Give Any Room a Makeover with These Simple Ideas

After a cold, long winter, it’s time to soak up the sun and let some light through your windows.

Give Any Room a Makeover with These Simple Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to change things up in your home and match the decor to the season. With winter long gone, it's time to put away those warm, heavy covers and fabrics and exchange them for lighter and brighter tones. Especially if you plan on having guests over for dinners and barbecues, you want your home to feel fresh, vibrant and inviting. To do so, you may want to update your home's seasonal covers and furnishings.

Since a little sprucing up really goes a long way, here is our quick and easy guide to giving any room a makeover. Small changes can have the biggest impact so there's no need for a complete overhaul when decorating your home. Follow our clever tips to revitalize your home with minimum effort.

  • Clear up your clutter: Things have a tendency to pile up, specifically in areas like the bedroom and study. If you haven't gotten to do your annual spring cleaning yet, now is the perfect time to get organized and de-clutter. Putting things in order can instantly improve the look of any space.
  • Add some greenery: A potted plant or tree can easily liven up any room. Place the fiddle leaf fig or small palm tree in an otherwise vacant corner. A beautiful flower arrangement also brightens up a space.
  • Give your furniture a new look: Rearranging your furniture is the fastest and simplest way to give any room a makeover. Setting your furniture and carpets at an angle will transform the dynamic of a space. To add a touch of color, consider reupholstering your furniture or place a few accent pillows in bold colors and patterns.
  • Change up your artwork: Changing the location of your art can give your home a different look. Instead of hanging artistic pieces on the wall, consider propping them up on a mantle or picture rail. Floating shelves can also be used as a picture ledge for your children's art or framed family photos.
  • Darken the details: Coating your walls or baseboards in a bright, contrasting hue can add a pop of color to engage the eye. It also conceals any scuffs that have accumulated throughout the year.
  • Improve your lighting: There's nothing like perfect lighting to really set the mood. A new light fixture or lamp shades can dramatically change a room's vibe. Make sure to install a dimmer so you can easily control the intensity of your lighting fixtures.
  • Switch out your knobs and pulls: Updating your kitchen hardware to match your current style can completely change the look of your kitchen. Stick with the choices of metals to give the space a modern feel. Glass knobs are also a great finishing touch to your bathrooms.
  • Upgrade your curtains: After a cold, long winter, it's time to soak up some sun and let some light through your windows. A valance or cornice frames your windows nicely, emphasizing their height while tying the room together. Opt for custom window treatments to ensure you find the right shades or curtains that best suit your home, filtering in the right amount of natural sunlight, glare-free.
  • Enrich your shelves: Paint your shelves a contrasting color to liven them up. Make sure to pair the color with across the room by matching an accent or throw pillow. Bold patterned paper also works brilliantly.

To help get the best out of your beautiful home, contact Metropolitan Window Fashions to arrange a free at-home design consultation. For more than 80 years, we've been helping our customers bring their home design ideas to life. Our dedicated team of professional designers is here to assist you with all your decorating needs.