Home improvement trends expected in 2015

Home improvement trends expected in 2015

As we entered into 2014, industry professionals were already starting to guess at what the hot trends of the coming year would be — and many of those predictions were spot on. 

"While some of the leading designs of 2014 are sure to carry into the new year, there are a few elements that are expected to change."

Many home industry professionals said that they expected to see a rise in the percentage of homeowners who sought a more open kitchen, wood floors throughout the home, customization, separate tubs and showers in the bathroom and a mix of old and modern style throughout the house's decor. Many also guessed that homeowners would try to adopt more green practices that resulted in a lower utility bill and lessened carbon footprint.

Now, a year later, many of the same professionals are beginning to make predictions about trends for 2015. While some of the leading designs of 2014 are sure to carry into the new year, there are a few elements that are expected to change.

Here are a few of the leading home improvement trends that have been proposed for 2015:

Bathrooms: Bathrooms and kitchens seem to be the rooms in the house that face the most change year-to-year. It is probably because these two rooms – aside from bedrooms – are the ones that people spend the most time in. In 2015, industry professionals expect more tile and less fiberglass showers. They also anticipate an increase in the amount of shower and soaker tub installations, as more people are looking for luxurious options in their bathroom. 

Cost: Following the start of the recession in 2008, many homeowners did whatever they could to save money. In many cases, this meant just making the bare minimum updates to areas of the home like the kitchen and bathroom. Now, homeowners are beginning to spend a little more than in an attempt to achieve their ideal interior look. Additionally, an improving housing market has enabled more homeowners to add more value to their home. This has manifested in kitchen and bathroom expansions and increased functional storage for houses.

Many industry professionals anticipate a move to more tile work in bathrooms and kitchens.

Keeping rooms: Jason Hampel of Moss Building & Design in Virginia, told Angie's List, "More and more people are doing what are called keeping rooms, which are kind of small rooms off the kitchen where kids can have their toys, a study area; kind of a kids' living room that's near the kitchen. Another thing I'm seeing, people are diving into mudrooms, laundry rooms. The concept of universal design, which is really designing your house so it can accommodate you as you grow older."

He also noted an increased number of in-law apartments for people as their relatives age, as well as built-out closets for growing families.

Lines: Everyone is looking for clean lines that create a fresh feel in the property. Even if homeowners choose to incorporate rustic or old-fashioned elements, they want to see a lot of the modernity that has been appearing more and more in recent years. Many times, designers and property owners are opting for white trim, cabinets and lighting fixtures to streamline and carry the eye.

While these are some of the more permanent, architectural trends that you should keep an eye out for in 2015, there are other aesthetic or cosmetic alterations that are sure to make a big difference. One of the key elements that can impact look and feel of your home are custom window treatments, which offer a variety of new features, from providing a greater sense of privacy, controlling how sunlight filters into a room and tying together different color schemes throughout the house. 

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