How to bring holiday cheer to your home

How to bring holiday cheer to your home

Thanksgiving is over, but that doesn't mean you should stow away all of your holiday cheer! In fact, now that the turkey has been carved and the dishes have been cleared, there is room for your winter holiday decorations to make their way out of the garage or attic – if they haven't already, that is.

With so many different holidays to decorate for, and winter decor styles to choose from, many homeowners can find it difficult to know where to start. But there are so many ways to spread your holiday spirit around your house  and to your family and friends as they come to visit this season.

"Metallic is actually a great accent choice for the winter holidays."

Over the next few weeks, we plan to explore some fun ways to get your home feeling spirited and welcoming for the holidays.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Entryways: The best place to start when making your home feel warm and welcoming is the outside. Adding Christmas lights along a front porch or artificial, oversized candles as a lining for the entry pathway is a great way to add a romantic and welcoming aesthetic to visitors. Adding garland along the handrails up the front or back steps, or across the top of a porch, is a perfect way to look festive. Finish the look of the exterior by adding a wreath to the front door for a traditional holiday addition!

Adding lights and decorations to your entryway is a great way to show your holiday spirit.

Hang: The simplest way to decorate your home for the holidays is to hang ornaments, tinsel and twinkle lights around your home. If you have a feature door or mirror in a common living space, draping lights and garland around this will create a Christmasy focal point for the room. If you already have vintage holiday ornaments, hanging these both on your tree and in windows will give a glimmering and bright feeling to your whole home.

Metallic: It may not seem like an obvious choice, but metallic is actually a great accent choice for the winter holidays. Whether you are using blues to decorate for Hanukkah, or greens and reds to create the Christmas cheer, metallic silver or gold will pair perfectly for a beautifully put together home.

Pendant Lights: Many homes have them in at least one room. Whether it is in the kitchen above a center island, or in the dining room in the form of a chandelier, there are tons of ways to dress up these fixtures. By covering the cords or chains in garland and hanging ornaments from that textured detail, you will create an elevated piece of decor that still allows you to maintain functional work or eating space in these rooms.

Window Treatments: Many homeowners don't think to swap out their curtains and drapes for the holiday season, but it can really make a big difference. Using a mix of panels that are both heavy and flowing can add a warmth and lightness to the space that is perfect for this time of year. Opting for a deep red or burgundy fabric for your warm panels and a cream or off white sheer panel is a great way to incorporate Christmas colors into your decor. Not to mention, hanging custom curtains and drapes is a pretty easy task that can be tackled in just a weekend.

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