylish beauty and valuable function. The sleek, low-profile pleats offer structured design for your ceiling with colors that blend in when your skylight shades are closed. Depending on the room location of your skylights, your fabric choices will add amazing benefits. Room-darkening fabrics are perfect for your bedrooms, where sunlight streaming in just after sunrise is the last thing you want. When choosing fabrics for your daily living spaces, like your kitchen or living room, you may want light-filtering fabrics that invite soft natural light without the glare of direct light overhead. This is where light-filtering fabrics will enhance the atmosphere of your home. The fabrics of these skylight shades provide up to 99% UV protection, maintaining the quality of your valuables for years to come.

Finding the right skylight shades is easy once you understand how the products we offer provide you the light control, energy efficiency and UV protection you’ve been looking for. Enhance the beauty of your home the way you’ve always wanted with your skylights. Our design consultants, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, know how important the right window coverings are to the atmosphere and function of your home. We’d love to help you find just what you’re looking for. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today.

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