Organize Your Home With These 4 Easy Steps

Organize Your Home With These 4 Easy Steps

Being more organized around the home makes it easier to keep things clean and open up more space. Homeowners with a lot of possessions to go through could be understandably daunted by this, but there are some simple ways to keep every room in your house tidier. In certain cases, all it takes is a new piece of furniture, like a set of cubbies or shelves, or some kind of design element to help separate the space into more distinct, easy-to-manage sections. 

If your home's clutter is giving you trouble, here are some simple tips to rearrange things so that it feels more accessible, welcoming and spacious:

  • Create new rooms with panels: Break down a bigger space into more manageable parts with special panels. These should be sturdy and opaque to reinforce the idea that you are making a completely new area to work with. Skyline gliding window panels could create an extra room for someone to stay in, or simply some more space for storage, but either way they will provide modern, low profile tools for separation that could be useful in ordering the home.

    The tools homeowners use to make organization easier, like totes and shelves, could end up cluttered themselves

  • Don't confuse storage with organization: While it could be helpful to put items in bins, baskets and other storage containers, this doesn't always solve the problem of clutter. A Hinkle Insurance Agency article for Lancaster Online recently pointed out that the tools homeowners use to make organization easier, like totes and shelves, could end up cluttered themselves, thereby adding to the problem instead of fixing it. On the other hand, the same source does recommend a "junk drawer," as long as it has some basic dividers and organizers in it.
  • Plan the process room by room: When there's a lot of work to do, even getting started could seem like too much. Remedy this by working bit by bit through each room, organizing one area to your satisfaction at a time. Creating a schedule also helps homeowners prioritize which rooms are most in need of attention, and allows them to put the more time-consuming tasks first.
  • Simple window solutions play a role: Sometimes, a lightweight, easily contained window covering is a better choice to keep a room feeling more open. Trade in the heavy, flowing coverings for innovative window coverings that still easy to use, making organization more effective. Window films are another option for easy window care, as they apply directly to the glass and don't take up any extra space inside.

Making the areas around the windows tidier should be part of the overall cleaning and organizing process for homeowners, so that the entire home is easier to maneuver through and maintain. Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions to set up an appointment for a free at-home consultation to help you make your home cleaner and less cluttered.