Nate Berkus’ tips for redecorating

Nate Berkus’ tips for redecorating

Nate Berkus is a name known far and wide in the world of interior home design. Starting out as a part of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Berkus has become hugely popular for his streamlined and sophisticated look that incorporates a number of unique pieces.

Recently Berkus sat down with Elle Decor for a photo shoot and interview with writer Amy Preiser. About midway through the shoot, Berkus approached Preiser to ask if he would be allowed to rearrange and redecorate for her. Of course she said yes, and Berkus was off working his magic.

"There are a million reasons not to rearrange a room," Berkus tells Preiser in the interview. "You're tired. You're working. There's going to be holes in the walls and you don't know if the new plans will work."

The end result was something completely new and invigorated, and cost zero dollars to accomplish. All the pieces had been in the house before Berkus even walked through the door and with a little imagination and the Berkus touch, they all were serving a more functional and aesthetically pleasing purpose by the end.

But Berkus sees the potential in every home he enters – even his own. He recognizes that while a house may already have everything it needs to look great, there may be something off that disrupts the flow or cohesive layout of the place.

In addition to revitalizing Preiser's home, Berkus also offered up some words of wisdom for decorating and designing your own home.

Here are four tips for creating the ideal space, without spending a dime:

  1. Add Texture: In a recent post, we discussed using framed photographs, canvases and paintings to create a focus wall in your home. If you are creating a wall of art – also known as a gallery wall – Berkus says that it is important that you include texture to break up the frames and images. Something like a banner, a necklace or a collage of images are all great options that can break up a gallery wall in a bright and thoughtful way.
  2. Create a Collection: At this point, many homeowners know the benefits of decorating in threes or fives to create mini-groupings throughout your home. Generally, people adopt this principle with simple items like candles or books, but even bigger pieces that have something in common can look great together. In Preiser's home, Berkus put together a colorful end table cabinet, wall canvas and lamp fixture to create an area of the living room that is now called the "color corner".
  3. Merge: Open floor plans can be great for function and airiness. But for homeowners, they can also be a challenge to decorate. Berkus advises that the dining table in spaces like these becomes integral. He says to make it feel like it's possible to move chairs from the table to the living room or kitchen to talk with people, by positioning the table to run the length of the room. 
  4. Reposition: Simply relocating or repositioning a major element of any room, like a sofa in a living room, can create a sense of purpose as well as direct the eye to a certain focus. For example, if you have a long, narrow floor plan, it may be best to create a specific sitting area by positioning the couch towards the center of the room to break it up, or against a wall surrounded by other seating options.  Simply rearranging furniture can go a long way in improving the flow and feel of a room.

When it comes to creating your ideal space, it doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, many great updates can be done at no cost at all!

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