Saudah Saleem on how to make the home of your dreams

Saudah Saleem on how to make the home of your dreams

Creating the ideal home space starts with inspiration. The great part about living in this digital age is that many of today's greatest ideas come from pictures, tips and tricks and shared over the internet from regular people and industry professionals alike.

"Technology is a great way to share design and decor ideas!"

One designer that we love recently sat down for an interview with style blogger Cocoa Fab to chat about life, tastes and the best elements to incorporate into your home. Saudah Saleem, a New York City native who is now a Baltimore resident and mother to five young kids, is known for balancing her personal and career lives, and creating spaces that are both lively and cozy. Her designs have been featured on HGTV and Houzz, as well as a number of other home decor sites.

In her interview, she talked about why she was drawn to design in the first place, and the ways that she has been able to incorporate color into her own home in redoing her eldest daughter's bedroom.

Finding a way to create the ideal little girls room was a challenge, she said.

Her girls are 7- and 13​-years-old, which puts them at very different maturity levels, and Saleem says that she had to factor in not only their personalities but also their needs at their respective ages. She told Cocoa Fab that the only thing the girls have in common is art, and so she worked to create the room around that theme by incorporating a gallery wall. She also included African-American silhouettes and cameos, vintage fashion and travel prints and inspirational quotes around the room to give it a sense of personal familiarity.

The outcome is a bright, feminine, but not overly girly space that employs vibrant shades and textures.

Saleem says that a lot of the inspiration came from the girls themselves, and unsuspecting places, too. Nature walks, museum trips and watching the runway for growing fashion trends all helped her hone her craft. Elements of each of these small everyday things continue to work their way into her designs. She is also a huge advocate of decor sites like Pinterest and Etsy. But more than anything, Saleem said, she tries hard to incorporate aspects that reflect her love of global-inspired pieces and designs. The color, drapery fabric and accent pieces all play a part in creating the ideal space.

"You can easily incorporate this look in your own home by using accent pieces and accessories that represent cultures of interest to you and your family," Saleem told Cocoa Fab. "Use pieces from different regions for a more global eclectic look. For quick and simple makeovers, add a few exotic printed pillows to your sofa or layer a Moroccan wedding blanket atop your bed. For a more polished and collected look, frame and hang a piece of ethnic inspired fabric."

Creating your own ideal space is easier than you think. With some new accent pillows and throws, custom window treatments and wall art, an old room can be made new again. Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions to learn how we can help!