How to pick a pattern for your home

How to pick a pattern for your home

Color, texture and pattern are three of the primary focuses of any interior designer when they are scouring the web, decor books and local flea markets for inspiration. With so many different ways to decorate your ideal home, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start in order to create a space that reflects your personality and tastes, while still being functional for all your needs.

Even once you have your color scheme selected for the interior of your house, it can be a real challenge to know how to include different patterns and hues that complement the palette without being overbearing.

"Patterns are fun uses of shape, style, fabric and tones that can add a lot of depth and dimension to your space."

But patterns shouldn't be feared! These fun uses of shape, style, fabric and tones can add a lot of depth and dimension to your space. Here at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we love incorporating pattern into our designs, but we recognize that it can be a hard task to tackle on your own.

So here are a few tips for choosing a pattern that is ideal for your style:

Appeal: Think about what kinds of patterns appeal to you. Are you attracted more to florals and paisleys, or geometric and damasks? Would you like to see some plaid in the room somewhere? Whether you are in furniture stores, at a friend's house or just poking around the fabric store, be sure to keep a running list in the back of your mind of what shapes you are drawn to. This will help you narrow it down immensely. It is also important to note which patterns calm you, and which ones keep you more alert. You may want to consider different patterns for different rooms in the home depending on the emotion they evoke.

Closet: It can be surprising how influential fashion is in home decor, but there are both tangible and creative ways of expressing yourself. Take a peek in your closet for your favorite shirt, tie, dress or whatever has a pattern that you love and use that as your inspiration for the rest of your home.

Home influence: Take stock of what patterns are already in your home. If this is the first house you are decorating, then maybe try and note the patterns in your parents home that you really like – or don't like. Do you have a china pattern, bedding set or vase in your house that you really love? Keep these in mind when picking out patterns.

Do you have china around your home that could be an inspiration for patterns?

Mix and Match: If you can't narrow it down to just one pattern, don't worry! Mixing and matching patterns and textures throughout your home is what makes the house uniquely yours. Usually, you can get away with mixing all kinds of patterns, as long as they share a similar color palette. If this sounds intimidating, just remember that this is your home, and it only has to impress you.

Size and Scale: No matter what choices you make, it is important to keep size and scale in mind. The best decor has a ratio. A good rule of thumb is keeping large patterns on area rugs, curtains and drapes and walls, medium scale on furniture and small on all the accents throughout the space.

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