Reorganize your home with these 5 tips

Reorganize your home with these 5 tips

Looking to reorganize your home this summer? To do so, you'll have to  go through the house room by room to find the best places to store things effectively. But reducing clutter is more than just a way to keep things clean — it can be a signature part of your home's style, too. A well-arranged, neat layout is a great way to leave your home looking just like new.

Reducing clutter is more than just a way to keep things clean: it can be a part of your home's style.

Here are five tips for a stylish and newly reorganized home makeover that will leave your place more friendly and welcoming than ever before. 

  • Brighten up the place: Not only does natural light leave a home feeling fresh and bright, it also simply makes things easier to see! Choose custom window coverings made with sheer fabrics to make any room in the house feel more open and brighter.
  • Make 'micro' units work for you: Efficient use of space is everything. Find some areas around the home that can double as both decorative and storage spaces. Creating a self-contained kitchen, or a bathroom shelving unit that has everything you need in one space will help minimize the concerns of a busy house and keep important items within a single space that's easy to check and clean.
  • Install motorized window blinds: It's hard to imagine an easier way to control window shades and blinds than automating them for pre-programmed use. Hunter Douglas custom window shades can be set up for simple opening and closing so that you can instantly set the natural light levels in a room to the way that you want them, whenever you want.
  • No closet? Try bins and baskets: For an alternative to closet storage, you can place the items you would normally hang up under benches and tables instead. Placing them near hooks or coat racks on the wall helps you pair different items together. For example, you can hang an umbrella or coat up while storing boots underneath in a nice, dry bin.
  • Use stylized storage: Storage is an obvious part of reducing clutter at the home, but you can also make shelves and cabinets part of the centerpiece of your decor as well. With the right colors and furnishings, even small spaces can look like natural extensions of the house while holding your important possessions. Paint or decorate the natural storage areas you use for a fun and unique way to display objects around the house.

Summer weather makes it the right time to revamp your home for a fresh, renewed feeling. To see for yourself how new custom window coverings or draperies can complement your newly organized home, contact Metropolitan Window Fashions today to set up a free at-home consultation with one of our design specialists.