How to decorate with flowers this spring

How to decorate with flowers this spring

Spring is in the air! If you just can't wait for the flowers to bloom in Central Park, why don't you add a fragrant bouquet to your New York Home?

"Flowers can easily take the place of boring everyday table décor," writes Michele Borboa of lifestyle website SheKnows. "Coordinate bouquet colors with your space, or place a bright bouquet on a shabby old table to draw the eye and lend to a fresh new look that makes you feel good about your living space. They also make it easy to decorate for each season."

Everyone has their favorite flower, but you may shy away from decorating with these blooms because of their short vase life. However, with some simple tips you can make these gorgeous displays last longer, depending on which type you choose:

  • Carnations: Believe it or not, carnations are actually one of the longest lasting varieties and can live up to two weeks if you practice proper care. Be sure to cut the tips of their stems every three days under water. By cutting them under water, you will create an air bubble on the stem, which helps absorb water.
  • Irises: Irises make a lovely display for springtime and can be used to enhance a blue design scheme. However, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and fill the vase with water each day to extend the life of these gorgeous blooms. You can even add a preservative solution to the water every three days.

If you're not a fan of fresh-cut flowers, you can always opt for a floral patterned design scheme this spring. Stop into Metropolitan Window Fashions for our wonderful array of custom curtains and drapes!