Leading trends for 2015

Leading trends for 2015

As we come to a close on 2014, many industry professionals are looking ahead to the months to come and what kinds of trends they may bring. While many of the trends that carried 2014 are bound to leave their imprint on the designs of 2015, there are some distinct themes that are already being projected for the coming year.

Many are saying that 2015 will bring with it a sense of serenity and a reinvention of the classic interior style. The point will be to create an aesthetic that is both simple and luxurious, understated and versatile with an air of creative recycling and DIY.

"The next year will bring with it a sense of serenity and a reinvention of the classic interior style."

In order to accomplish this, many interior decor professionals are planning to fuse the materials, textures, patterns, colors and artistic details that have been known to create the style of the past few years, alongside new themes and ideas for the perfect mix of traditional and modern.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for in the coming year:

Color: According to Pantone, Inc., a global authority on color in the design realm, the shades that will be used in homes around the world in the coming year are going to be rich, vibrant and warm tones with earthy bases. Browns and beiges will make up most of the neutral palette, while purples, greens blues and a rich burgundy will be the primary accent colors for the year ahead.

Graphics: Many interior designers are looking forward to the integration of geometric and graphic designs into their homes. This trend, which is posed to walk right off the runway and into our homes is a great way to jazz up an interior in a bold way. Using geometric decor via area rugs, wall art or wallpaper will become a popular choice early on in 2015.

Greens: The use of greens will be an important decor choice for many homeowners and professionals in the coming months. Incorporating plant life into your home is a great way to liven up a space no matter where you live. They help to create a great fresh atmosphere in any climate, and can really cool down warmer spaces.

Including flowers and greenery into your decor will surely brighten up the space.

Mix and matched: One of the ways that many professionals will be creating this antiqued modern look is by incorporating accents – like custom window treatments and upholstery – in velvet and silk, using gilded antiques and carved wood alongside industrial metals for a rustic yet sophisticated charm. The aim is to create spaces that have personality of their own, while also flowing with the integrity and ideal of the house as a whole.

Windows: According to many decorators, the use of natural light, windows and clean lines will lend itself to that modern aesthetic. However, traditional designs also utilize these elements, but pairing them with modern decor is a great way to create style and privacy all in one design. If you are looking for a way to allow for plenty of light, along with durability throughout your home, then shades and blinds, paired with custom curtains and drapes may be the right choice for you.

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