How to Add Color to Your Open Concept Living Space

add color to your open concept living space furniture accent pillows

How to Add Color to Your Open Concept Living Space

Designing a home and living space with an open, airy feel is a very popular choice in design. Welcoming a feeling of relaxed comfort and flowing harmony, the open floor plan allows one area to share conversation with another. Commonly seen when the kitchen opens into the living room, this type of design scheme invites togetherness and shared experiences, easily making smaller spaces seem large. The energy flows, the layout works…but what about the design elements? How do you add color to your open concept living space? Too much color may overwhelm the eye, while too little may seem unfinished. We have some great ideas for you as you consider adding just the right hues for that polished look.


The Colors–You’ve Got to Love Them.

add color to your open concept living space benches area rugsOne thing is for sure, when you add color to your open concept living space, the colors you choose need to be colors you love–shades that make you feel good when you’re surrounded by them. Because open floor plans include a number of rooms, for an unlimited amount of circumstances throughout the day, you’ll spend much of your time in this space. Remember that not everything across the shared spaces must match. Many colors pair well with one another, coordinating well without appearing too matchy-matchy. The foundation color will most likely span across the space, so subtle colors work best for the foundation and trim. Then it will be up to you to decide which accent colors will work.

Let Your Windows Make a Statement.

add color to your open concept living space custom drapesNot only do the windows in your open floor plan bring in amazing natural light, but they provide a gorgeous backdrop of the outside world. When rooms are combined into a shared space, the windows break up the wall space much like artwork. Make a beautiful statement at the window, while also gaining tremendous function with window treatments. Adding color to your open concept living space has never been easier than with flowing custom drapes, top treatments and window shades. Adding dimension and style, custom window treatments let you have control over how much light and privacy your home has. With custom fabrics, colors and textures, you can add beautiful design elements and frame your breathtaking view.

Add a Focal Wall for Accent & Style.

add color to your open concept living space wallpaper paint accent wallToo much bold design might overwhelm you, so choosing one wall to make into the focal point of the room is a great way when you’re thinking of adding color to an open concept living space. Typically, the chosen wall is not the wall with the largest amount of space. It’s better to let one of the smaller walls receive big style. One method is to choose a wall that is easily visible when walking into the space. Another design scheme is to paint one wall space in each “room” area of the open floor plan, allowing each room to showcase a different accent color. Use the architectural features of your home, and your own personal preferences, to decide which type of focal wall works for you. Both paint and wallpaper can be great ideas when adding color to your open concept floor plan.

Personalize the Space with Furniture, Rugs & Decor.

add color to your open concept living space area rugs blanketsPlay with the idea of how arranging the furniture might change the atmosphere. You’ll want it to lend itself to the energy flow of the space. Conversation spaces are popular for living rooms, adjusting the furniture so it’s easy to enjoy another person’s company. You may like the idea of using the furniture to create division of the space, adding a more intimate feel. Whatever you decide, adding color to an open concept living space is easy with accent pieces, decor and rugs. Area rugs and decor, such as lamps and artwork, can help you show off your personal style for the perfect look.

Open concept floor plans offer inviting design, and you can have a lot of fun with the color and decor. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we would love to help you figure out which design elements will bring out the best in your home and give you the look you’ve always wanted. From window shades and custom drapes, to paint and decor pieces, we can help you get started adding color to your open concept living space. Contact our team today for a free, shop-at-home experience, where you can find inspiration and ideas for the ideal color scheme for your home, right from the comfort of your living room.